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[link] this page is using ur image just wanted to check if u were cool with that or not coz i hate it when ppl steal my stuff
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featured @
Fav for obvious reasons :)
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nice work! I found it stolen on another site [link]
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A for awesome.

this is now my wallpaper.

thank yoU!
Omg This WP its´s it´s Beautyfull
EHis is amaziNg well its strange that something like that explodee I<3 Ur WP
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someone used this piece as their poster sign for a disco.

i thought you should know..they violated your copyright..
here's the pic:
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Great one! I love it!
Found a site using your image. [link]
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Simply amazing. Not many words can explain how awesome this really is.
like it, but the thong's a bit much
[link] Are you serious? im completely drooling from the eye right now...soooooooo much awesome colors wow
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soo happy-fying i love it!
so nice :)
can i grab it?
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Nice! I like it!
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it's truly amazing!!!
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I can't even comprehend how you did all that. Awesome.
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WOOooooowW :: beauty.. singular.. "(^_^)"
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I hope you don't mind that our school used this design for on a tshirt.. I thought the girl designed it herself but while I was surfing on DA I found out she didn't... But I really like it, great job! Your work is amazing!
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