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This is my Ms. Marvel costume which i have been working on for about 5 months now. I cant sew spandex worth salt so I went through about 3 body suits before finally making one that looked good.

This is in Nagoya Japan with NHK tv tower in the background. My mask broke off before the shoot due to the heat (it was about 95+ outside) so I had to photoshop the mask in.

All i can say is I am so so so so glad that i choose this costume because I would have fainted from heat exhaustion if i had tried any other one in that sort of weather.

This event was World Cosplay Summit 2011.

Brazil won btw!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Very nice work on the outfit.
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Stunning Ms Marvel.
The costume looks spot on, great photo and the pose is brilliant.
You make a gorgeous Ms Marvel if I may say :)
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thanks so much! btw I love your avatar =)
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My pleasure :D
And thank you :D
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I saw you there at the Osu Parade, WCS and thought you looked amazing! Great cosplay, I'm so glad Brazil won, I thought their act was the most impressive!
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Thanks! I liked Brazil but in terms of costumes I thought Thailand had the best, I think there is a bit of controversy around WCS and their judging methods.
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You're not the first person I've heard say that but oh well. I thought Thailands costumes were pretty impressive as well... I'm stoked my fellow Aussies won 'Best Costume' though...
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Im really happy Australia got something, their costumes were fantastic! Plus they did a series I am endlessly in love with.
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I feel a lot safer now that this gorgeous superheroine is defending us!
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Thanks so much for the wonderful comment! =D
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Wow the mask looks completely believable O.o Good job!
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Thanks! All I used was gaussian blur! the mask was drawn with just the generic pencil tool lol
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