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Nobody as their own Twitter Account, to satisfy the social birds amongst you. Please be sure to follow us! Nobody_dA and our hashtag shall be #CelticArt

Celtic-Art Competition

Nobody group is more than a year old, and with 200 members, I think it is time we held our first ever competition. Even though it is called a ‘competition’, I would like to encourage everyone to participate and view it more as a creative and artistic challenge.

I have selected the theme of the competition to be the goddess Clíodhna. Probably a lesser well known figure, which means many of our members will get to learn something new :) (myself included) I have had no objections or other suggestions around this theme, so I believe we shall remain with it.

Wikipedia Entry:…

The Wikipedia entry alone already provides many options around imagery and themes that you can base your artwork around, and no, it does not have to be the goddess herself, but if you want to depict her, go for it.

Cliodhna (pronounced KLEE-nah) is the Irish Goddess of beauty. She was one of the Tuatha de Danaan, and became known as the Fairy Queen of Munster. She fell in love with a mortal named Ciabhan and ran off with him. One day, while Ciabhan was off hunting, Manannan mac Lir, God of the sea, sent a wave that carried her back to the land of fairy.

In the 15th century, the Irishman Cormac MacCarthy called on Cliodhna to give him her assistance with a lawsuit. Cliodhna appeared to Cormac and told him to kiss the first stone that he saw in the morning on his way to court. He did so, and was so persuasive in court that he won his suit. He then took the stone and hid it away in the walls of his castle, where it remains to this day—the Blarney Stone.


Some imagery ideas:
:bulletgreen: In some Irish myths Clíodhna is a goddess of love and beauty.
:bulletgreen: Clíodhna has been called Fairy Queen of Munster.
:bulletgreen: She is said to have three brightly coloured birds who eat apples from an otherworldly tree and whose sweet song heals the sick.
:bulletgreen: The most traditional story of the famous Blarney Stone involves Clíodhna.
:bulletgreen: Queen of the Banshees


First Prize:
50 Points from Nobody
200 Points generously sponsered by Nobody founder of

One free commission from Nobody
One free traditional commission from Nobody

Feature in the Nobody group
'Winner's Package' from Nobody in other words, guaranteed feature in their Monthly Winner's Package blog post.

A super feature from Nobody on her FaceBook Page…, Twitter account, and Pinterest

If the first place winner resides in the continental US, Nobody would also like to offer a box set of a dozen blank note cards with her yin-yang grapes design If the winner is outside the continental US and would like the cards anyway, Nobody will need him or her to pitch in for the shipping cost. (us artists are as always usually poor :XD:)

Second and Third Place prizes will only be available if the contest has at least 20 entries.

Second Prize:
20 Points from Nobody

A super feature from Nobody on her FaceBook Page…, Twitter account, and Pinterest

Third Prize:
10 Points from Nobody

A super feature from Nobody on her FaceBook Page…, Twitter account, and Pinterest

Closing Date:

22 September 2012


:bulletblue: All mediums welcome! Traditional, digital, craftworks, poetry, photography & photomanipulation, pixel art, animations, if you can create it… then it is welcome. You may make use of stock resources, provided you credit as is appropriate.
:bulletblue: Please add a link to the group and a link to the competition journal entry in the description of your deviation.
:bulletblue: You may submit an older, already created work, so long as it fits in properly with the theme, and you add a link to the group, and competition journal in the description.
:bulletblue: Please include some information on the competition theme, for example, if you depict the goddess Clíodhna herself, then add something about her lore in the description. Being part of the of the Nobody group means learning something new, and maybe showing a bit of the Celtic traditions and mythology to others.
:bulletblue: You should please be a member of the Nobody group or one of our affiliates to be able to participate. i.e. submit a deviation to the Competition folder.
:bulletblue: Maximum of two entries per person!
:bulletblue: Entries to be submitted into this folder! HERE:… :gallery:


Nobody founder of

Nobody art student and novel writer

Nobody founder of

Nobody co-founder of

Judging Criteria Total Out of 100

Interpretation and the clarity of the theme to the viewer. (20 points)
Does it have a distinctly Celtic flavour?
Can it be linked to Clíodhna?

Creativity and originality of the depicted theme. (40 points)
Is there originality?
Is there creativity?

Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on the theme. (20 points)
Does composition have balance of Colour and Design?
Is there a natural and logical sequence, a flow from one point of interest to another?

Overall impression of the art. (20 points)
What is the effect of the artwork in general and as a whole?
Overall, does the artwork stand on its own as a complete and outstanding work of art?

Since we do not make any scores known, Judges are encouraged to leave notes to help and motivate the artists.

What We Still Need!

Prize sponsors!

If you are willing to offer a prize of any kind, from a llama, points, commissions, or a feature (in or outside of dA) please send Nobody or Nobody a note with the details. Regardless of size, all contributions are welcome!


Cannot hold a competition if nobody enters any of their awesome creations!! We would like to see at least 20 entries for this! :deviation:
If you are going to enter, let us know, so that we can add your name to the list, and link us your completed entry once it is done and uploaded. Competition Gallery…

1. Nobody
2. Nobody
3. Nobody
4. Nobody
5. Nobody :pointr:
6. Nobody
7. Nobody
8. Nobody :pointr:
9. Nobody
10. Nobody
11. Nobody :pointr:
12. Nobody :pointr:
13. Nobody :pointr:
14. Nobody
15. Nobody :pointr:
16. Nobody :pointr:
17. Nobody
18. Nobody :pointr:
19. Nobody :pointr: &
20. Nobody :pointr:…
21. Nobody
22. Nobody
23. Nobody
24. Nobody
25. Nobody
26. Nobody :pointr:
27. Nobody :pointr:
28. Nobody :pointr:
29. Nobody
30. Nobody :pointr:
31. Nobody :pointr:
32. Nobody pointr:

Fav this Journal

No seriously… fav it now… go click the :+fav: do it! Why? The more people that do this, the more likely that this article with be noticed. We would like to spread the word about this awesome group and the competition don’t we?

Keep an Eye Out for Updates!

This journal entry will be updated as often as possible with new info, such as entrants, and prizes, so make sure to keep checking back here, and spread the word!

Other Great Contests You Should Join!

Would like to hold a competition, but they are in need of some prizes. Got some spare points or something you can give towards the prize pool? feasting-on-fantasy.deviantart…
Please contact Nobody if you can help!
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Ephy-Drow's avatar
here is my painting
ZawArt's avatar
Everpage's avatar
I would like to donate some things!
~1st place: 10 features
~2nd place: 8 features
~3rd place: 6 features

Hope this helps!
Everpage's avatar
I featured your contest on my journal here: [link]
NyanQueen's avatar
Thank you so much!
JelenaEllethil's avatar
Hm, an idea appered. Might as well try to turn it a reality. Will enter the competition. :)
Aamnat's avatar
[link] for the contest:)hope you`ll like it! :D
NyanQueen's avatar
Thanks so much for the entry! (ahem, Shouldn't it have a mature tag? ;P) I have added your entry to the list! :hug:
Aamnat's avatar
I don`t think it`s necesarly a mature tag :)thank you so much>:D<i`m glad you like it!
rgalexandervision's avatar
I want to enter! And just finished the piece, too! Here: [link]
NyanQueen's avatar
Thank you for the entry! I have added your name and entry to the list! :hug:
Ztoical's avatar
Got inspired to do something today - [link]
NyanQueen's avatar
Looks great! I updated it in the journal entry!
Aamnat's avatar
I`ll join to:)
NyanQueen's avatar
I shall add your name to the contest entrants list right away! Looking forward to your entry!!
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Hi! i finished my entry for Cliodhna, i hope you like her [link]
Sorry she's just a pencil sketch w/out color.
NyanQueen's avatar
Its beautifully done! I really love it!
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Thanks that you like my entry :thanks:
EvelynTaliette's avatar
Just found this, I'd like to add my name to the list of entrants. Thanks in advance!
NyanQueen's avatar
Welcome welcome! Still plenty of time! I shall add your name :D
PennyLame's avatar
Finished my piece [link]

I might enter a second submission, my mind is already brewing with ideas :)
Lamorien's avatar
oh my gosh oh my gosh i so totally want to enter! cooking up ideas already, this is awesome!
NyanQueen's avatar
:boogie: another excited entrant! Your name has been added to the list, looking forward to your work!
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