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June 10, 2008
japanses bride by ~cellar-fcp is quite the eye catching work of art. The character is exquisite and the style is very unique, it works well with the colors and execution of the piece. Beautiful and Brilliant!
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japanses bride

One of my old freelance job which is a novel cover,
in picture you can see japanses bride and sakura:D
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To begin, I would like to comment on the pure beauty that this work represents. Though simple as far as composition goes, it is striking to the eye and keeps you looking for more, seeing the smaller details that perhaps you would miss in a more complicated piece. The thick brush strokes are well placed and the stark contrast between the red and white force the negative space to bend and create aesthetically pleasing shapes.

It's also pleasing to the eye to see slight tones of pink and the darker black placed meticulously to give the picture a more three dimensional look that begs to almost come to life as the painting shows you something precious and almost royal, while not being insensitive to the shyness that her face presents.

Overall, a wonderful composition, and a very pleasing portrait. Wonderful job!
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I am new to this site and I am looking for a freelance artists to hire, anyone have any suggestions for me?
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Have a look in the forums.
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So incredibly sad looking!
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Amazing novel cover *___* it is so gorgeous and eye catching ♥ 
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that japanese bride is wondeful! I am currently drawing a giesha but challening myself to only using various shades of one color. This looks great!
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this is so amazing :)
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one color to rule them all
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The eyes... magical <3
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beautiful but sad
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This is beautiful~
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white and light red
she is looking into the future maybe so sad
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Brilliant picture but why does she look so sad...?
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so beautiful! :-)
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I looooove this one! :D You draw very well, and I like the red color, and the face of this beautiful japanese woman :3
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