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Mystere au chateau de la rue

"Mystère au château de la rue" (Translation: "Mystery at Castle Street")

This is something I created for the :iconpremiummembers: "Mysterious Objects" contest. It's like "I Spy" and the Hidden Objects game. Participants were asked to include 3 things:
:bulletred: A magnifying glass
:bulletyellow: A glove
:bulletblue: An umbrella (this is the toughest one to find in my pic, imo. And it's not the umbrella/parasol in the picture to the right of the mannequin.)

Also included for you to find- A hand fan (like women used to use in the "old days").

I've also written a little story to set the mood for this picture. Hope you like it. :) (Btw, if any of these French words are incorrect, blame Google Translate! lol French is not my native language or even my second or third. lol)

Enjoy! :)

Setting: 1916 Paris, France. (around the Victorian times)

One late evening, at a little after 10 pm at a home in Paris, France, a young married Parisian couple are sitting in the parlor downstairs.
Suddenly, there's a knock at the door.
As Alexander (or Alex, as his wife calls him) approaches the door, a mysterious note slides in underneath. He cautiously picks it up and reads it.

It reads:

"25 April, 1916

Nous avons été vous regarder, et de savoir ce que vous faites.
Rendez-vous au 1236 rue Château à minuit ce soir.

Un ami"

"April 25, 1916

We have been watching you, and know what you do.
Meet at 1236 Castle Street at midnight tonight.

a friend")

Alex walks back in the parlor, looking rather unsettled. His wife, Paulette, looks at her husband inquisitively and says, "Alex, what's the matter dear?" Alex hands the note to Paulette. "What does it mean? Who is watching you, and what does it mean they know what you do?
Are you going to meet this person?"

Alex smiles and chuckles a little and replies, "Mon Cher, do not worry your pretty little head over this. I'm sure someone is just playing a practical joke. Of course I'm not going." "I hope so mon amour. I couldn't imagine what terrible thing might happen if this was real, and you did go." said Paulette.

Alex lovingly caresses Paulette's chin and gives her a reassuring smile, and a kiss on the lips. Paulette seems comforted by this.
Paulette and Alex decide to go upstairs to bed.
An hour and a half later, Alex is awakened by a noise in the next room. He grabs his pistol, and goes to see what's going on.
As he enters the room... Dun, dun, DUUUUUN!!!!!:icondramaticplz:

To be continued... by you. ;) :mwahaha:

I'd like to see how creative everyone can be, by helping finish this story. Look at the picture above for inspiration. Who could those footprints belong to? And where could the bloody handprints have come from?
Have fun! Be creative (just don't be too graphic, and no foul language please. Keep it clean-but mysterious). :)
Who knows? Maybe between what I've written, and what you guys and gals come up with, it'll be enough to have at least a complete short story. :)
And if that happens, maybe I'll submit it as a literary piece here on dA. And, of course, I will give credit to everyone who contributed. :)

What do you think of that? It could be a community effort. :D :community:

Here are the links to the wonderful stock images I used (yes, it's a bit lengthy, but it took a lot of great stock, to come up with this pic.):

Magnifying glass:…

Gloves: :iconjinxmim:…

Needlepoint stool: :iconjinxmim:…

Hand fan, hand mirror, and green shoes: :iconjinxmim:…

Parasol Umbrella: :iconbluesse:…

Wallcovering panels: :iconbluesse:…

Wood floor: :iconchubbylesbian:

Vanity set:…

Old portrait: :iconbluesse:…

Old trunk and luggage: :iconbluesse:…

Antique wall pictures: :iconbluesse:…

Clock: :iconbluesse:…

Birds, mannequin, picture next to mannequin, teddy bear, carousel horse, feather, nude statue, ceiling lamp, hat on mannequin, purse: :iconbluesse:…

Old perfume bottle: :iconbluesse:…

Old Flint Pistol: :iconfantasystock:…

Black gloves:…

Fingerprints brush: :iconhawksmont:…

By the way, I've allowed you to be able to download my picture. But I must ask that you not alter it, claim it as your own, or submit it to any website for upload or download (including Facebook, MySpace, file sharing sites, etc.). This is for PERSONAL USE ONLY, no commercial use! (Sorry, but those are my rules. I've seen too many other dA artists work show up on various other sites, where their work was stolen and their watermark removed.)

I believe that's everything and everyone (if not, let me know). :faint:


Edit: I forgot to mention that the "mysterious note" mentioned in the above story, is the note that's in the picture. In other words, the words on the paper in the picture, are the same ones that are written in the above story. (I hope that didn't sound too redundant. lol) :D
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I rather like the gloves in the upper left hand corner, very elegant.
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Hey, if I have a very addictive foot-fetish, does that automatically make me a freak?
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That question is a bit subjective. Everyone has a different definition of the word freak. What's normal for one person, may be "freaky" to another. I personally don't like messing with anyone else's feet besides my own. My husband would attest to that. lol
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thank you for using my stocks for this beautyful artwork!!!!
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You're welcome! :) Thank you so much for providing such great stock! :) :hug:
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