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To Quit or Pursue
To quit or pursue,
What should I do?
For this I have no answer.
My love for you,
You never knew,
It kills me like a cancer.
You love me not,
This fight I've fought,
It's left me empty-hearted.
It can't be bought,
So you have taught,
And now we are departed.
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 0 0
It's Quiet
Sunlight filters through the leaves, casting shadows on the green grass. It's quiet; the busy street has turned to soft whispers of cars passing by, a new noise of the wind. The sky is blue, a light blue with hazy wisps of cloud creating the texture of a painting. It's quiet.
The tree across the street is in its prime; branches are full, the leaves are still green. Autumn is not here just yet. It covers half of the building under its cool shade, it protects windows from peeping toms. The branches slowly encroach upon the lamppost, threatening to overtake it if not trimmed back.
It's quiet.
On a busy day, a work day, one would expect noise. And one does get noise, on occasion. A truck passing by, a bus. But today there is no shouting in the streets. People pass, going about their own responsibilities. No one heralds the other, no one stops to chat.
It's quiet.
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 1 0
Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial by CelestinaGrey Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial :iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 1 0 The Metz Cathedral by CelestinaGrey The Metz Cathedral :iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 4 0
I Used to Write, Once Upon a Time
I used to write, once upon a time. It flowed forth like an abundant spring, washing down my arms and through my fingertips in a never-ceasing current. Words of knights and princesses filled the page, words of suffering and strength. They thrummed in my heart, filling the very blood in my veins.
I used to write, once upon a time. Then life came. It hit heavy, with torrential rain and hurricane winds, tearing away at time, at my mind. Three essays, seventy pages, and two quizzes; due tomorrow. Who has time to write in the midst of a storm? Still, I yearned. The words bubbled inside of me, that spring ready to burst forth once more. But more and more often, it was filled, rock by rock; homework, friends, events.
I used to write, once upon a time. When the certificate was in my hand, I thought I was free; no more quizzes, no more essays, I could write again! I could let the words flow from my fingertips and onto the page, creating life, creating meaning. But this time it was no storm, no.
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 0 0
A Pirate's Life for Ssevina!
They really should know better by now...
Ssevina sighed impatiently, foot tapping the floorboard of the boat in quick succession as hands kept a firm hold on her hips, planted stance giving the impression of confidence and strength. A fresh batch of sailors had been taken on to fill the empty slots after a battle against a navy ship took out half their crew, and the new meat was quick to try and take a bite of the female first mate. But that's not how it works around here, boys, Ssevina thought to herself with a devious little smirk. On this ship, I'm the one that bites you. Only if they were bad, that is. But making a bet that Ssevina couldn't last three minutes in a fight with a 'real man'...ohh, that was bad. That was very bad, and the pointy-eared woman was ready to show them why. 
Ssevina didn't look like the strongest of creatures, that was true. Gray/purple skin, a lean physique but not too much meat on her bones; long and pointed ears that designa
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 4 2
-Let It Go?-
Let it go, you say? I don't know how. I don't know how to break that bough. To break that bough, or keep it straight, these things make me never wait.
Let it go, you say? But that's not true. That's just not true to be able to do. To release the shame, the guilt, the fears, it can't be done, I've tried for years.
Let it go, you say? It's just too late. It's far too late to close that gate. To close it shut and keep it out, its far too late to scream and shout.
Let it go, you say? I guess I'll try. I guess one last chance won't make me cry. To push and shove and finally break free, well that would mean the world to me.
Let it go, you say? I finally did. I finally managed to close that lid. I'll burn the box and shut it tight, and finally bask in the light.
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 7 2
The Year of Horses by CelestinaGrey The Year of Horses :iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 0 0
Pray for the kids whose lives were lost
Ruthless chemicals turned and tossed
All the people mourning now
You can't stop asking how
People could die
Real human lives
All gone forever
You can't pull the lever
Pure destruction
Righteousness lacks
Any help you can give them?
Pray for the people, who can't see the end
Pray for the kids, who lost a good friend
Pray for the families, mourning their lost
Pray for the people, who fear the most
Pray for resolution, not by guns or fire
Pray for God to hold back Hell's ire.
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 5 1
Legion Grab Bag 1
Time goes by in the blink of an eye, but the blink of an eye is just too slow. It takes one to come and one to go, but there's no showing of time in tow. What happens then, if time gets slow, slow as molasses and mayberry tassels? Does time start or stop, halt or not? Time ticks on by with the blink of an eye, but the blink of an eye is just too slow. A wonderful tool in the rule of the cool is that time simply flies by.
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 0 0
Art Trade by CelestinaGrey Art Trade :iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 2 0
Shottis Grab Bag 3
Name: Dave Benders
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Slightly pale
Clothing: Rock band t-shirt and green cargo pants
Physical build: Wiry
Attitude: Carefree and happy, though can be serious when he needs to be. May act stupid at times, but is really quite smart and savvy.
Age: 24
Race: Caucasian
Detailed description
He was an unimpressive youth, with a slim, wiry body and a face that was half-hidden by shaggy brown hair. His green eyes sparkled whenever he smiled, which was quite often. He certainly was only in his early twenties, dressed in a black t-shirt with a rock band plastered all over the front. Green cargo pants were his other choice, along with brown boots that were more for working in farms or hiking than on a normal daily basis. However, as young as he seemed, he obviously was reliable. One look at the way he held himself proved he was no slacker. He was a man. It just didn't show too often, that's all.
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 1 4
Shottis Grab Bag 2
A mist hung low over the marshlands, obscuring any living being from sight. All that could be heard was the whistling of the wind through the reeds, and the occasional plunking of a frog hopping into the murky waters. Sierra crept through the marshlands, letting her bare feet squelch into the mud. She knew what she was looking for, and it was bound to be around there somewhere. Suddenly, she felt the ground shift beneath her foot, cords tightening around her leg as she triggered a trap. Sierra grabbed onto a thick reed just as her foot was jerked out from under her and lifted into the air. It was a typical trap, an easy one. She was hanging upside-down from one foot, which normally would have rendered her quite immobile. But with her grasp on the reed holding her down, she was able to curl her legs up and push them down towards the ground, pulling the restricting ropes around her foot with them.
The voice made her react quickly, jerking out her knife from her pock
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 2 2
Shottis Grab Bag 1
Rain falls, silent death
It burns what it touches
More addictive than meth
Heavy air, choking breath
One chance for goodbye
Say it quick before you die
Raining hard, so much loss
No hope for peace
Just lives to toss
A single hero, wandering free
He reaches out for hands
Grasping hold of you and me
No more rain, no more death
Clean fresh air, so take a breath
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 2 2
Supernatural Commission #2
It was a quiet day, in a quiet town, at a quiet burger joint. Just the general soft chatter and clinking of plates, silverware and glass filled the building. At a corner booth, three adults were enjoying their meal. For the most part, that is. "Really, Dean?" said the one man, tall and broad-shouldered with brown hair that went down the back of his neck. "What? Come on, Sam! You eat your little salad thing, I'll have my big, scrumptious, doubledecker bacon and extra cheese cheeseburger." Dean, the other man at the table, had short-cut brown-blond hair and a bit of stubble growing on his face. "It's okay, Sam, let the man enjoy the little things in life." said the final member of their trio, Natalie, who had long light brown hair.
"Thank you, Natalie! See?" said Dean, biting into his large cheeseburger. Sam rolled his eyes. "Of course she's on your side, she's your girlfriend." He sighed and started eating his salad. "I'm outnumbered, here." Natalie smiled and started eating her own san
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 2 2
27 Million
No goodbyes. Too many tears, too many searching eyes. Shoving hands, rough and cruel, yanking and grabbing to pull them along. Which one will sell best? Maybe the young girl with her slim legs and pretty face, or the strapping man who could lift over a hundred pounds. The girl is pushed and she stumbles, and they're on her like wolves; jerking her back to her feet while fondling her too. The chains keep the others from helping, from protecting; and any attention towards them will only induce the same pain and molesting. Mothers weep for the child they will never see grow up. Children, scared and confused, have yet to realize that they will never be their own person. 
The chain is long. Made up of red, white, black and brown. Stretching and stretching. One million links, five million, seven million...Yet somehow, a blind eye is turned. The suffering aren't seen. That strapping young man will be beat near death, not a single ear hearing his cry for help. That young girl spends every
:iconcelestinagrey:CelestinaGrey 6 5

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Hi everyone!!
So, I know not many of my old watchers are very active anymore, but here goes nothing. I'm really struggling to make financial ends meet right now, especially with my car being in a hit-and-run while it was parked. I'm doing whatever I can to get some extra money, from knitting and selling basic scarves/hats to any kind of writing commission, or even editing services! I'm already working two jobs so I can't take on a third, so I'm basically up for doing whatever I can on the side to make more money (as long as it's legal! ;) )
I'm not going to put a price on anything, but I'd ask for a 3$ minimum. 

WHAT I CAN DO (as far as writing) :
Short stories
Longer stories
Character sheets (I make up a character, or fill one out for you!)
Character sheet + Short story (of a character I make up for you)
Editing (papers, emails, professional work, anything!)
Resumes! (I can help you out with resumes, or any other kind of thing like that)

A couple rules:
I can't do anything above PG13, sorry! 
I will not write anything that goes against the law (IE a couple that involves an adult and a minor, beastiality, etc. Obviously writing about a character stealing is fine. Mainly things like pedophilia and such are no-go)

I can do some basic knitting, so if you want a scarf or a beanie, I can do that! It will be a little more, price-wise, to cover any materials I have to buy (if I don't already have the colors you want) and the shipping
(very bad) drawings....if you really want a picture for me. I'm so not good at drawing ^^;
Feel free to suggest!!

PLUS, if any of you know of any places that are hiring remote writers, please link me up. I'm applying for some through the IAPWE, but have not heard back yet. My second job is slowly sucking my soul away, so I'm desperate to quit, but I can't afford to until I find another job that I can work in conjunction with my full-time job.
Please please please let me know if you want to commission me or anything! Every bit helps!!


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When asked what I would do if I had a whole day to myself, I had only one answer; I would write.
~I don't really care if they label me a Jesus Freak, there ain't no disguising the truth!~


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