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1855 Nael


2020/05/02- Naël is now a Sunset Carrier! : D

March 2020 EDIT- For a limited time (for as long as this damn pandemic continues) , I am offering slots to some of my Ballators in exchange for 10 $ to any of the charities listed here;… )

-Added Easter Bun - Giving him +1 stamina for every fullbody of him! (Proof:… )

-Added Goose Companion - Proof:… - Gets a mystery egg with a gift inside for every fullbody of him, along with literature that has the Goose in 1000 words literature (must of course include Naël as well.).

-EDIT 2019/10/21- Aaand Hummingbird Companion also now. It will give him +2 stats to be distributed as desired for every full-body image done of him. (Proof:… )

-EDIT 2018/12/07- He also now has a Reindeer Companion, which will give him more chance at finding berries, herbs or antlers in hunts! Proof:…

-EDIT 2017/12/22- Naël now has a Jackalope Companion , given to him by Tigerlilly, as she already has a Pheonix companion and did not need another companion. This companion grants Naël +3 stats to be distributed as desired for every fullbody image of him. :heart: (Proof:… )

-EDIT 2017/09/19- Now accepting any amount of stats for art payment.

Changed his Hyracothere to Archetain

-EDIT 2017/02/14- Now accepting art payment for slots, on the condition that it is 50 stats per slot. Can include Hunting images with Melopsittacus Undulatus and Take a chance.-

I didn't have time to finish my baby's ref this week-end so I just finished ye....
BUTT FU. *brick'd*
Also it's hard to get the right blue with those stupid coloring crayons ugh. I hope I didn't fuck up too much?
Oh well.
So anyways, here is Naël. :love: My baby. Inspired by my real life baby bird, (whose sex we don't know yet, but...I couldn't help myself. Haha.) which you can see here;… An absolute CUTIE. :heart:

Hope you enjoy. :heart:

ID: 1855
Name: Naël
Nicknames: ''Baby'' , ''Beautiful baby'' , ''My baby''. (By Lydia)
Breed: Equus Ballator
Type: Asiatic (50 % Ancient, 50 % Modern.)
Sex: Stallion
Genotype/Phenotype; Black Tuxedo Splash Archetain (tapir) Fu Bi-Color Hornstripe (Pangare and Sunset Carrier) Ee aa nTx npng nSpl nFu nAtn nHs nBi nSn
Age: 3 years old
Height: 14hh
Rarity: 21 (HIGH RARITY)
Black +4
Splash +1
Tuxedo +2
Hyracothere +3
Fu +3
Bi-Color +2
Hornstripe +2
Horncolor (pastel??) +2
Horn shape (Spiked) +2

2- ?

Personality: Determined, stubborn, strong, very social and loves everybody. This Ballator is a very happy one, very affectionate. Sweet, innocent and curious, you could say Naël is forever a colt at heart, and doesn't judge anybody. You could even say he is everyone's friend, he will always be there for you if you need encouragement or support. He is also clumsy. He is very affectionate and will give you kisses if he loves you. And he loves fully and completely, when he loves, he loves a lot. He has a very big heart.

History: Naël was born in Valencio's stables with his mother and half-sibling Tweety, and luckily for him, he didn't catch the Carey gene from his mother, which otherwise would have made him sickly and fragile. However it was discovered that his hind legs are not very resistant, and that he needs rest every once in a while. But he doesn't mind and takes every day as it comes, a smile on his face. 

Quirks/Others; Has a habit of hiding in piles of hay when bored in his stall, observes Lydia and Valencio as they go about their day, cannot exercise or stand/run for too long or hind legs will hurt. Gives kisses.  If you put a blanket around him after a bath, he will try to wiggle out of it. Always tries to escape baths. Very clingy. Nibbles hair. Secretly dreams to fly. Is very at ease with all of the horses, but does somehow get spooked by Clawhauser.

One day, a mysterious Aether follower came to the stables, requesting to stay for a while. Valencio let him stay for as long as he liked. The stallion, 
Timshel , told a lot of Highlord stories and ended up spending a lot of time with Naël. Naël always loves listening to his stories. The two hit it off very well, becoming best friends. It wasn't long before feelings started to emerge. Timshel eventually left, but came back again and again, still often traveling, but coming back to Naël. Naël getting even more blushy and messy, tripping over his own feet even more than usual. He learned then that he had grown to love and adore the other stallion. Timshel also realized this but wouldn't admit it for a while, though staying longer than usual every time because he didn't want to leave Naël behind. Eventually they both confessed their love, and Timshel often comes to visit his mate. 

At first, Naël did not necessarily care about whether or not Highlords and Lowlords existed. Then, happened the Month of Quintessence, in which he followed Tigerlilly. At the celebration, he met with Highlord Aether himself. From then on he acknowledged their existence. It was only when he met his mate and listened to his stories that he felt truly compelled to Pledge himself to Aether.

Likes: Being ridden, spending time with Lydia, climbing on stuff, Observing humans as they go about their day. Bells. His mate 
6491 Timshel and his stories.

Dislikes: Baths, blankets. 

Fears: Falling, being left alone and vulnerable, drowning.

This stallion is very friendly, and will befriend almost anyone.
1808 Charlotte - Mother. He loves her very much and they often spend time together relaxing in the grass outside.
1826 Melopsittacus Undulatus - Half-sister, Older. He loves his sister, though sometimes he may seem annoying to her. They form a very strong family bond.
2095 Mater Flores - He considers her a friend. She was there when he was born and she took care of him, thus he likes her very much.
2291 Bacae et Adamantes - Acquaintance. No one knows quite why, but he enjoys following her around and learning from her. The mare doesn't mind though she doesn't care much for him.
2376 Naelle - Half-sister, Younger. Though they are not twins, these two sure act like it. They are very close and love spending time together and having fun.
3143 Life is a song - His mother's mate. The other stallion is very respectful and wonderful, and Naël greatly admires him and sees him as a father.
3292 Take a chance - His mother's great-grand-daughter. The two form a strong family bond, especially over their shared fear of drowning. They will protect each other, though Lucky is the one who does more of the protecting. He sees her almost as a sister.
3670 La Gentillesse Nous Sauvera - Friend. He sometimes spends time with her and they have a lot of fun. They are not super close, but they are very friendly with each other.
4454 Hugs Not Hate - Friend. When the two of them met, Raava was still very young. He played with her, and a friendship blossomed between them. They occasionally tease each other and play-fight, though Raava has to be careful not to crush the stallion. They are pretty close.
5903 Arthur - Acquaintance. Arthur is very reserved but that does not stop Naël from sometimes trying to get the Desert stallion out of his shell and be playful around him. Dahlia finds it endearing.
6491 Timshel - Naël's boyfriend whom he adores! He gets tongue-tied around him and is generally a mess, but also loves to listen to his stories! He nicknames him Timtim.

------------------------------------------ SSS: Unknown
----------------- SS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: Unknown
Sire:  1826 Samurai Warrior 
------------------------------------------ SDS: Unknown
----------------- SD: Unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: Unknown

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: 1808 Charlotte
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD:  Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD:  Unknown

Price: 1,500 :points: + breedingpic or 2,000 :points: without
OR a hunting image of him, Melopsittacus Undulatus and Take a Chance.
OR 100 Denarii.

Note to: Springtimefarm . Your slot has been purged. If you wish to purchase one again, you may on March 2nd. If you do, please use the slot in the 2 months starting then or you will be blacklisted from any future breedings. This is to ensure that all slots are used. Thank you.

So I decided to make a fun breeding rule for this little guy. The rule is simply to name your foal something motivational like ''Keep your head up'' for example. That is honestly all I ask, and, it can help you find a name for your baby. Plus it can help cheer people up. It's a win-win for everyone! :heart: Hope you'll have fun with that. :heart:

Username | Status | Mate | Resulting Foal

1 AkakoWolf | Usable l | 1792 | Et Pascebantur in Prima Luce  | ?
2 Mo-ve-d (foal sold to BrynLison ) | Used | 3158 Ebony | 4101 | Quetzalcoatl
3 arisu-o-shima | Usable | ? | ?
4 WingedVortex | Used | 4656 | On Golden Wings | 5073  Patience Is Key
5 Wookadile (slot for stat grid slot)| Unusable (Waiting on mate) | ? | ?
6 luciiole | Usable (free slot from December 2018 free slot Journal.) | 6381 Happy Happy, Joy Joy  | ?
7 s-tarsailo-r | Usable | 4168 Nubecula E Saccharo Facta | ? (Slot given 2019/07/22)
8 EquusBallatorSociety | Unusable (needs mate) | ? | ?
9 magicfox3 | Usable |6101 Shinpi tekna Mori | ?
10 naomithewolf | Pending (needs mate) (slot for stat grid spot + fullbody with BG) | ? | ?

Additional slots due to stats; (approved by EquusBallatorSociety and OliveDoodle and renaakaii )
11 AurorasSketches | Pending (needs mate) (slot for stat grid spot) | ? | ?
12 Kxtt | Usable | 8392 Kogo | ?
13 MistMasquerade | Usable | 5714 Bloody Cherry Blossom | ?
14  REQUIREMENT FOR THIS SLOT; Give 10$ or more to one of the charities listed here;…

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I found a mate for Nael, its naomithewolf's Shinpi-tekna Mori.

ID 6101
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Hmmm okay! I'll mark her down!

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Marked and ready to go!

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congratulations to this absolutely handsome boy for getting ballator of the month, and also happy birthday to him!!! i love seeing him around Heart 
CelineDGD's avatar
Thank you so much. :heart: 
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May 2020 Award by EquusBallatorSociety

Hello there! Just a friendly notification that this Ballator has been chosen for Ballator of the Month, and is to be featured on the front page! Thank you for being an outstanding community member and filling the gallery with lovely art of them who is clearly well loved!

Here is a badge you can display on their ref if you like! You also receive 50 Denarii which has been added to your account! 

Thanks for being part of this community!
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It has been so long since I got this slot and I still haven't been able to find a mate :o (Eek) So you can either remove my slot or gift it to someone else. I don't want to hold up this boy too long :) I really love what you have done with him, so many inspirational things :D
CelineDGD's avatar
Aw. Are you sure?
Thank you so much. I love him a lot. :heart:
Wookadile's avatar
Yup, thanks for waiting so long though XD
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Please mark your australian bushfire appeal slot to magicfox3, and thank you so much for participating!
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Whee. :dummy: Absolutely. Thank you, and of course!
FlurflurArts's avatar
Il est toujours superbe :heart:
CelineDGD's avatar
Vuiiii merci. ;w; C'est mon bébé. :heart:
s-tarsailo-r's avatar
May I use my slot with this girly please? ♡ 
4168 - Nubecula E Saccharo Facta - Temp Ref by Cassanova-Art
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Wookadile's avatar
Hey I am so sorry for not using my slot yet. I do plan to use it in the future, (he is such a pretty boy :) ) All the asiatic mares I have gotten slots to are all related to him >:( .
CelineDGD's avatar
It's fine take your time. :heart:
Aw thanks. Yes, he is my baby. :heart:
Aw darn. :') Hope you find a mare that's not related to him soon. ^^
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Oh jeezus, completely forgot to tell you which dam Im using.... -loud sigh- This is the one I wanna use lol
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Oh wonderful, that's going to be a pretty baby. :heart:
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