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Silver Goblet Precut by CelticStrm-Stock



This is part of an old exclusive set I've decided to release as free stock. These are cut from my own original images. Due to recent abuses of my stock, all my stock will be premium content for a while. If you are one of my regular users or follow the guidelines and want this stock, let me know. I will send you a link for the free download or refund you the points after you notify me of use.

Updated Terms of Use for My Stock: By downloading my stock, you agree to the following terms:

You must: Credit My Stock and Notify Me of Use. No Exceptions.

Do not redistribute my stock as is without my written consent. This includes reposting it in websites like pinterest, tumblr, flickr, facebook, photobucket, myspace, blogs, etc.

All uses of my stock both commercial and non-commercial must be significantly altered into your own unique design.

Do not simply change the filter or hue/saturation.

By downloading my stock, you agree to the following terms:

:star: You May:

:bulletgreen: Use my stock for commercial purposes. This includes :devart: prints, exclusive premade backgrounds, book covers, or magazines. You must follow my terms of use to qualify. I realize that crediting on book covers is not always possible, but when you upload it to your gallery, the credit should be there. If you have a question, send me a note. I reserve the right to request a copy of your work.

:bulletgreen: Create Premade Backgrounds. My stock is available to be used in the creation of premade backgrounds. This includes my brushes and pre-cut items.(Do not use model stock for this. I don’t know why people do this, but it has happened in the past.)

:bulletgreen: Post your finished artwork to your blog or outside website. (i.e. your facebook art page.) You must credit my stock and let me know where you have used it. Do not repost my stock as-is without alteration to another website or blog.

:bulletgreen: You may use my stock to create :devart: icons and logos for your groups. If you want to make an icon or dA Group logo with parts of my stock that is ok with me. Please link it back to me and credit me. Who knows, maybe I'll join your group! My only exception is that you do not use the faces of my models and comply with my rules about pornography, degradation, violence, abuse and so on.
:bulletgreen: You may use my stock to create a tutorial or on a school project provided that you Credit and Notify.

:star: You May Not:

:bulletred: Do not Sell, redistribute, or upload this image unaltered on any other website, blog, facebook, tumblr, flickr, pinterest, photobucket, etc. without my express written consent. Contrary to popular belief, just because a photo is online does not mean it is part of the public domain. To do otherwise is considered stock theft.
:bulletred: Do not use my stock in graphic pornography or violence, abuse of women, children, ethnicities, religion, or orientations. This includes any hate anti-whatever based groups. I do not support hate in any form. To me we are all deviant green and look like fella. :fella: Keep it legal, or I will pursue you to the fullest extent.
:bulletred: Do not use my model stock in nude/pornographic works.
:bulletred: Do not use my premade background stock to create more stock! It has already been altered, and If I used other stock resources in them, they have been credited.
:bulletred: DO NOT use my stock to create pre-cut images, png, psd, tubes, or brushes.
:bulletred: Do not use my stock with celebrity or copyrighted images! In case the flaming letters weren’t a big enough hint, don’t do it. Celebrity images, and images found on google search ARE NOT VALID STOCK RESOURCES!
:bulletred: Do not upload your art with my stock without Crediting/Notifying me of use! This includes any other outside websites. I will find you. I check regularly. If I find an art piece with my stock that has not notified me of use, you will be excluded from any features or free exclusive stock giveaways.

If you do not know how to credit your stock providers, please refer to this tutorial:

For more information about :devart: stock guidelines, please visit:

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FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work?
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This helped with So Mote It Be.

Thanks for posting.