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Welcome all you Bronies!

Official group of #CelestiasChosenChat

Who are Celestias chosen!?

You are of course! Everyone is equal in her eyes. You are her children. You do not have to reside in Equestria for her to know your name. All you bronies out there dont be afraid to come in and share your passion!

Why should I join this group!?

This is the perfect group for any brony to share his or her art work, talk about My Little Pony, share stories and anything My Little Pony related. Find other bronies. And submit your artwork to the gallery!

How do I join?

Simple! At the top of this page there is a join button. Click it! Its really as easy as that! This is an open group and we want every brony to have an equal opportunity!

What is a brony?

A brony is any My Little Pony fan who is not a child. A brony can be male or female but includes the word bro as a tribute to all the older males who watch My Little Pony.

How to I promote this amazing Group?

Well we are glad you have asked. You see we have this nifty video we like to share that can be found at this…

Can my group affiliate with yours?

Of Course! We embrace all with a nice warm welcome here in Equestria. Please send us an offer and we will respond right away!

Gallery Folders

Green Means Go (commission) by StarshineBeast

Mature Content

Derpy Deliveries Act 2 Part 6 by MoonlitBrush
[Commission] Her Gaze Into The Distance by Tamikimaru
Times of Strife by AssasinMonkey
Princess Celestia
Sister's prank by KirillK
Princess Celestia by mysticonranger
Princess Celestia Redesign by mysticonranger
Mrs Podhalanska meets Princess Celestia by DeyrasD
Princess Luna
Princess Luna by Evivan
Princess Luna by teridax63
Sketch #15.03.2021 by Victoria-Luna
Fanart | Princess Luna by tatatarsauce
Twilight Sparkle
Daydream Sparkle by mysticonranger
Element of Lonliness by ronin20181
MLP: EG Twilight Sparkle Redesign by TheRealArtyDancer
Little filly by Hikarinohibana
MLP:EG Applejack Redesign by TheRealArtyDancer
Applejack by Subleni
Western Humor by kuren247
Applejack based on a development sketch by DeyrasD
Rainbow Dash
Dragon Form Master Mev - Rainbow Spines Variation by SonKitty
Dragon Form Master Mev - Black Lineart Variation by SonKitty
Dragon Form Master Mev by SonKitty
Pained Vampire Pony by SonKitty
Pinkie Pie
New little friend by PrincessRoseMcMitten
MLP: EG Pinkie Pie Redesign by TheRealArtyDancer
I took my wallet out by neo-shrek

Mature Content

Murder Fun Time! by kuren247
Our date with Fluttershy!! :D by charlieXe
FlutterShy by mysticonranger
Hmm.. by Subleni
Fluttershy in the Role of Princess Celestia by LightDragon1988
MLP: EG Rarity redesign by TheRealArtyDancer
Raributt by RozyFly10
Canterlot Hotel by neo-shrek
Rice Cake Rarity by neo-shrek
Derpy Hooves
Bronx cheer angrily by kuren247
Muffin by neo-shrek
Christmas letters by PrincessRoseMcMitten
Element of Harmony Dainty Derpy Hooves Redo by KHough
The Cutie Mark Crusaders
A collage of belles by kuren247
Admission Interview by neo-shrek
DJ Pon-3
Vinyl Scratch [Collab] by L-Starshade
Scene on the Place de Notre-Dame by Stardust0130
Holy F***ing S**t! by kuren247
Base 08 by mysticonranger
2+ Ponies
SoarinDash kids (Next Gen) - Goldenverse by mysticonranger
Collab with LittleTigressDA by Pony4Koma
Fan Fiction
Anti Xenophobia League (Part 23)The League, with Sunburst and Coco, was ready to leave. Demos Kratia was wearing a traditional Black Suit and a Fedora, Cookie was wearing a pretty Green Dress, Shield Wing wearing a Royal Guard Uniform, River was wear a pretty Blue dress, Quotes was wearing a modern Formal Suit and Starlight was wearing a pretty Purple dress. Sunburst was wearing a Cape Similar to Star Swirl, but instead of the moon and stars, it had a Sun design. Coco was too wearing a pretty dress. They were waiting for some in the library."Whom are we waiting for again?" Sunburst asked."Same what Sunburst said," said Coco."Same Question," said Demos Kratia."Me too," said Cookie."Me three," said Shield Wing."Me Four," said Quotes and River together. Both then turned to each other."Again?" both said together and then laughed it off."I ship it," said Cookie."Stop it," said Demos Kratia."So, let me ask again, whom are we waiting for again?" asked Sunburst."Sunburst, have some Patience," said Starlight as a knock came."I will get that," said Starlight as she left."So, what do you all think the party is about?" asked Sunburst."I think it to celebrate our success," said Shield Wing."I second that," said Cookie."Hmm, as much as I heard, Madam Fluttershy and Lord Discord are back from clearly the Equastrian borders, maybe it is to celebrate that success, and if that is the case, then I will get the chance to finally meet these duo," said Demos Kratia."I have never heard anyone say 'Madam' Fluttershy and 'Lord Discord," said Quotes."I second that," said River."I mean, Lord Discord is the untame spirit of Choas, so a honourable title is necessary. And Miss Fluttershy was able to single-handedly reform him. So calling her Madam is not a stretch," said Demos Kratia."Guys! See who has came!" said Starlight as she, the mane 6 (minus Twilight because duh) and Discord, who were wearing their Gala dresses, entered the room."So you are Lord Discord, it is an honour to meet you in person, " said Demos Kratia as he took his hat off and bowed his head a little. "I can see that we are gaining a Fan following, what do you say Flutters," said Dicord in his usual Discordy way."Huh, So you are similar to what I thought, chaotic good, not much honourable but not evl either," said Demos Kratia."Yep! That is me," said Discord. Demos Kratia then turns to Fluttershy."Madam Fluttershy, it is an honour to meet the reformer of the untamed Spirit of Pure Choas," said Demos Kratia as he took his hat off and bowed his head a little."Oh please, just call me Fluttershy," said Fluttershy as she offered a hoofshake. Demos Kratia accepted the offer and just to add a little charm, gave a little peck on Fluttershy's hoof, making Fluttershy blush and Discord a little upset."What? Jealous?" Rainbow whispered to Discord."Shut up Rainbow, there is nothing between me and Fluttershy except a strong friendship," Discord whispered."Umm, you haven't told me you name yet, and may ask why are you here?" asked Fluttershy."Well, let me give you a proper introduction of mine and my League. My name is Demos Kratia Mango, this is Cookie, this one is Quotes, this one is River and that flirt is Shield Wing," said Demos Kratia."Hey, I haven't flirted with anyone recently," said Shield Wing."Anyways, We and Starlight together make the Anti Xenophobia League, we are here to fight Xenophobia and Racism in Equastria," said Demos Kratia."Oh, such a noble goal," said Fluttershy."Just doing it for the motherland, anyways, can we leave now?" asked Demos Kratia. "No, wait a minute," said Starlight as the mirror of the Library started make some sounds."What is this now," said Demos Kratia."Just wait for it," said Starlight. Suddenly, a pony came out of the mirror. It was Sunset Shimmer in a pretty white dress. Shield Wing, going nuts everything he saw a cute mare, went striaght towards Sunset and holded one of her hoof."Hello your beautifulness, the name is Shield Wing," said Shield Wing, creeping Sunset a little while making Starlight a little jealous for some reason."Two thing. First, nice to meet you Shield Wing, I am Sunset Shimmer. Second, I am homosexual," said Sunset, making a fool out of Shield Wing."Oh," said Shield Wing, leaving Sunset's hoof."You are cute," said Sunset."If you two are done, can we have some introductions?" asked Demos Kratia."Oh yes," said Shield Wing."I can see many new faces, but first, you must be Discord, nice to meet you," said Sunset as she and Discord do a hoofshake."I am sorry, just can't control my without a reason smile, it is just, it has been a long time since I have seen you all in Pony form," said Sunset."We understand Sunset," said AJ."Wait, Pony form?" asked Cookie."It is kinda hard to explain and we are suppose to leave by now" said Sunset."I understand," said Cookie."Let's get started with the introduction," said Demos Kratia."So I am Demos Kratia, this is Cookie, this is River, this is Quotes and you already know Shield Wing," said Demos Kratia."I am Coco Pommel and this is Sunburst," said Coco. Sunset immediately turned and saw the couple. She couldn't believe her eyes, after years, she was seeing Sunburst again. It was a shame that Sunburst was not even looking at her."We should get going," said Sunburst in an angry voice."Umm.........ok," said Starlight, a little stunned by Sunburst sudden change of tone."Everyone, hold your flanks!" said Discord as he snapped his fingers and teleported the whole group to the castle of Canterlot's front."We are here," said Discord as he looks at the castle of Canterlot."So what are we waiting for?" Pinkie asked as she ran into the castle."Wait for us!" said Rainbow as she, and the rest of the group, except Sunburst and Sunset, followed Pinkie."Sunburst," said Sunset."What happened Sunset? I thought you never wanted to see my face!" said Sunburst."Sunburst, I am sorry ab-" said Sunset before being interrupted by Suburst."Sorry? You think a sorry can turn everything back to normal!" said Sunburst."Sunset, give me a chance, please," said Sunset."You are dead to me," said Sunburst as he went inside the castle."One day Sunburst, you will forgive me," said Sunset as she followed her group.
Sequential Art
MLP - What about the Future? #55 by Lummh
Original Characters
Thank you!!! by mysticonranger
Villains of Equestria
The Heart of Darkness by Etherium-Apex




Again, every year it just gets better. We hope everyone who went had a great time!

If you're bored Celestia's Chosen has a skype group. Send a message to the.steelwolf and I'll add you to it. It's kinda quiet at the moment, let's see if we can fix that.
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