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Mitternacht by CelixDog04 Mitternacht by CelixDog04
:bulletpurple: The newest of my small virtual story world designs. While chatting it awp with :iconrunty:; I tossed around the idea of a Gothic-ish club type place in SouthStar Glen ( fictional town my charas live in).

This however came as well from finding more Goth based/styled songs on youtube videos of people dancing all carefree and stuff. I liked the tunes and the kinda post hippy... uncaring of labels style and thought it a neat idea to tweek... considering Darket is kind of a Gothic style... and Silverspirit is a Goth chick too. hehe

So ANYWAYS! The design is basicly like the clubs logo... found on things like the small variety menu, possibly a wall or banner or sign on the club... and maybe a bookmark? The text is in German... and means Midnight. I wanted something that's.. darker and I LOVE mystic names.

The club itself (coming from someone who's never been in a club) is non-alcaholic... plays mostly Gothic, EDM, ElctroSynth, Etc Music.. Bands like MSI, The Birthday massacre, Vanity Beach, Imperative Reaction, Ect. They serve a small menu of Vegan Main, Desert, and Drinks. Play the music loud in a very simple yet rushing form of dance area and stage designs. It's a place you'd find neon on the walls and Rotating lightboxes still in use.

Hope you guys like the design. I would make bookmarks of this design; but both zazzle and cafepress don't have bookmark making setup on them and i've yet to find anything similar to them that does. Let me know if you like the design as a bookmark.. maybe i'll figure something out. ^^ :meow:

Dave Minton 2012
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March 9, 2012
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