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Minotaur and girl

Fantasy style illust about 3years ago, uesd by photoshop.
but the pose is not good, I found it a clumsy work now.
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That's not a Mini-Minotar.
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awsome works!
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The pose is fantastic, everything looks amazing.Don't say bad stuff about the things you made.Say'i could improve'.Or somthing like that, because me, and a whole bunch of other people, people who probobly dont even have an account on here, think that its a-maze-ing.
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^ ditto... Comparatively, if this is clumsy and not good, then everything I've ever done is total crap. Which it is, so... yay.
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Nice facial expression though
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que textura mas interesante, me gusto el acabado, me gustaria ver un tutorial de coloreadoClap Meow :3 
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I like how you use colors lik superimposed layers, as acrylic paint. The draw is fresh too.
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I want to be able to look at that with your eyes and be able to say 'this pose isn't good and it's clumsy.' It's amazing that you can say that
Impressionante arte! gostaria de saber fazer algo assim .... parabéns!
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She looks bad ass, I love it!
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I love her face...
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Ooh great proportion and the hair, i like your hairstyle designs.
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Well, though you might think it's a clumsy work - I think it's just excellent! O_o I wish I was as good at digital painting as you! Can you tell me which brushes you used with which adjustments?
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It's good but... what's with the lop-sided horns? Am I seeing it wrong or is it weird that the horn closer to the viewer is smaller than it's farther away partner?
I think those are two pairs. the eye you see is his left eye. where as the right eye is out of the picture.. I absolutely love this picture. :)
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this work remind me katsuya terada , really nice !
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the pose is fine. we aren't always in a perfect posistion anyways:)
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