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FellAwareness Project - Japan Earthquake/Tsunami

Make a donation to the Hong Kong Red Cross for Japan Earthquake 2011

and American Red Cross
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:( ill pray for them to get stronger every day 
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From one artist to another: Please read my message until the end. I would like to ask something of you. You drew a picture in regards to "Japan 2011-03-11". I would linke to use your piece of art for my project. I started this project on facebook, you will find it under Pray & Remember 2011-03-11 or follow the link. I don't want that catastrophe to be forgotten. Too many Japanese had to give their lives. I want to show them respect - the dead as well as the survivors. Let us both achieve something. Of course your name will be mentioned - it is your piece of art after all. Even if you do not want to participate in this project I would be more than happy if you had a look at the project. I am thankful for every member. I want to reach out to as many people as possible. I thank you very much for reading until the end. Thank you, my friend.…
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I saw this when you first drew it and actually just looked for it today (thinking about japan cause I was watching Pearl Harbor), I swear you should make shirts using this design! I would love to wear this it's so beautiful and it hits home for me so hard!
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I saw this pic went almost viral (in the japanese/otaku community in my case) a loooooong time ago. I am so glad I found it again.
Good job sir. Your whole galery is a masterpiece.
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Japan has committed the most heinous atrocities of humanity in World War II (Rape of Nanking, Asian ethnic cleansing, destruction of Manila, etc.), but punishment by man (Atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, etc.) is not enough. Punishment by nature and God who was angered by Japan's war crimes shows the definition of justice!

You've got it all wrong. Japan didn't deserve the atom bomb, America deserve 9/11 and the world's highest COVID-19 death toll for bombing Japan. After all, America is weak and the weak have no right to succeed in life. I should know, I've had the misfortune of spending my entire life in America.

Crisostomo-Ibarra's avatar

I admit, that was a kneejerk dumbass troll comment I made many years ago. I shouldn't have posted it if I was a few years older by then, especially insulting a nation that experiences a horrific natural disaster, given my country's experiences with such. Please just ignore it. I didn't like it either. My apologies.

You're welcome. And I'm sorry for saying America deserved 9/11 for bombing Japan. I know you're not American but I felt I should apologize anyways.

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ちなみに、私は3.11の津波で家を失いました。  世界の皆さんが日本を、被災地の事を心配されていると知り嬉しく思います。 皆さんの暖かい心は確実に被災地に届いています。 心からありがとうございます。 
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Now, I know that comment I made six years ago was utterly boneheaded on my part and should've thought a lot more when posting something online and for that, I apologize for making that comment out of nowhere (I wish your nation and all others the best in these dire times), but I'm sorry to say this: I translated what you said in Google and I think your logic is as flawed and delusional as a Muslim Turk, since you deny the Rape of Nanking happened (which I noticed is the case with the majority of the Japanese if I recall) just as Erdogan and the majority of Turkey deny the Armenian Genocide. (Now that I think about it, the Japanese Empire was almost like the Ottoman Empire of WWII, just as Italy and Germany were like Austria-Hungary and... well, Germany.) I studied history when I was high school and learned more in the Internet, these are the actual historical facts presented by all irrefutable evidence. Even a quick Google search nowadays should point to the facts, for heaven's sake. Also, I really doubt that Japan really fought for Asia's independence from European colonialism like they presented with their GEACPS propaganda. I thought it was more likely they would expand the borders of its empire to these countries, had the war gone favorably to them, like they did with Korea, making them no better than the empires whose colonies they "promised to free". Also, just a minor thing, but Japan didn't end centuries of persecution and hunting down of Christians until the end of WWII. Make of that what you will. Just because one is proud of their nation, that doesn't mean they get to overlook its follies and mistakes, or worse, rewrite history in an Orwellian fashion to suit their needs. It's laughable at best and delusional and ignorant to the real world at worst. No country is perfect or faultless, especially not mine (if Jabidah and the war on drugs are any indication). Even Americans criticize their own home country, the so-called "land of the free", for its failures and wrongs. (*cough* Vietnam *cough* Iraq *cough* that president with the bad tan and crazy hair who lost this election, thank goodness *cough*)

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I'm wondering if you are just being a troll or if you are actually that ignorant. War isn't pretty for any country, especially World Wars. Sure, Japan did some terrible things, but so did America, Germany, England, and any other country who participated. Besides, if you use that kind of justice mentality, then all countries are heinous and should "be punished by nature and God", since we all do things that are bad. Also, why hate on innocent civilians and the new generation for things that a select group of people did, in a government which has been completely changed? Sometimes you haters are so ignorant it makes me want to either slap the computer or laugh. I don't know which. And if you don't know the horrors of the atomic bomb or the true full story of WW2, then I suggest you close your internet mouth before you make a fool of yourself.

Btw, if this is a troll comment, you did a good job, you have 2 replies now XD
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Before you start getting defensive in the name of God or whomever, I'm not trying to bash your religion. Only you, because your logic is so flawed I almost laughed.
Why is it that you assume this "God" of yours is casting judgement on people for something that happened oh I don't know, 70 years ago, just because of their ethnicity and location? He's come in a bit late don't you think? And he's targeting the wrong people. Can't he just give the specific group who committed the "heinous atrocities" cancer or get them run over by a car or something instead of randomly deciding "hey, I'll just send in an earthquake to kill and destroy the homes of possibly innocent people who live in the same general area as those guys who did that thing a while ago because haha"? If God really exists, and is as almighty and all knowing as you make him out to be, I think he'd be a bit smarter (and swifter) in carrying out his "justice". Just sayin, y'know. If God actually thinks the way you want him to, I'd be very, very worried about his mental health.

Please stop trying to justify a natural disaster and a tragedy by slapping God's name on it and pointing fingers.
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This Has a Very Nice Coloring. Love it~
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thanks for the work.
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Great drawing! And great message. In some parts of Japan, they can still use prayers I think.

And, oh my god. All those idiots trying to take advantage of popularity this drawing might get, by posting links to stupid scamming websites with the .tk ending. Should be ashamed of themselves, even though I know they just don't give a crap. You should delete their messages
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I feel late to the party, so i won't favorite this.
it is, however, a quite exquisite use of colour.
This is really good
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