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ICO - Sleeping in a chair

By cellar-fcp
feel so warm at this moment~

Creative in 2009.
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the music here is great
GoHoo-Valloo's avatar
this reminds me of a good memory of mine. 
Ah an excellent moment from a fantastic game.
ShinigamiRyuku's avatar
Fantastic work! I didnt play ICO but I played Shadow of the colossus. Awesome game.
GlitterBerri's avatar
Hi there! I linked your wonderful picture in my article about unused text & deleted scenes in ICO. I gave you full credit and linked both your username and the image back to this page. I hope this is OK!
Musou-Enrai's avatar
There's something really nice about this drawing. :) I like it! 
YouGotBloodOnMySuit's avatar
This game looks so beautiful... I wish i had a copy of it.
Minuya's avatar
I beg your forgiveness, I found this through google images about 5 years ago and printed it, and it's still glued to my wall. 
I'm very glad I finally found the original! You sir are a great artist, and this is a very warm picture. It captures the characters perfectly :)
bondoresukodomo's avatar
This is beautifully done. The colors give a sense of peace.
amriod's avatar
What is this warmth inside me? Am I having spontaneous human combustion?

Great work man, you do justice to that great game.
Kyra-Usagi's avatar
When i first played the game i was like.
Da Fuck a couch?!
But then i saw them alseep together and forever loved the random couch there.
Beautiful atwork.
emmatottsu's avatar
so adorable ^^
i loved this game
Phonor's avatar
This game is awesome!
Felt nostalgic...
jess09's avatar
Zankurova's avatar
I just love that game! 
zzenkinsein's avatar
Heck yeah! This brings back some memories. I don't remember getting to sit in the sun like that. Always running and leading the way
Wh0reycactus's avatar
This is my most favourite picture of all time.
namieyanagi's avatar
is this the game which the 1st game is Shadow of the Colossus?
Chelseabrooks's avatar
aah this brings up such great memories-it makes me cry!  what a great game and it was so emotional too
FaustindeRavignan's avatar
This is very peaceful, and, as usual with you, impressive.
Fabz10's avatar
Time to save game
poweredjj's avatar
It really resembles the mood in the game.
Lighting, colors - you've captured the essence.
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