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Fall of Hyrule app - Fiyero

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Seren do you really need to join more groups? IS THAT REALLY WHAT YOU NEED TO DO?

After buying Majora's Mask for the 3DS, my love for Legend of Zelda has been resparked! So I thought I'd resurrect an old character of mine and place him in a group! Hopefully he'll be accepted ;v;

*Note, all mention of Fiyero's aging will be human equivalent-- Gorons live far longer and age slower than humans do.

Name: Fiyero Bituminous 

Level: 10

Age: 150 (Human equivalent of 30)

Date of Birth: 10/10/??

Height: 7'00

Weight: Approx. 695 lbs 

Gender: ♂

Race: Goron

Class/Occupation: Mercenary Performer

Race Skill(s):

Race Skill 1 [Brute Strength]
Trades 2 points from defense to add +2 attack for 2 turns (1 use per RP)

Race Skill 2 [Iron Defense]
Allows the Goron to tank a hit that would otherwise cause them to faint. While using this move would spare them they would be on the brink of death. (once per RP)

Class Skill(s)

Flow of Time - Freezes one enemy until hit 3 times
Sun Song - causes undead to stop moving for one turn

Alliance: [Neutral Good]

Upon his return to Hyrule from a pilgrimage back to his home village, the Goron's clouded judgement and jaded facade have lifted and has left him a better man. Despite these changes, he retained his pride, stubbornness, and nasty temper (though his patience has been improving). Fiyero now approaches problems with a clear mind and thinks of solutions carefully; not to mention he's more willing now than ever to drop everything and lend a helping hand to an ally. Unfortunately thus far, this has led to him sustaining great injuries for the sake of protecting others.

Likes: Wrestling, completing contracts, travelling with others

Dislikes: People that are rude for the sake of being rude, rainy weather, Racism against his kind, solitude


+[Optimistic] - Even in a terrible situation, Fiyero will try to find the best out of it. Usually.
+[Assertive] - He's by no means a pushover, no matter how kind and gentle he is upon first meeting him. If he's pushed enough, he'll shove right back. Hard.
+[Instinctive] - Fiyero goes with his gut instinct when a situation goes bad. 9/10, his instinct is correct.
+[Affectionate] - Fiyero is very much a people person (although he tries to act otherwise) and loves to show how much he cares about them, being with gifts or with hugs (keeping in mind that humans are pretty fragile)
+[Honest] - Brutally so. It matters not if he wants to give out information, ask him a question and he will always answer truthfully-- even if it makes him look bad. On the rare occasion he lies, it's so blatant that he's lying that he might as well have been honest.
+[Perceptive] - Though he can be a bit slow with some things, he picks up on subtle expression changes, gestures and posture very easily. He can tell something's wrong with someone just by walking in the same room as them. 

=[Sensitive]- A side that has become more prominent than ever before, Fiyero takes things to heart and empathizes with even the worst of people. Though he has built a thick skin for remarks that would drag him down, sometimes it's just not enough.

-[Hot-Tempered] - He is VERY quick to anger and lashes out, though his fits are short-lived.
-[Proud] - Almost to the point of being Vain, if Fiyero needs help out of a situation or if someone insults his race, he'll insist on being fine and jump quick to the defensive.
-[Prejudice] - He has a firm belief that all humans are arrogant beings that only live for themselves.
-[Cowardly] - Fiyero's not the bravest Goron around. In fact, he'd sooner curl up when a threat he can't handle shows up than fight back. He's easily spooked by sudden noises and startles easily, to his chagrin. 
-[Impatient] - He won't wait around for something forever. Most of the time if something takes longer than he anticipated, it's too long of a wait for him.
:new:-[Lone Wolf] - After his near-death experience in the Water Temple, Fiyero has almost completely isolated himself from his friends and the rest of the resistance. While he is not unfriendly towards strangers by any means, the stresses of war weigh heavily on his shoulders and he would prefer to brood alone.

Bio: Fiyero grew up in the Mountainous regions of Termina in Snowhead with his father. His mother was never present, nor mentioned in his childhood-- a fate most Goron children faced. His father, head miner at the time, raised him with the aid of a friend in his earliest years. When Fiyero was no older than 5, an act of negligence led to a bomb prematurely exploding and sending many workers into a deep pool of water. Unable to escape, Fiyero's father died. The friend of his father's took Fiyero in for a few years but ultimately, abandoned him in favor of his own newborn son.

At this point in time, Fiyero was able to somewhat care for himself--albiet not well. Without a mentor or a caretaker, Fiyero eventually fell into 'lesser promoted' actions in his community like stealing and tampering with property. This was promptly stopped when one of the elders appointed a warrior as Fiyero's caretaker. Needless to say, he had Fiyero straightened out and behaving properly within a year.

:new: When he was of the age of 100, the warrior he now refers to simply as his 'mentor' sent him down for the first time to the nearby Clock Town trade with some of the humans. It was here he ran into a Hyilan woman of 25 Years named Deadra--literally so. Once she had recovered, the two met frequently and ultimately fell in love with one another. The two married and lived with one another near Snowhead until Deadra's untimely passing twenty years later during the Carnival of Time. The inn the two stayed at burned to the ground, killing those that had not evacuated... Except Fiyero. Devastated, he returned to his village though he was vilified and mocked for his unusual union with a human

Fiyero looked up to the older warrior and lived with him up until he turned 136, at which time the warrior turned gravely ill. In his passing, he handed down an axe that had been in his family for generations, pleading for Fiyero to remember his roots and warned him not to mess with human affairs again. Though he had been sincere in promising he would not, his promise did not last. He left Snowhead and wandered Termina, keeping his distance from humans for ten years. It was during his travels through Termina's Great bay that he encountered humans again; unwillingly captured by the Gerudo pirates that held their base there.

Upon being captured by the females for "tresspassing", he met a Gerudo named Alekia who freed him and led him out of the Great Bay. She claimed that she feared for her life at the hands of her sisters and begged for Fiyero to protect her and lead her to a land called Hyrule, His naivety led him to agree to her safe escort and the two traveled for two years. Though she asked much of him and asked of him questionable actions, he thought nothing of it and begrudgingly began to develop feelings for the Gerudo. As promised, he led Alekia into Hyrule, only to be split up amidst a sandstorm. He scoured the sand dunes for days, but didn't find any trace of the woman. Tired, hungry, and determined to find his friend, he trudged into the land of Hyrule proper. Well, as proper as he'd seen in the very least.

With the aid of the red-headed merc Marci, he found Alekia in a nearby campgrounds set up by the Gerudo of Hyrule. Upon finding said campground, he discovered that their alliance had been nothing more than a means to an end; she had been using him the entire two years to get to Hyrule for a legendary treasure: the Goron Ruby. Devastated by this, Fiyero has attempted to cut all ties with her with little success, always finding himself in her presence.

Taking a quest for a group simply referring themselves as 'The Resistance', he discovered the plight of the land of Hyrule and swore to help take it back from the tyrant that took it. Although brand new, he agreed to venture on a quest to the Temple of Time, As the resistance entered the Temple of Time and the Peddler revealed himself as a wolf in sheep's clothing, Fiyero's world has been shaken. Against all of his morals, he has taken the life of a living creature and was gullible enough to be played as a tool for the second time in his life, though on a larger scale. The Dark King Ganon left him with a permanent reminder of his inability to defend one of his friends during the confrontation. Tired, exhausted, and weak, Fiyero retired to the Healer's Arms Inn only to discover he'd been too slow once more on protecting a close friend; Marci, who at the time had been held captive by a Keaton named Jung. The confrontation with the broken fox left him near death and at his breaking point; no longer would he blindly trust and follow someone. He steeled his heart and built up defenses against the harsh land of Hyrule.

Once recovered and once given the opportunity, he managed to spring Marci out of the Keaton's clutches and swore to protect her from him. The following chase led to him scaling Death mountain and once more confronting the Keaton. This time, he managed to get an upper hand on Jung though he didn't leave unscathed; the iron claws Jung possessed left nasty scars on his face and blinded him in one eye. Ultimately though, he was bested by Jung once again upon seriously injuring a Gerudo named Jerial; someone he'd considered at least an acquaintance. He begrudgingly made a deal to work alongside the Keaton so long as Marci's safety was insured. Thus, a reluctant alliance was formed. 

With it though came a few new and a few familiar faces; Somniaya and Karan being new, Jung, Jerial, Alei and Vanda being familiar. Though the beginning of his involvement was a bit rocky, the group warmed up to him and he to them; especially to the Gerudo healer Vanda. Though she scolded him for his misdeeds and though the two bickered more than spoke, he grew smitten with her wisdom and patience, her guidance and compassion. The next few quests came and went, the search for Kahili began, and his affection for her grew stronger and stronger. Finally during the Masquerade event, he expressed his emotions towards the Gerudo and they were more or less accepted. 

Torn between finding the Rito and hurrying on finding a cure for Vanda, he left until he could come to a happy medium. And he did; upon his return, he'd made a change in his ways. Though he thinks it's for the best, only time will tell if it's a change made for the worse.

Other information

-Fiyero has crystals that naturally grow on his back. They're nothing special, they just look nice.

-Incredibly hydrophobic -- to the point where rain frightens him (albeit less than open water)

-Since the Goron tunic he purchased was too small, he had it altered into a cape.

-Keeps several journals on hand; one for sketching, one for notes, and one for personal writing/ 

:new:-Due to the stress and pressure of fighting for the resistance, Fiyero has grown additional crystals on his forearms.


Alekia - -REDACTED-

Jerial - A Gerudo he's run into a few times. He's a nice guy-- promises to help Fiyero find Alekia but hasn't acted upon his words yet. He's got a good heart, he can tell, but he's still unsure if he can trust the man yet. :new: And he had every right to-- the very person that had injured him had the Gerudo as one of his lackies.

Slate - He only caught a glimpse of the human during the battle with the Winds of Chaos.

Belit - They shared a very brief introduction before she dashed off into combat.

Marci - Met over a bulletin board and got into an argument. Although a bit obnoxious, she reminds him a little of Alekia. Not only did the fiery Hylian help him look for Alekia, but he formed something akin to a sibling bond with the girl. While trying to formulate a plan to rescue her from the clutches of Jung, he seemingly disappeared and reappeared to the Merc as a traitor. He feels a sickening guilt over this, though he's done his best not to voice it.

Jung - Fiyero had no idea what a Keaton was before meeting him. Once he did, he came to one conclusion; they're horribly obnoxious and heartless creatures. Especially this one. Despite his great detest for him, Fiyero has respect for the Keaton's strength and lethality

Ame - He still doesn't understand why this spirit couldn't just lead him out of the forest-- it wasn't that hard.

Vanda -  A healer that has helped him on more than one occasion, actually saving his life once or twice. He thinks very highly of this woman and treats her with great respect, impressed with the dignity she holds herself with. Feelings between these two have been shared, but there's nothing serious relation-wise; and Fiyero's in no rush to get that way. They are in a relationship

Kahili - Just thinking about this Rito or even being in her presence fills him with the coldest guilt and dread imaginable; he blames himself for her disappearance, her illness, and for being unable to do anything to help save her. He can't even find it in him to look her in the eye, though he tries his damnedest to give a facade that he's alright.

Rp method: Skype (preferred, quick replies), dA notes (Slow replies), Discord (Average replies)
Art and Fiyero © :iconcelestialseren:
Legend of Zelda © Nintendo
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