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First Hour Reading Homestuck

By cellcow
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11/3/2011: PLEASE TAKE NOTE THE DATE WHICH THIS WAS SUBMITTED. I have been a fan for a while, you goofballs! Stop warning me about stuff. I KNOW EVERYTHING

I had the privilege of discovering Homestuck last week, and this is basically how my experience went.

Now I can't stop looking at fan art.


The story line is more complicated and remarkably well thought out than most of the books I've read. Not that I've read many books. It takes off slowly because Andrew Hussie (the author) has to set up the exposition for this gargantuan web of a plot. Your patience rewards you in the end because HOLY CRAP all the "boring" stuff you read comes back and HITS YOU IN THE FACE. It's totally necessary to read the first few acts because then you can appreciate the webcomic thingy's genius in its entirety.

Homestuck can be found at mspaintadventures.com.


7/18/2011 - EDIT: Holy buttz guyz the moment I finally decided to submit this to the group "Homestuck Fans" I got like a jillion feedback messages. Thanks for all the comments and faves! :D
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This probably the most reasonable description that I've actually come across Clapplz by Duchess00Bluemoon  
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Bluntly put, I fail to (completely) see what you guys see in Homestuck.

I do stress that part in bold because while I still find the comic good, I don't find it AS good as everyone and their weird faceless dog says it is. Once again I shall take the high road here and blame the internet.
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For me the 4th hour was "OMG THIS IS AMAZING!" I started it late and am a very fast reader. I went through Acts 1-3 in 1 day. So yeah.
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I couldn't bear it personally. Even after it supposedly "got better", it still made a snail look like Mach 20.
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For me, the fourth hour was...

F**K IT!
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oh my god this is so absolutely perfect
do itttttttt
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read the homestuck
you know you want to
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I was wondering where could I start reading Homesick? I've heard so much about it I'd love to know more :)
So if you could please tell me where you're reading it, I'd be eternally grateful :D
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Google mspaintadventures!
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I couldn't stick with it myself. I damn near fell asleep into a fucking coma.
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I've tried reading this but it's so... Boring...
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This was my reaction too! XD
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Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1  "can I have my life back?" Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2  :iconfratter-waan:

Speech Bubble - Right speaker 1  "Haha!...NO"Speech Bubble - Right speaker 2  :iconandrewhussieplz:
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I felt the same way
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One simply cannot escape the Homestuck.
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Haha, same here! Love your art style btw :D
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Haha, I just discovered it the other day and this was pretty much my exact reaction. Such a great comic... :D
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I had to try reading it a second time because I got bored and quickly abandoned it. now I am almost finished with the current parts
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that was so me aswell
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