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Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)Tugboat Cake: Someday, it will tug a larger Cake Boat (8)
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Thanks for visiting my DeviantArt profile! I'm Chelsey aka. CelestialGalaxies, an aspiring illustrator and character artist from the United Kingdom. I love to create characters for telling stories, drawing comics and roleplaying. To date I have created two series: Rocky Raccoon (2006–present) and Hoppers (2011–present). It's my lifelong dream to launch both these series to a worldwide audience, and my gallery is filled with artwork for both of them. If you like my series then I'd really, really appreciate your comments and favourites!

I'm also open for commissions!

I specialise in illustration and non-human character design. If you want a character or piece of artwork, please note me with your requirements. I'll provide either simple black and white sketches or full-colour, high-resolution illustrations. I work mainly in Paint Tool SAI but can sometimes provide other formats, if you have special requirements for format please mention this in your note.

Commission slots:


Interested in my stuff and series? Then I'll very much appreciate the support if you visit these links below!

Favourite Visual Artist

Art trade?

Art trade?

Does anyone want to art trade..?

Deviantart Questionnare

Deviantart Questionnare

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 4 years apparently 2. What does your username mean? It's my favorite animal.... that's about it.... I had this username before signing up for Deviantart, I think it's about time I change it to a different name, it's pretty lame now :P 3. Describe yourself in three words. Unsociable, funny(well at least people think I am) and Creative 4. Are you left or right handed? Right handed 5. What was your first deviation? Rocky walking in the night I think, I don't know something like that... 6. What is your favourite type of art to create? Cartoons 7. If you could instantly master a different art st

Art Trades

Art Trades

I have some free time off so I'm going to do some art trades I will only do 5 art trades, the first to comment would be added to the list, this journal will be updated with people's icons on the list, ask what you want me to draw Keep in mind that I can't draw humans, so It'll be nice if you don't give me humans to draw :P 1.!Yosei-Dragon (https://www.deviantart.com/yosei-dragon) 2.:Iconnyoooomofdoom: 3. 4. 5.

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Hello if this is raccoon325! I've been e-hunting some people down because Animasher 2.0 will be available by 6/2020. I was an active member, talked to people like randomlolz, extreme kitty, etc. We never spoke but you had such an impact on the website with your characters that a lot of people in the community could never forget.

I am not a web developer by any means but I have hired a team of 4 people and invested 5 figures into this. Theres been many failed attempts or hoaxes about animasher 2.0 but mine is real and paid for and is under development. it will be exactly the same as animasher just without a flash based animation as flash wont be compatible with chrome. But it will still be exactly the same in every aspect including the early 2000s design.

Before the launch of 2.0 I am making a documentary with randomlolz and meeting him in person for this. I will also be interviewing people about the website and what impact it left on artists / creators. It would be an honor if I could interview you, so if you'd like to be apart of the documentary please send me a note. :)

lastly, if you decide to use 2.0 when it launches i will give you special roles reserved for "OG" members such as yourself or alternatively give you mod if you wish.

Thanks for reading!

im just lurking on this profile to see how this persons art has inproved. anyhow is this true ?

I've sent you a note
You're welcome! (◠‿◠✿)
happy birthday! you continue to be an idol for me since your animasher days <3