The Maiden of the Mountain - Everyday Vignette #27

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I am indeed the one you seek, the Maiden of the Mountain. How do I know you seek me? Young one, no one ascends this mountain unless they wish to seek me.

Yes, I do grant requests, but not without an offering. A shard of your soul? This must be a great request indeed. I accept.

What is your request, then? Well. I have not done such a thing in a long time, but your offering pleases me, so I shall do it. Rest tonight in my home, young one, then depart tomorrow morn. You shall see him again once you arrive back at your home.
Be careful what you wish for.

The artwork that inspired today's Everyday Vignette is titled Hyperballad by MichaelShapcott. Click on the link to see the original artwork. If you like it, give the artist a :+fav: !

Everyday Vignettes

The Project:
Find a work of visual art on dA and create a vignette about it as close to daily as possible.

The Rules:
1. All Everyday Vignettes are independent of the artwork's original context and/or narrative.
2. No Everyday Vignettes shall exceed 200 words.
3. The creators of all artworks that inspire Everyday Vignettes shall always have their artworks linked and credited.
4. If any creator of an artwork wants me to remove their artwork from my dA page, I will happily do so.
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