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Soul Gummies by CelixDog04 Soul Gummies by CelixDog04
I know... I've not uploaded anything in forever and this does not constitute as a update. But Its a quick lil tinkering after something came up in a RPG I was having with :iconrunty: .

In the strange world that's been created over time in my mind, the ideal of the grim reaper and how the subject presents itself has been vastly changed and tinkered with itself. There lives in this world at least 2 main known "reapers" from time, Kawaii and a New undrawn chara named Kanata, in which are tiny little pieces of a growing vast network of strange ideas.

Confusing.. I know. Simply put the world is served by many "reaper" types to guide those to their afterlife, over time political tape has taken over and change is afoot. But non-the-less there is order in this network in which Kawaii happens to be the main figure of the USA and Kanata is the main figure of Canada. More on this.. at some strange point in time when I learn to develop this correctly.

More to point; last night's RPG as I watched Soul Eater (my newest little addiction known as actually WATCHING anime) went on and off.. no real story, but a side scroll of Kanata and Kawaii watching the episodes with us (Episode 21 is a big MindMixer) and eating snacks as well. The named one being these creepy little things from Kanata's world where she resides normally within the bowels of Canada.

Soul Gummies being more the brand and Edible Soul Filled Snacks the actual product. They are small voodoo doll shaped gummies filled with what appears to be flavored jelly, though the box does say on the side "With 10% more human souls than other brands", and other things like some with crunchy almond bones and caramel insides. Pretty gore-rific, but somehow I can imagine they taste like any chocolate turtle out there.

Of course the unnoted thing in the image is on the back of the box as the snacks do have a adverse effect on those who eat them of mildly affecting their minds and senses. A reason Kawaii said in the RPG of only eating 1 was how they go right to your hips with the 800+ calories in them... the other might be that she didn't mention that eating these may bring out an inner demon or two that for reapers means tingling of your soul and darkening of it too. A human eating one of these could mean instant DOA. Hence why they don't sell them to the public.

It's all a big mess I still have to sort into little stylish cubbyhole boxes, but the idea of playing with my Photoshop sounded fun. :aww: I promise I will try to draw something.. somehow... I need to develop Kanata's look anyways.... maybe try to draw her eating one? She's an amazingly sexy looking thing in my head, considering her pure evil that she craves and offers.

Lotta story behind a silly scribbly box design huh? ^.-
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August 10, 2013
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