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this is my first complete build for rainmeter, it is based on the 80s TV show Knight Rider. the voice module has 2 sayings from the show and moves with sound (VU meter). buttons have "beep tones" as the dash in the show did. all meter bars and readouts are fully functional for CPU, GPU, RAM and network.

Programs you must install are
MSI Afterburner and CoreTemp which are both free.
being my first attempt at rain meter, this took me well over a week to finish to this point, but I am planning to do more with it because I have become addicted now LOL
to make things easier, I have uploaded a zip that contains everything needed to run it all, including winamp, matching winamp skins, msi afterburner, coretemp, and rainmeter if you dont already have it.
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How about a new version in the near future with a few less things to come? Like for the people who aren't complete NOOBs and A: know how to find/download prerequisites or B: already have the prerequisites installed. Also, it ain't Kitt until it's got Kitt's eye