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Illustrator and comic artist.

My Pixiv: Celsa - pixiv

Contact: ines_pisonero@hotmail.com

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Cintiq, SAI, PS
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Reading, gardening
Angel Warriors es una serie de Maho Mintz (Insta: @mahomintz) en la que he estado trabajando hace unos años. Intentamos sacar una versión de cómic, pero de momento, su versión original de novela, acaba de empezar a publicarse en angelwarriors.net Esta disponible tanto en español como en ingles. Espero que le echéis un vistazo. Cada semana subirán un capítulo nuevo, acompañado de una ilustración mía. Espero que os guste ^^ La web es nueva, y sujeta a posible cambios, pero creo que la navegación es muy sencilla y cómoda. Sobre la historia Hay cosas peores que ser la chica nueva en la ciudad y Marianne lo aprende desde el primer día de escuela al ser arrollada saliendo de clases. Esa misma noche empieza a escuchar una voz en su cabeza que jura ser su ángel guardián y le advierte sobre demonios contra los que deberá luchar. ¿Será una alucinación a raíz del accidente o realmente es una Angel Warrior tal como dice la voz? Una sola cosa tiene en claro: nadie más puede enterarse de
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Angel Warriors is a series by Maho Mintz (Instagram: @mahomintz) where I've been working for a couple years now. We've been trying to release it in comic form, but it's original shape, a novel series, is now up as web novel. with my artworks. You can read both in english and spanish at angelwarriors.net The site is new and may change in the future, but IMO navigation is quit easy. The first chapter is up and new ones will be released weekly. I'd be happy if you tried it out. About the story There are worse things than being the new girl in town, and Marianne learns this on her very first day at school after being hit by a car. That same night she starts hearing a voice in her head, claiming to be her guardian angel and warning her about demons she would have to face. Could it be a hallucination after the accident or is she really an Angel Warrior as the voice says? One thing is for sure: no one else must find out about it. I'll be working hard to have new arts ready for each
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I resurrected my old twitter account, @CelsaArts so feel free to check up. I mentioned recently how I opened a new Instagram too, at @celsachan85 and just today I realized how it crops photos T_T I managed it somehow, but I didn't realize before. I should check my Pixiv sometime too.... https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/2456055
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Happy Birthday Celsa. ^^

Thank you very much ^^

You're welcome. : )
happy birthday
Happy B-day Celsa-sempai!!Party:iconamericapartyhardplz:Have your cake and eat it tooParty
Hope all your hopes and dreams come true.:iconslashshine:
Hope u have a wonderful day and please keep up with your awesome and lovely work!:iconloveloveplz:hammie kiss Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely bye bye wave) [V3]