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8617 Rion


:new: He has Hyalus now! Woo! Proof:…

-Added Peep companion so he gains +1 intelligence for every fullbody of him! (Proof:… )

Aaah it's my babe! :love: As you can see he's an Equus Ballator too now. Lol. I made him older of course. I am SO excited about him and I'm going to spoil him and Naël rotten! :heart: I had his ref, stat tracker and description ready already. :') The other defenders (and me!) are coming into the EB world as well...soon enough. Woop! For now, I hope you enjoy! :love:

ID: 8617
Name: Rion
Nicknames: Shortstone, Little Man. (by Seth - coming soon- )
Breed: Equus Ballator
Type: Mountain (Light)
Sex: Stallion
Age: 25 years in Human age
Height: 15 HH
Phenotype:  Dominant White on Palomino Calva with Hornfade
Genotype: ee aa nCr nW nCal

Discipline: None
Personality / History: Kind, sweet, caring, goofy, passionate, but also impatient, stubborn, cocky. He is reckless and usually rushes into things. He is naïve and trusts easily, though he's gotten better at being careful, he just wants to see the good in everyone and is always happy and eager to help! Unless the task is boring, like cleaning up...the old way. He'd rather use quick and effective methods! Along with all this, he can be sensitive at times, and is energetic. No one quite knows where he and his group of friends come from, or what their story is...

It turns out he and his friends have been created by Highlord Aether one day when he felt most desperate about the evils lurking around the planet. They were created with the purpose to be the strongest, best heroes Ballator-kind could have. They are not perfect, but they do try. Three of them, including Rion, were born with incredible powers. However, upon using his powers a few times, a dark form of him capable of eliminating bad guys in seconds, was corrupted and did not work in the ways they had hoped. And thus, this power was sealed away in his calva in the form of the sigils connecting to each other in the middle.

Rion and his friends travel the world constantly, looking for ways to help wherever they can and be useful, fighting all the dangers that most could not.

-Wouldn't usually show it, but he is affectionate.
-Paces back and forth when nervous.
-Usually looks on the bright side of things, even though he can be a little pessimistic at times.
-Often is the one to try to lighten the mood.
-Always eager to prove himself.
-He has a dark side...but it is kept at bay for everyone's protection by the sigils in his calva.
-Adores his mate, 9047 Valerie.

Fears: Destiny...whatever that might mean.

Romantic and Sexual Orientation: Straight

Mate: 9047 Valerie



Accepted import:…

Breeding slots:
Open but only on rare occasions. Will ONLY mate with 
9047 Valerie.
Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal
1 REQUIREMENT FOR THIS SLOT; Give 10$ or more to one of the charities listed here;…

Additional slots due to stats (confirmed by renaakaii )

Stat Tracker:…

Rion, Di-Gata Defenders and all related elements © Greg Collinson
EB version of him designed by © Fargonon
Art © Me, CelineDGD.
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The babe. Fabuloys looking.
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Yasss. :heart:
There shall be a me EB as well. :eyes: No regrets.
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Starts with sensual neck hugging.
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