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I should probably upload some shit, huh?
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Gotta admit her mane is gorgeous~
But I personally dislike her red eyes and the pure black fur. ^^"
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Ahh well, at least there's something that you do like <3 Thanks for the comment!
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And I seriously don't mean to offend you in any way. c:
At first I thought this character was male. xD
I was like "Damn fabulous Sombra relative" xD
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Oh, hey! No, no offense taken at all! <3

She originally was a joke parody of Celestia because of my URL, but then she gained her own little story and whatnot.

Really got outta hand xD

Man I should make more Male ponies haha
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I seriously like parodies.
I run an extra account for a Creepypasta parody character, which now has a whole group and many other users already joined it with their parody characters. xD
Well do you have an Alternate Universe story/world where your Celestia-Parody lives or is she part of the 'original' world, just living in another country?
Well if you have an AU I'd love to join your story somehow. ^^
I freakin love comedy and I would love to do some collabs then, or comics, etc.
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She actually lives in pony universe space! She's born of the death of a star that collapsed into a black hole that infused with magic somehow, I guess, and bam there she was.
I love space so much lol, space ponies for the win!

I don't really have a full on story with her, just random ideas. I had an ask blog but I haven't touched it in so very long xD
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So what if we create a new culture? Just like P. Luna has her guard, fans and stuff, we could do that for your character as well. :)
Design a banner/emblem, maybe a castle or a special place which function is to gather all ponies who obey Celestialess, etc. :3
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Hi, but you can, my ОС was running Сelestialess?
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Most beautiful creature of darkness yet!
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For some reason( maybe its her look) but i getting a evill vibe from her. Quasar Sunder is the only one of them im not( propably because shes blind.)
Celestialess's avatar
She is supposed to, just a little, she represents the darkest part of space, a black hole

She eats stars, entire worlds
morion87's avatar
Makes more sense now. If Celetialess represents a black hole do her sisters represent the other darker parts of space( im not cought up on my astronomy terms is why m asking)? And, she shows what Celetia might become when Equestria's sun dies.
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She is So Beautiful! :) What is her name I may ask?
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Celestialess, hehe :)
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That. That right there, is badass
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:) thanks so much!
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I am bloatenator, but I'm commonly known as Caelan Skellington, your Powerfulness. How may I aid to Her Darkened Highness?
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Oh wow!! She's so pretty!!!
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You are my favorite artist!: 3I am a dummy! Love 
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