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love Yorda~!!

Creative in 2009.
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one of my favorite game
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That's so strong... I love it.
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Wow, so beautiful Tinytinympink (f2u) 
Awesome! I love Yorda, as well :3.
You did an AMAZING work with this, It's beautiful!
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Your art is very interesting, it's very unique! This one for example brings out a sense of wonder! :D
Amazing, both for the memories and the art. Great job!
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the memories...
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Are you in there, little bug?
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I just. Where is my jaw? Like, really, you made this look EXACTLY like the game while clearly still being its own thing. I am in awe <3
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but such a sad game ;_;
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What a beautiful painting! I love your use of light and shadow - it was one of the best things about the visuals in the game, and you captured it perfectly. Her expression and body language are spot-on, too. Just the right combination of fear, resignation, curiosity, and hope. ♥
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Great drawing >3< The first time we see her in the game! Epic moment and she's beautiful <3
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god I loved that game. it was really beautiful
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this is totally awesome :heart:
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She looks beautiful. :) This is really great.
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troppo bella!!!! :heart:
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Yorda is awesome. Great work. instant watched. :)
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Not gonna lie, I have an unhealthy obsession with Team Ico's games.
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