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FAQ, Applications & Folder Info

Q: How do I become a contributor?

A: All members who wish to become a contributor must submit an application following the guidelines that are posted on the front page. Once you have filled out the application, copy and paste it into the message window of a contributor request!

Q: Why was my piece rejected?

A: There are a couple reasons why your piece may have been rejected:
1. Quality/Content: Pieces within Celestreus are of the utmost quality and bold content. We seek out images that primarily focus on planetary detail.
2. Your image may not pertain to Celestreus' main subject: If you image is not focused on planets or planetary detail.

Q: What are you really looking for in my application?

A: Most of the application is a few formalities, but what we really look at is the 3 best pieces you provide us. Those 3 pieces divide you from the rest!

Q: What is my job as a contributor?

A: As a contributor, your job is to seek out the best planetary space art deviant art has to offer; Find new members that may be in the dark, and forge strong relationships with new artists. Also, pay attention to private discussions on the bulletin board!

Q: How do I know what folder to submit to?

A: Folder submissions rules are clearly stated on the homepage under "FAQ, Applications & Folder Info." They will guide you as to which folder you should place your piece in!

:bulletpurple:Welcome to Celestreus art group!:bulletpurple:


We are a group that focuses heavily on Planetary detail and recognizes the artists who spend their time achieving such mind-blowing realism.

:bulletgreen:If you'd Like to apply, send us a request via group to be a Contributor with those informations:

1. Age:
2. How long you've been a space artist: (approx)
3. Why you want to be in the Celestreus group:
4. What new ideas or tools can you bring to the Celestreus group:

5. For application requirements, you are to provide 3 of your BEST pieces displaying your skills with planetary details and lighting in their utmost form. These 3 pieces will be looked over and then decided if you are in the group.


These are the folder requirements you must follow for submissions.

Ok people! We're looking for space art that focuses on PLANETS. Should be simple enough. As of right now, the folders provided is what we're going to work with!

:bulletpurple: ORBITS: This folder is reserved for close-up highly detailed shots of a planet. "If you were in a space shuttle over the planet, this is what you would see."

:bulletpurple: TERRASPACE: Simply put, terragen and space scenes put together.

:bulletpurple:RESOURCES: Shouldn't have to explain this one... All stocks and other useful things such and tuts will go here.

:bulletpurple:FEATURED: This is reserved for CONTRIBUTORS and up. Members are not allowed to submit at all to this and all images going in will be subject to vote. This folder is the best of the best! This folder is also reserved for members of the group, any pieces being submitted where the artist is not in the group will be denied.

:bulletpurple:SPACE SCENES: These are quite simply space scenes with planets near or afar but still have a primary focus on planets.

:bulletpurple: COLLABORATIVES: SHOW OFF your team working skills!

:bulletpurple: IMAGE RECYCLING: This folder is similar to stock, but you are posting WHOLE UNFINISHED space images that you once started and never finished. This is to feed other with inspiration and allow them to finish the piece for you. Once again, the user will treat these images like STOCK or a COLLAB pending on the content. For obvious reason, you would want to upload these files with all of the layers still attached. ZIP em up and upload them!

:bulletpurple: PLANET PROFILING: This folder is for categorizing planet and all info about them. Check out the folder if you seem confused.

:bulletpurple: WALLPAPERS: Anything for wallpaper must be of a somewhat simple composition yet beautifully crafted. Remember, people are going to use these as their desktops, you dont want your wallpaper to be erratic and hard to find your icons!

Any more folder ideas, please speak up! Your voice is free here!


If you want to talk, get decent support, or just be somewhere, check out our chat here!









Gallery Folders

Derelict by Alpha-Element
Azure by Alpha-Element
Sibling by Alpha-Element
Drifting Away by Skylooks
Gas Giant Resource Pack 2 by Alpha-Element
Gas Giant Storm Brush Pack by Alpha-Element
Gas Giant Resource Pack by Alpha-Element
Gas Giant Storm Brushes 2 by Alpha-Element
Jupiter From Io by LightTomorrow
Evening Of The Cosmos (Night Version) by stargateatl
Roman Ruins in Space (Virtual Reality Concept) by Vladinakova
Burning Duality by Vladinakova
Horizon by Alpha-Element
Depth by Alpha-Element
The Artifact by dadrian
A quiet place to be by TRAEMORE
Space Scene
Corundum by Alpha-Element
Obscurus by v4nssi
Aureus by v4nssi
Crystal Nova by TheAdamTaylor
Ethereal by Jscenery
Ethereal by arisechicken117
Earth: Day one by Jscenery
Exodus by Jscenery
Image Recycling
Blue_Recycled Image by arisechicken117
Celestreus Logo
TC ~ HEART  OF   THE   SKY by TreehouseCharms
The dying light by dadrian
Unknown Planetary System 01 by ElaboratePlanet
Gas Giant by Blck-Wings
Planet Profiling
Upsilon Andromedae d by Alpha-Element
Gliese 832c by Alpha-Element
Kepler-62f by Alpha-Element
Kepler - 69b by Alpha-Element
Wallpaper Pack - Day And Night by Alpha-Element
death of a giant by sewer-pancake
vakuum by jesper-ullbing
Deities by arisechicken117
So it's been awhile since this group has been active, but things are going to change! starting with an FAQ. Everyone can find the FAQ on the homepage under "FAQ, Applications & Folder Info."

Also, expect to see a few more things coming up soon!
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