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Mirror Caliburn by celticarchie

As the Caliburn Universe has differences with other versions of the Star Trek Universe.  So does it's Mirror counterpart.  Keeping it simple whatever is 'good' in Caliburn, is 'evil' in the Mirror. For example; a Tribble is not a soothing furry blob, but a scaly blob with poisoned spines and a mouth full of razor-like teeth.  With regard to the various races and civilisations, these tend to retain core traits, but tend to choose difference historical paths with these traits.

The history of The Terran Empire begins with The Vulcan Sovereignty.  Expanding from their home world the Vulcans conquer the Tellar System with relative ease, integrating the Tellarite civilisation into the Sovereignty as a labour force, this became instrumental in dealing with the Sovereignty's next conquest... Andor.  The Andorians showed more resistance, but ultimately the Sovereignty's greater numbers and through cold Vulcan tactics the Andorians also surrender.

Meanwhile... on a planet called Earth, but known as Terra.  A coup using genetically augmented soldiers has led the entire planet into a brutal civil war, but the native inhabitants prevailed at significant cost. Prompting the aggressive Terran push into interstellar space.  Conquering two races outright.  The Caitians and Denobulans, before destroying a perceived Romulan invasion.  The Terran Empire quickly became a serious match for The Vulcan Sovereignty.

For years the two superpowers were poised on the edge of all out war.  However, both sides came to understand that war would be equally devastating and that neither side would be able to consider the conflict a success. It was decided to join the two governments, a lesser known house of Vulcan Royalty would be married to a Terran Imperial family of equal stature.


Within four decades The Terran Empire had taken dominance in the alliance. This did not affect The Vulcan Sovereignty in the negative, on the contary, the Vulcans saw the Terran ambition as a positive driving force for the new alliance, it relieved them of the pressure of maintaining dominance over their subjects and allowed to concentrate their efforts on research and support.


United Kingdom
I, Trekkie.

If you've got this far it's no surprise that I'm a Trekkie. I saw Star Wars when I was around four and that was it, anything with space ships, laser guns and swords and sorcery that came my way I devoured. Of course, Star Trek, wasn't far behind and it was my Mum who got me to watch Star Trek saying I'd like Mr. Spock.

So Star Trek was present in my childhood, but it wasn't until I was about 12 that I really got into Trek in a big way. I burned myself in an accident a few days into what was an extended two week holiday from school. So it was a trip down to the hospital, and after that I got spoiled :D for the two week holiday and part of that was renting Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 1), and that was it. After that everything I had to have was Star Trek, and it didn't matter which generation it was.

At the moment I am in very much a Star Trek phase, although I do other artwork which I may post here at a later date when I've organised it. The Star Trek phase I'm in at the moment I think is due to a number of things, my obsession with creating characters with Daz's Victoria & Michael 4, the increasing amount of stuff available for Star Trek art, sets, props, uniforms etc., and my writing of my own fan fiction Star Trek Caliburn.

Writing is something I want to get back into, so hopefully my blog here will start filling up with some articles and essays, in a effort to kick-start my story writing again.



You know that irritating moment when you see something you'd really like, but it's priced a stupid-ridiculous amount that only an rich moron would buy it at? :confused: 

What is you Favourite Star Trek Phaser? :D 

10 deviants said Phaser Type I & II, (TOS)
6 deviants said Assult Phaser, (TFF/TUC)
4 deviants said Phaser Rifle, (TOS)
3 deviants said Phaser Type II, [Season 3] (TNG)
3 deviants said Phaser Type III, [Rifle] (TNG)
2 deviants said Phaser Type II, (TSFS)
1 deviant said Laser Pistol (Pike -Era TOS)
1 deviant said Phaser Type II, (TMP/TWOK)
1 deviant said Phaser Type I, [Cricket] (TNG)
No deviants said Phaser Type II, [Dustbuster] (TNG)



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