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January 17, 2009
two prostitutes by *cellar-fcp is outstanding. This artist gives digital art a very traditional twist. The brush strokes bring the characters to life as the lighting gives them an antique appearance, very unique and finely painted.
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two prostitutes

prostitutes series 1
drawing for the illustration book "鶯~EROTICA".

(welcome to use this image to other web page of art, hope link back to here or credit, thank you support :) )

book design by :iconlangewong:…
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This has long been one of my favourite works of art on DA, its just so powerful and portrays the bleakness of the women engaged in such occupations. Of course some might actually choose this profession, but most are in it because there is no other choice, and these two on display seem both bored and sad at their situation. Its something you have captured absolutely perfectly. Thank you for the pleasure that looking at your art has given me, and for telling the other side of the story...Excellent!

do you have any video making this paintintg? i would love to see you in action in youtube.

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This has been a favorite of mine since I first saw it. If you ever do a 2nd printing of the book please let me know, I would love a copy

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Very cool. Your choice of point of view and the expression fallen beyond the space are a trap for the eyes. Absolutely great.

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wonderful composition.

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This is my favorite contemporary painting! I thought it was by a French impressionist artist from the 19th century or so. Sought it out again and am so happy to be able to tell you how much I adore it. It really speaks to me.

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Brilliant painting! :O Great atmosphere and realization.

Keep it up! :O

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Nice art with great atmosphere...from their faces I can tell that the author is an Asian for sure...only Asian artist will draw faces like these.
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sadness hits me first for them.............they both retain an erotic allure....................brilliant piece that looks hand (traditional)drawn
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whaaa, this is so cool

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Amazing work!! 
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great style. those tired but still seductive eyes and those beautiful feet :nod:

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This is still my favorite!
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the strokes I loved quite perceptible is out of the norm and the much more insence, this expressive good work
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i love the coloring . keep it up ^^
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Exceptional very beautiful
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O wow thats so nice 😃 the pic certainly has that depressing very grown up mood ey
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I remember seeing this a long time ago. This piece is very well done.
You have got an amazing impresionist style, and stunning color range. Lovely work!!
Fantastic artwork!
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