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Uninvited-A LOTR Fanfiction :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 2 1
Duncan--First Sculpture by celticbard76 Duncan--First Sculpture :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 6 2 Little Fox by celticbard76 Little Fox :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 5 0
Tomorrow and Tomorrow--Chapter 4-A Loki/Sigyn Fic
Chapter Four
He looked much the same, Sigyn thought. This supposed husband of hers. His shadowy hair had grown longer and hung like frayed thread around his collar. He might have been leaner, too. Paler. Gaunt. The skin around his mouth was pulled taut, creased by two tense lines on either side of his lips that gave him an earnest air. But his eyes, fierce and feverish, paired with his quick, cutting smile hinted at something much deeper. Something much darker. Something that was beginning to frighten her…
Sigyn squirmed under Loki’s gaze. She couldn’t say why, but she kept one hand around the shaft of her axe. Vaguely, she wondered where Grane had run off to after their tumble down the slope. Perhaps she wouldn’t be able to find him. Perhaps he was gone for good, like so many other cherished lives that had been lost to her over the long, desolate years of her exile.
But her pessimism seemed misplaced. If there was ever a time that she might doubt
:iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 6 0
Text Messages I: Julius Caesar
Text Messages I: Julius Caesar
February 2, 2013, 12:04 AM
You pulled me out of bed at midnight tonight, I don’t know why. We fought for about half an hour, until I ended up in the E.R., trying now desperately to reach you. The paradox is, you’re the only one who can really help me now. Stop the pain. Level nine pain, pushing a ten. Why don’t you answer me back when I call?
February 2, 2013, 1:35 AM
Haven’t heard from you, though I know you can feel me, see me squirming under the helicopter bright lights, the guy in the next bed crying for his methadone. The doctors here wants to give me a different drug this time, not the one that works. Why do they always try to reinvent the wheel?
February 2, 2013, 2:10 AM
Still waiting to hear back from you. The medication I was given didn’t even touch the pain. I told them so. I told you so. When will I reach you? When will you think of extending your hand like Lazarus, who had the power to
:iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 2 15
Voice Message I
It’s me. I guess you’re not around. Which is strange, because you usually are. If this isn’t a good time for you... sorry.  
I’ll be quick. I don’t want to take up a lot of your time, although you have a habit of messing with mine…
I’m actually calling about last Monday. Yeah. So I had to cancel my appointment with my shrink. I hate doing that. She’s always very understanding about it, except she’s out of my network and I have to pay the full $350 whether I see her or not. It was a joint session too. You should’ve shown up. And you did, on the early-side. That’s the problem.
I ended up sleeping most of the day away instead of making that drive to Manhattan, taking the, uh, perilous, FDR and me vomiting into an emesis bag. I know. I should be happy to stay in bed. You saved me a lot of trouble.
But I could argue, if I wanted to—feeling a little petty here---that the trade-off wasn’t exactly fai
:iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 8 9
Grey Medieval Gown by celticbard76 Grey Medieval Gown :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 12 0 Silver Ribbed Crocheted Cowl by celticbard76 Silver Ribbed Crocheted Cowl :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 7 0 Painted Desert Cowl by celticbard76 Painted Desert Cowl :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 10 5 Aredhel the White Elven Gown by celticbard76 Aredhel the White Elven Gown :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 24 9 Sew This Again--Daenerys Cosplay Comparison by celticbard76 Sew This Again--Daenerys Cosplay Comparison :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 4 7
Johns Hopkins
They said,
Three weeks for your life
And I cried
In the admissions office
Where the receptionist consoled me
Where I sat with her
And she told me
It was her grandnephew’s birthday
:iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 2 3
Glen Cove
I miss the smell of horses in summer
With chalk dust on their hooves
And the bees
Building hollow hives
In driftwood fences.
:iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 8 5
An expulsion.
Or an exorcism.
But mostly an exhumation of what
The pieces that no one wants.
The parts that weren’t me anyway.
:iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 2 0
Lorien Warden Cosplay-Defense by celticbard76 Lorien Warden Cosplay-Defense :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 5 6 Lorien Warden Cosplay-A Moment of Meditation by celticbard76 Lorien Warden Cosplay-A Moment of Meditation :iconcelticbard76:celticbard76 19 10


Portrait 03 by Sicarius8 Portrait 03 :iconsicarius8:Sicarius8 214 7 Last of the Mohicans3 by constan-lerois Last of the Mohicans3 :iconconstan-lerois:constan-lerois 4 2 Daenerys Targaryen Jewelry Set by ryoshi-un Daenerys Targaryen Jewelry Set :iconryoshi-un:ryoshi-un 134 16 Duchesse d'Orleans at tea 02 by Idzit Duchesse d'Orleans at tea 02 :iconidzit:Idzit 71 5 pony 26 by cyborgsuzystock pony 26 :iconcyborgsuzystock:cyborgsuzystock 12 4 pony 20 by cyborgsuzystock pony 20 :iconcyborgsuzystock:cyborgsuzystock 15 3 pony 19 by cyborgsuzystock pony 19 :iconcyborgsuzystock:cyborgsuzystock 32 3 Unicorn Sculpture Tutorial by SovaeArt Unicorn Sculpture Tutorial :iconsovaeart:SovaeArt 1,244 273 pony 12 by cyborgsuzystock pony 12 :iconcyborgsuzystock:cyborgsuzystock 16 6 pony 15 by cyborgsuzystock pony 15 :iconcyborgsuzystock:cyborgsuzystock 13 6 pony 16 by cyborgsuzystock pony 16 :iconcyborgsuzystock:cyborgsuzystock 52 22 :. Sculpting Process .: by XPantherArtX :. Sculpting Process .: :iconxpantherartx:XPantherArtX 1,304 221 Unicorn Tutorial Part 1 by scenceable Unicorn Tutorial Part 1 :iconscenceable:scenceable 457 84 The King of the Sea : Featured in Creature Sculpt by emilySculpts The King of the Sea : Featured in Creature Sculpt :iconemilysculpts:emilySculpts 475 0 curium by uana31 curium :iconuana31:uana31 24 7


A few weeks ago, I started writing again after a long hiatus. I have a severe chronic illness (gastroparesis, it basically means that my stomach is paralyzed) and for a myriad of physical and emotional reasons, I was simply unable to bring myself to put pen to paper. Finally, however, I was able to start a Lord of the Rings fanfiction and while editing the prologue, I was rather stunned by my prose. In the opening paragraph, the main character is violently murdered (shot in the stomach with an arrow, what a Freudian slip!) and dies. Not at all like the romantic stories with pleasant endings I used to write. So my question is, have any events in your life changed the way you write? And if so, what were the events (only if you feel comfortable sharing) and how did your writing change?
Hello All!
I'm looking for an artist who can create a graphic art (photoshopped or whatever program you are familiar with) book cover and matching desktop background for my Lord of the Rings fanfiction. The book cover would be posted on (sized 300x450 pixels) and here on Deviantart. The desktop background (the size is up to the artist) is for personal use only. Both pieces would include the character Gil-galad, High King of the Noldorin Elves (pictures of him will be provided) and an OC (I can provide pics for the OC, but the artist is also welcome to choose another pic as long as he/she uses my OC's faceclaim). Any other images used, such as stock images, etc. are completely up to the artist's discretion as well. Payment will be 800 points. There is no deadline. If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to note me or contact me via this thread. Also, if you could include a few samples of your work or a link to your gallery, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for stopping by!

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'When I am laid, am laid in earth, May my wrongs create
No trouble, no trouble in thy breast;
Remember me, remember me, but ah! forget my fate.
Remember me, but ah! forget my fate.'
             --Dido's Lament by Henry Purcell

Year One of the Third Age

The arrow had pierced her side, just a little shy of her ribs and as the hot spring of blood spilled down her leg, she knew she was dead. Dead, now, at her zenith. Dead, now, from fate's cruel humor. Dead where she stood, as her life drained away drip by solemn drip, puddling onto the ground beneath her booted feet.

Alone on the Great East Road, so desperate, so panicked and yet so hopeful to make it to the Havens, she had not seen her attacker when the fatal shot was loosed. Did not see him now, as he had disappeared back into the twilit forest. Would never know...if only there was a way to be certain...

Before her strength waned, before the inevitable, decline, yes decline, how she hated the word! could begin, she swung her sword wildly to the right, taking off the shaft of the arrow with a satisfying swipe. The arrow fell and so did she, onto her knees, onto the sweet springtime grass, alone for the most intimate moment of her life. Sky and soil. Sun and stone. Her mind grappled with time, struggling to hold each moment, each painful stab of breath as her lungs struggled to expand.

With her hands splayed out onto the ground before her, she saw the broken shaft again and something reminiscent of terror poked its way through the haze of pain and told her to be frightened. The sun was passing towards the west and the sky becoming leeched of color, but even through the shadows she could make out some of the more obvious details of the arrow's fletching. Peacock feathers. Golden twine. Deliberate yet neat knife marks near the nock. How easy it was for her to recognize these things, these impressions of her people. She knew for certain now. The arrow wasn't Orc craft or even from the realm of Men. It was Elven.

For an instant, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she thought she might lose consciousness. But not now. Not when she needed to know. If her death could be accepted in this sliver of a moment, she would accept it on the condition that she would die having realized, once and for all and forever, that she had been right.

Time was short, the light low. She would need to work very quickly.

Weakly, she touched the wound in her side and the remnants of the broken arrow, its head still stiff in her belly. There was no way to prepare herself. Her cold fingers closed against the splintered shaft and pulled. She screamed. There was a bright ribbon of blood and a sudden heady rush of release as her stomach gave way and she lay there like an animal with her guts spread out on the earth, alone there, at the very end of things. Alone and dying, shamed by the ignominy of it all.

Her thoughts were soft and malleable, shifting into sights and sounds and the strange taste of bile at the back of her throat. The immediacy of it all pressed against her and she tried to remember how she had prepared herself for this time, time that now slithered through her desperately cupped hands like water. Salt water. The spray on her face. Her father's smile. Her mother's touch. As if by instinct she curled her body into a prone crescent, and, ignoring the wound in her abdomen, smelled the thawing earth around her, still chilled with the last of winter's frost. With each precious second passing she began to forget where she was and why, who she had been and how, what she had loved and lost. She called his name, only to find her voice pulled away by the wind. His face blurred in her mind's eye as a new, impenetrable darkness encroached, so different from the velvety folds of the night, so all encompassing and devouring that she panicked and began to choke on her own tears.

And as her labored breathing slowed, as her body began to cool, she felt a final stirring of sadness, for the great futility of it all and the hopelessness of the end, of her final end, which would come now, ignored and unnoticed on a spring night nearly empty of stars.

There was no one with her when she died, in the chaos of the Wild. There was no one to soothe her in her last flailing moments of dark agony. There was no one there to close her eyes as her life ebbed from them, leaving only the reflection of the scudding clouds in her dilated pupils. There was no one to find her body for months, when only her rusting sword remained and she had long returned to the earth, picked apart by scavengers and other, less savory creatures.

A corner of the moon, a hint of a yellowed tusk, poked through the black, briefly illuminating the sky and the ground and the small forest clearing that would be her tomb. And in that light (oh, that light so dim!) she picked up the end of the arrow she had pulled from her side and held it up to the moon. The arrowhead, still wet with her blood, glittered blackly. But she saw it, at the very last. Amanthoniel saw what she had hoped, had prayed and Valar, had feared she would see before death clamped down on her with its hungry maw. She recognized the subtle curves of the arrowhead and knew, at once, where it had come from. Lothlorien. Her home.
Uninvited-A LOTR Fanfiction
Uninvited Prologue--A LOTR Fanfiction

Fandom: The Lord of the Rings
Mature for graphic violence
When Gil-Galad, the High King of the Noldor, takes an interest in a strange elleth who many fear is dangerous, what peace that remains between the Elven lands in Middle-Earth is threatened. There are those who find her troubled but harmless, some who fear that she may destroy the High King and just one who believes that all of Elvendom itself is at stake.
Dido's Lament by Henry Purcell
I claim no ownership of Tolkien's work.
Author's Note:
Welcome! I'm so happy to have you here. Before we begin, I just have a few notes about this story that I would like to bring to your attention. To start with, this is the first substantial piece of writing I have done in about seven years. Long story short, I've been living with a severe chronic illness for some time now and found that I had more or less lost the ability to write due to a myriad of physical and emotional reasons. But now, yes now, I think maybe I'm ready to try again. So yay! You see why I'm so happy to be here.

A few other things...this story is not strictly canon (well, I suppose all fanfiction isn't really canon). I'm trying very, very hard to adhere to what I think to be Professor Tolkien's wondrous vision. That said, if I make some huge mistake (like mix up the timeline of the S.A. or misspell some Quenya), please do let me know right away and I will fix it .If I'm being completely honest with you, I'm more familiar with the events of the T.A. than the S.A., so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will all go as smoothly as possible.

Also, this fic is basically about one thing: Elves behaving badly and making poor choices. I hate to be blunt, but if that isn't your thing, maybe it would be best to skip this one. Of course, we aren't talking about Game of Thrones-level treachery here, although there is a fair amount of political intrigue and backstabbing and bitter feelings going on. Having said that, though, I have a HUGE amount of respect for Tolkien's Elves and have tried my very best to stay true to their culture, morays and practices.

Now lastly, the main female character of this story has an incorrect name. To be frank, it's just something of garbled Elvish that I tried to make up with my little Quenya/Sindarin phrasebook about thirteen years ago. So why haven't I changed it? Lots of reasons, but mostly because it's been her name since I started this fic years ago and to change it now would confuse too many important elements. So yes, feel free to call me out on that if you like, but I am highly aware of it.

Well, that's my rambling nonsense for now. I really hope you find this prologue enjoyable. If you have a free moment, please leave a review, I'd be totally psyched to hear from you. Any and all feedback is, of course, more than welcome. Thanks!

Hello all!

I am looking for someone who could help me with a small project involving two Lord of the Rings characters, one canon and one OC. The canon character is Gil-Galad, the last High King of the Noldor and the second character is an OC of mine. I can provide full references as to what she looks like down to her hair color, attire, facial structure, etc. And, of course, I can also provide references as to Gil-Galad's appearance. The two characters would be simply posed (either half body or fully body) with little to no background incorporated. The piece would also be done in full color. My budget for this project is between $90 to $110 USD paid through Paypal. Please post below if you are interested with some examples of your work or note me, but be advised, I am looking for an artist who can interpret these characters realistically. No anime please. The more traditional your style, the better. Have a question about this project? Again, feel free to comment below or note me at anytime. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!


celticbard76's Profile Picture
Lee Anne
Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
I am a Brooklyn, NYC native, but I dream of Middle-Earth. I have a B.A. in history, my greatest passion, although I am also a devotee to literature (of almost any kind) and writing. I’m also a horror movie junkie and huge nerd for anything that involves fantasy. While I am certainly not a professional artist, I am a perfectionist and I take my hobbies very seriously. I am a crocheter and a cosplayer and absolutely obsessed with costuming.

Thanks so very much for visiting my page. If you have any questions or comments about the pieces in my gallery, please feel free to shoot me a note. I always love hearing from fellow deviants.

Amanthoniel-Behind the Scenes of Series One

Journal Entry: Tue May 6, 2014, 3:21 PM
Gallery l Favorites l Watch Me l My Etsy Store

Hello friends and fellow deviants!
Today I’m ringing all the church bells, blasting some music and doing a little happy dance because I’ve finally finished my first Amanthoniel cosplay. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so perhaps you guys might remember that some time ago that I embarked on the rather ambitious (an unrepentantly nerdy) project of cosplaying my LOTR original character, Amanthoniel. As I’ve discussed in a previous journal entry (see here), I created Amanthoniel some ten years ago, but was never able to find a suitable story for her, or any other artistic channel to bring her to life. But then, after ten years of keeping her floating in creative limbo, I started cosplaying and taking sewing lessons and I realized that I could tell her story in my own way. And so began my new costuming adventure. Thus far, I’ve been dedicating most of my free time to create a progressive series of cosplays that will not only depict Amanthoniel, but also include bits and pieces of her story.

While I started this project WAY back in October, RL and my continuing health issues hampered the process is almost every way unimaginable. But now, however, I am insanely happy to announce that the first cosplay is finished and will now by posted on DA. So yes, I am going quite berserk with joy. :D

All right, let’s get down to business. There are a few tidbits about the whole process of making Series One (as I’ve dubbed it) and Amanthoniel herself I’d like to share with you before I start submitting a bunch of shiny new deviations. First off, a little background info on Amanthoniel;

Amanthoniel is an original Elf character based on Tolkien’s universe. She is of Noldorin descent, lives in Middle Earth and comes from what we might describe as an upper class background. However, unlike the other few Noldor residing in Middle Earth (Galadriel, Glorfindel, etc.) her social standing is decidedly lower on the totem pole. She currently holds the position of Captain of the Galadhrim in Lothlorien, an office that is usually filled by the lower ranking Silvan Elves. In my fanon, she is the first Captain of Lothlorien under Galadriel and Celeborn’s rule, a role that will, in time, be passed on to the Silvan Elf, Haldir.

However, what she otherwise lacks in the overall Eldar hierarchy of Middle-Earth, she attempts to compensate for by being a skilled warrior and military tactician, which helps land her the job as Captain in the first place. Fittingly, this first cosplay is focused on her duties as commanding officer of the Lothlorien Guard and set early in the Third Age, when her career has just about reached its zenith. Each photo, therefore, documents Amanthoniel’s annual spring journey to scout the most distant borders of Lothlorien and is also accompanied by a short entry from her personal journal detailing the particulars of her trip.

Well, now that I’ve given you a bit of her biography, I’d like to blab about the technical aspects of this cosplay that have kept me busy as bee these last seven months.

The main concept of this costume was inspired by Haldir’s garb in FOTR. The tunic Amanthoniel wears in grey linen, with criss-crossing, pintucked flaps that are connected at the shoulders and hang in loose spirals down the back, creating a “winged” effect. While making this tunic, I tried to focus on both functionality and femininity, without making the piece too elaborate. As a result, only the undertunic and leggings sport decorative gold leaf trim, a small symbol of her status as Captain.

The boots, likewise, were also made by me, based on Arwen’s riding boots in FOTR. To make them, I took an old pair of boots and covered them in faux leather to hide the side-zipper and added laces to the back.

The scabbard I made as well, using Worbla to make the silver ornaments and painting the plastic base to look like leather. Additionally, I made the leather sword belt, although I should note that I did not make the silver buckle (that comes courtesy of TheIronRing) nor the sword (custom-made by Dekokatana for me).

And there you have it folks, the first in what should be a long series of Amanthoniel cosplays. May I repeat: YAY!!!

All right, all right, enough chatting. I think I managed to bore even myself with all these long-winded details. In any case, I really hope you guys like this cosplay. It was certainly a lot of hard work, but I enjoyed every minute of it. ;) Until next time!

Lee Anne (aka celticbard76)

PS I’ll be submitting one deviation a day for a week so that you might better follow Amanthoniel’s progression on her springtime journey into the Wild.

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