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Darket: School Time
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Part of a RPG that me and :iconrunty: had been going thru and mildly (or more so) inspired by Soul Eater; Darket had gone to school... but not any school.  She went to a Weapon and Defense class in the reaper realm.  Kawaii sent her there once and she didn't last more than 2 days.  This time she not only withstood the class she even passed it, with some odd ways of celebrating per say.... The image itself references to the same as the scene shown in this image from soul eater.

But; the class and for that matter campus she went to learn at was not your normal school.  A School designed to train and produce high ranking reapers and soul guides... her fellow students would range from young teens to older yet young looking reapers working on a higher rank. 

The uniform is inspired of all things from both Japanese style uniforms and Nazi Women's uniform and a touch of Maka from Soul Eater.  She is required by the school and it's teachers to wear this uniform anytime on the grounds of the school and off grounds as long as she was enrolled.  Consisting of a plaid skirt, green undershirt, tie, white socks, and over jacket which MUST have rank pin located on left side collar area. 

Punishment at the school is very demeaning, painful, and to most of us scarring as students in the class Darket attended that do not comply for any reason are beaten on the backside in front of the classroom by the teacher.  Darket's first day included at least 3 of them.. the first right during introduction due to her preferred purple highlights which are not allowed per dress code.  Other instances being simply not doing as told or hesitation of actions. Students are given a range of protection during lessons on how to fight and defend on attacks.  This is hands on and could result in death if not for the protection.  Darket avoided her path of a reaper due to a dislike of hurting and killing....  this doesn't work well in a class designed to create high ranked reapers who will act without emotion.

Darket's only reason to attend lies in the fact that not only is she a Kawaiichi of Kawaii's that rejected the path of a reaper... she in fact betrayed the system by refusing to be an angel and using both styles as one. This is considered to be a witch and makes her a target for traditional reapers who pride on the system or wish to take out a rouge high rank reaper.  All of Darket's choices thus far are fully encouraged by Kawaii who is one of the highest ranks while retired and herself wants to see more from Darket. 

I know this is a LONNG description, but it's almost a place holder of notes that I'm leaving here as well. :meow:  Also note the Rank Pin Darket wears to school is a basic lowest level as she did not attend the school until now for defense only.

Darket Kawaiichi and Her Story © Dave Minton 2014
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runty|Student General Artist
I- I loooove this okay.

Darket's eyes just glow in the darkness, and the SE touch of the spider that reminds me of Arachnophobia and Lady Arachne add more to the sorta haunting mood of the picture overall.

The description too really pulls you into the world, into the reaper school. (not to mention the gorgeous background! :heart:)
Even if I wasn't a witness to the story unfolding I'd so be drawn in by this. ;u; Well done, Nii-san. :hug:
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CelixDog04's avatar
CelixDog04|Hobbyist General Artist
:meow: Thankies JJ!  hehe  More soul wings than spider... hehe
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runty|Student General Artist
They're spidery soul wings!! :heart: Aww, they're gorgeous either way though!
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