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One of the many versions of my sea dragon series, this time a young adult female. Their glowing tendrils elongate as they age, and it takes three full years for the hard plating (on the longest tendril) to grow and push the older one out. The crest on their head takes longer. However, the tendrils and plating stop growing altogether once they hit adulthood.

Painted in PT SAI, texture by ~ro-stock
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Looks like a fish queen.
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I'm completely in love with your merfolk!

I appreciate how carefully you're thought about details like this. You've balanced the design themes of both 'source' creatures  so well — In one image they look beautiful and approachable, dangerous and alien in another. They're about as 'believable' as merfolk come. Thanks for sharing your work! Would love to see you drawing these characters again.
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Wow, I like the way you have their growth cycle worked out, sounds very real, believable. Lovely image!
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Thanks! Yeah, I love making things up as long as the logic fits into that universe - it's pretty fun!
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I followed the link you provided, I love the direction you are going in. Keep up the great work!! :)
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OMG! Thanks, it's really a huge honour to have you visit my gallery and site, I really appreciate it :heart:
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oh please, it's my pleasure.
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Awesome. I love the plates.
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wow! pretty cool concept, man!
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