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venice prostitute

By cellar-fcp
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a girl on the streets.

prostitutes series 2
drawing for the illustration book "鶯~EROTICA".
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amazing work:)
you should draw me
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Da Vinci Fella (Artists)
Your colors have a pale and slightly dreary beauty to them that just makes this image STICK once you've seen it. I recalled seeing this image at least a few years back via some random link, but to finally stumble upon it here and find its creator, it's like a little journey that has come full circle.
Thanks for sharing this with us.:squee: 
you can see everything she has, that is within her, with no place to, yet her body form, to offer, trapped within, court to the whim of the world, as she slowly dies each day, the journey to where she is, yet where is there to go.will even the cross around her neck save her, or be an exit, in the unfolding drama, to come, like the name you gave it, venice would be enough, her soul has left her, down the canal, its not even her being a prostitute, it started way before then, you can see how it ends, each factor of this picture draws upon each aspect, to combination on the central figure, as though material life consumed her, trapped her, made her bond, the fur, to slip away from, a very powerful statement, can she let go and claim her soul her life,in death, like she is on top of a building, ready to fall back, yet bracing her to hold on, another day, so fragile, very nice paint to steer an emotional contact and relationship to her fragile nature, i would like to hear from you, in this that i saw within you're work, the dept you where looking for, and did it hold each aspect you wished within it, as the sum of, being your project, and answer towards, the statement in this piece.
it is very good, you have talent, but you have something else beyond it, i have looked at other pieces of work, i would like to hear from you, if i my be so bold
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cellar-fcp MY GOOD BRO, WHERE CAN I FIND THIS BOOK AND BUY IT. I BEG. i have officially been searching for two years for it
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unbelievably sad
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You are very talented!
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i dont know why but the fur coat to me adds a little detail, but anyway very good background base colors
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excellent! i like your work.
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nice picture, i like the feeling that goes with the. for background and environment. see more escorts girls
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No doubt a much-loved sight by the young rich gentlemen of Britain on their Grand Tour of Europe! I have read that Venice was a particular favourite :D
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Oh, I really love your prostitutes.
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my favourite digital artwork of all time and I mean it.
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Nice work buddy.
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I love the fact that you manage to paint nude figure without fallen into the trap of making it overtly sexual, it's in the way you pain their skin and face that creates the melancholic felling that balances things out, and the cross necklace gives this painting a delicious contradiction.
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Your art is simply amazing.
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