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This is my entry to the Lunar Insignia contest that Marissa Meyer is holding. Go check out her website to find out about her book series, it's amazing!
Anyways, I used acrylic paint and a silver Sharpie for this Insignia. I've never really designed anything, so this is a first. I included the moon and Earth with sunlight rays cast onto them to represent where to Lunars came from, and where they are now. Two very important places. The wolf is there for obvious reasons ;) I used silver on the star and the rim of the insignia to sort of replicate the shimmery material that the lunar spaceships are made from (a material only found on Luna) and I also added the red sash to reprisent the harsh beauty of the Lunars (because red is a sort of dangerously beautiful color.) The millions of stars is probably a little much now that I think about it, but... I don't know, they just seemed to sort of complete it I guess. This probably doesn't make much sense, but I'm no good at symbolic meanings and whatnot. I just created what I saw when I imagined the Lunar Insignia painted on ships and uniforms. Anyway, I'm an enourmous fan of the books, and had a ton of fun designing this insigia! I can't wait to read Cress!! =D
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