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A fresh bouquet of roses 1

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Well, she's a horse, it may happen :iconcelestiashrugplz:

Other version: fav.me/d7jg11c

MLP:FiM (c) :iconfyre-flye::iconhasbroplz:
EqD for this one too, weeeeee! *O*
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Celestia: oh is be really good!
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*Heavy*: That was gooood pranking!
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Midnight-LovestruckHobbyist General Artist
I think Discord secretly likes that.
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That's Celestia alright.
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S'ok these things happen sometimes.
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Celestia: *then kisses him on the cheek* It was sweet of you, thanks.
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It looks like most people evidently don't know what type of people trolls are and what does it mean.
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Discord: Well played Celestia. Well played...
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BITCH! *dodges a brick at me* :iconnelsonplz:
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NuvaPrimeStudent General Artist
Trollestia is funny
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AffinityShy Filmographer
Knowing that it probably wasn't going to happen in that scene, some part of my brain was still waiting for this to happen. Good thing there are awesome artists who make awesome comics. ^_^
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I :love: funny Cellie ;) :huggle: so ...so CUTE! XD lol flowers XD

psst Discord , give her the bluejoke-flower O_0!!!!!Like to see what happens!
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As I pointed out the last time this was posted to EqD, clearly in pony culture flowers and chocolates serve each others' roles.
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
You cannot troll a troll ! Oh wait he wasn't trollin ?
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Nice! xD
I kind of wish I could eat flowers like horses do. Then they wouldn't just die and go to waste!
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lol troll Celestia rules!
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Yes, this can happen it should.
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wierdgirlwhodrawsHobbyist General Artist
XD lol I feel like this actually happened Giggle 
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