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Polarstag - Lead Elk Totem


Reference Update - 15th of February 2022; Fresh new reference, showing off his scars gotten from a Hive Attack as well as his shortened cheekfur.

Nicknames: Polar, Fisherwolf [Kaen], Polarfishstick [Zoketi], Polarstick [Chise].
Age: Adult; 8 Years.
Birthday: 20th of August, born in 2013.
Gender: Male
Height:  35''
Weight:  115 lbs
Build: Average build, but with lean, strong muscle beneath a thick wintery pelt that never leaves even in the heat of summer. Has large, big toed paws, with broad shoulders, and a big heavy head. His ears are short, thick and rounded, with tufts. He has a crooked snout, big nose and wide brows. Strong back, with a level straight tail.

Territory:  Chandor
Rank: Theta Elk Totem [Lead Elk Totem/Council Member]

Family: None
Mate: Kaen
Previous Mate/s: Winter [Deceased]
Current Attraction[s]: Kaen
Orientation: Heterosexual
Offspring: W/ Winter - River, Ice and Snowfall [stillborns] and with Kaen, SleetIcicleLunelle and Elderberry


Level Headed: Polarstag is not one to think rashly, nor to fall victim to sudden actions beneath the stress of panicking. Experience has forged a steady mindset in Polarstag, and it is something he hopes to pass on to younger generations.

Confident: With ones craft, often comes confidence with completing and oiling it well into something of pride. Polarstag is confident, not only in his abilities of healing, being a loner his entire life until joining Chandor- he had to learn it. But he is confident in communicating with others, and just in himself.

Mentor: Often, the path life has lead him to has been one as a mentor to those in need of teaching. Whether they be young or old, he would aid them in what needed teaching. Whether this be hunting, fight training or just being able to express something or be that of a father figure. He was there.

Sensitive: The arctic wolf is one when it comes to noticing the small tears, broken hearts and about to wail pups who seem fine. His heart seems in tune with the bitterness of life, and often goes in aid of those who need their heart patched up, feelings thought out or paw kissed, if a pup. He is a big softie when it comes to pups, and would spend his entire day if he could bringing smiles to their faces, being the 'enemy they face in battle', or playing in water with them, minding them for their parents, etc. 

Ordinary: Despite all this, the white wolf is rather ordinary. There is nothing overly special about him, nor anything too unnoticeable. He is plain.

Ritualisitc: Not in the religious way, but in how he treats daily actives. Hunting especially, which can bother others. Before prey is killed, he would make sure those hunting with him aim for an old creature that still has some spirit, and once hunted must thank Mother Fang[none religious deity- aka Mother Nature], for giving them it's life. The same for patrolling, sleeping and such. For sleep, he would sleep at the same time everyday and get up before sunrise. It has become and unnecessary, negative habit that he has yet to kick. But in his mind, he is still in that of the mindset of a loner.

Hedonistic: Having lived the life of a loner his entire life, he has yet to understand the emotional needs and fills of a pack. This often leaves him hunting alone- for himself, out of needs or want. Leaving camp early, to see the sunrise and not returning until dusk has approached as he wishes to see fireflies glow. 

Vague: Polarstag isn't one to talk many words of himself, so it leaves an empty figure of who he is. Often this can lead others to mistrust him, as he gives them no reason to trust him. But this is of no intent, he just feels no need to speak of who is so when he does it seems extremely vague, and leaves holes in his silhouette.

Pre-Group History: 

Born to two loners, it is the life Polarstag has always known. A fire that broke out separated his parents, and he was raised by his father, alone. The fire was in his mothers homeland, and he was then raised in his father's homeland- a land of snow.

His father was a kind, aged wolf who had a good heart and spirit. But he was old, and when winter came on Polarstag's second year of life- he perished. His father, left many messages with his son but one that stuck with him- 'Find something in life that fills you with glee, purpose and the rest of life's treasures will follow.

Most of his life was spent hunting, mostly fishing salt water until he realised fresh water fishing didn't burn his nose with each fish he caught. This was how he met his mate, Winter, a pale silvery she-wolf with an attitude to suit her name. Cold, harsh and impressionable. But somehow, the plain wolf he was, caught her attention with protecting her from a bear- the result of scars on his legs. 

Their time together was short.
The following spring, took Winter from him and made the awaking world around him even more unbearable. Winter suffered complications in birth, and her, and their pups died. She died in warmth, laying against him as they said their goodbyes. Polarstag mourned her more than he had for anyone in his life Naming their sons was important, and thus he did, and buried his mate and sons, along side one another beside the lake they met at.

Polarstag left those lands, in search of something worthwhile and in hopes of easing the heartache. The next few years were empty, barren. In winter, it was like he was back with his Winter which eased the pain ever so by seeing snow falling.

In summer of his 6th year, was when he came across Chandor, his new chance.

Group History: [Storyline]…


        > Was born in lands where snow is the only thing, it snows year round, and even in summer it is snow filled. Barely any life flourished, it was a harsh land.
        > Still speaks in his sleep, but less of Winter now and of chasing Lunelle as she scampers off on her adventures and him being worried to let her out of his sight.
        > Loves Kaen and his children more than life itself.
        > Is the definition of a dad, jokes and all.
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