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Minecraft Hates 2
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Published: December 30, 2010
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This took a long time xD

I actually absolutely adore everything about Minecraft but there are some things that irk me sometimes

Number 2.
This is a mix between Creepers and mining/falling into lava.
God damn you creepers! And don't ask me how it's still alive up there after esploding... Creepers are just that creepy.
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PhuindradHobbyist Photographer
I survived 4 Creeper just to get killed by a Zombie. x-x
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And that's why I turn down my dif. When I go mining :)
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NinjaMari0Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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This game pulls some pretty dirty shit on you especially when diamonds are involved.
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Coffee-veeHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know how many times this has happened to me. I'm just lookin' for my special way out and "User 1 blew up" I almost go nuts. Especially when they leave a whole in my wall.....at night...and I'm being harrassed by a spider. or any annoying monster For I do say....well the lava is quite well done. I don't know if I can give a full comment on this because each time I look, it brings back...the memories of today. XD 

However....how you did the creeper in the second panel....is reallly nice. I likez it very. 
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i love creepers even know the explode they are just sad because they never get to help but i let them help me! :D *turns into alacorn and gets a tnt gunpowder and creeper cutiemark for liking creepers* yay  I'm a princess and i got three minecraft cutiemarks! :)
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mapletoffeeHobbyist Traditional Artist
lol creepers are annoying!
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fayethepirateHobbyist Artist
RULE #1 of Mine craft
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hoo dude you really love minecraft .......
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Thunder--DragnStudent Digital Artist
Well he isnt the only one!
Minecraft for life! XD
(and good job too, i hate creepers :/)
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forget the creepers, i hate it when i am done mining and i say "just a few more ores" and as i gather the last one, a random skeleton shoots me into lava -_-
Unwinded-Jak's avatar
Well, that would suck. i sometimes play on easy mode, I'm just a wimp beyond that point. lol creepers are terrible. I deal wit dem on da surface. that way, they don't open lava and/or get me trapped.

Oh yeah, good job on the art.
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Always play on peacefull when you mine, but out in the open when ur trying to get gunpowder, peacefull isnt all that great.
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i never got in trouble with a creeper because i play peaceful i just don't like the thought of turning around and being smacked by a zombie or something
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Aspentail2014Hobbyist General Artist
Hey! Be nice. :(
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SpazzinCatHobbyist General Artist
And that's why i play on peaceful mode. I'm such a wimp.
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SuperEpicManHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a fence cage for dealing with creepers, so I get all the gunpowder I need.
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Creeper's gotta creep..
That'sssss a niccccce everythingsss you have there... *BOOM*
Ame-Grey's avatar
Yog? sorry havent seen his videos.. I've been watching Direwolf20 and Monkeyfarm
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