{Prompt Event} Kitbull Catastrophe Part II--CLOSED

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Kitbull Catastrophe 2 by Browbird
This part of the event has come to a close! The conclusion will be posted within the next few days with the winners of the various raffles drawn and bonus rewards granted! Keep an eye out >:3

Thank you for your participation everyone in this event as well I hope you had fun!

★ Part Two || The Chase


The efforts to help the three kitbulls was a success, the three little critters are overjoyed and show their thanks by prancing around and squeaking with delight! After their celebrating has calmed somewhat, they approach those who helped them again with determined looks upon their faces. They seem to want you to follow them, the kitbulls have something important to show you all. What it is you couldn't guess, but perhaps it is some sort of reward? Whatever it might be, you decide to see this through to the end and follow after the kitbulls as they waddle through the fields.

You travel for some time, feeling at ease as the warm sun shines down and the pleasant breezes pass through your hair.

Suddenly, you faintly sense something watching you. Something nearby has a powerful aura. It sends a tense shiver up your spine and you scan the surrounding area for what it might be, but can spot nothing. The kitbulls don't seem to notice a thing and continue moving forward as jolly as ever.

There's a flash of color at the side of your vision, a rush of wind, and suddenly before you stands a great beast. It has one of the kitbulls pinned and the others begin to panic but don't move when they see their friend in danger. The creature snarls and hisses towards you all before picking up the kitbull in its jaws and running full speed to the edges of the field. You've never seen anything like it, and it's clearly different from the other critters that make their home on this island.

What will you do?

Novis Banner by Browbird
For this part, there are two locations your character can choose to explore on Novis in an effort to defeat the beast. Your efforts may lead you between the two areas, or you may choose to stay in one for the duration of this battle.

Novis Noctrine Forest by Browbird

The Noctrine Forest
Deep blues and purples with splashes of bright teal make this up this thick forested area creating a beautiful, but scary place to explore. The canopy here is made of tangling leaves and branches that allow hardly any light shine through. Still, many things flourish here, the most notable being the various interesting plant and fungi that give off soft glows. It is an excellent place for the beast to try to lose you, but if you're quick and precise you'd be able to keep up and stop it. It's also an excellent place to spring a trap, since it may be more difficult for the creature to spot you.

Novis Crystal Gardens by Browbird

✦ The Crystal Gardens
A bright, lightly forested place with warm beams of sun that break through the gold and pink leaves of the trees. Alien flowers of all shapes and colors sprout here, creating a breathtaking display. There are also colorful, shimmering crystals sticking up from the ground, as well as covering parts of the trees, with some crystals having plants and flowers growing out of them! This wide open space would be perfect for spotting the large creature that made off with your kitbull friend, and would be just as good for using any attack, but just be aware the beast would have the same advantages as you do.


Beast Flat Colors by Browbird

✨ Beast HP || 0/1000 ✨

Respond to the entry comment with the following:
Entry #: how many entries have you done for this part so far, if it is your first you'd put 1, and so on
Entry: link to entry
Character(s): link to all the character's masterlist entries
: Forest or Garden
Approach: Weapon, Trapping, Magic (if you want to use a magic roll specify one aspect)
Did you participate in part 1: [yes/no] (only necessary to include on your first entry)

★ Event Information

End date: September 22nd at 11:59pm EDT

Draw or write your Celestial Seas character chasing, trapping or battling the beast in some way in the specified locations.

You can use your trusty swords, spears, bows, or whatever other type of weapon you have! Feel free to use a character's pre designed weapon or make one yourself! However, enchanted weapons are not something any ordinary person has, so only those who were specifically given one (such as on a sale) will have one!

You can also try your magical abilities against the creature, it's a magic-eating beast so not all types will be effective, but perhaps there are certain aspects it is weak against.

Since this is a rare creature you goal is not to kill it, but battling monsters in this world is a common sight and it can sometimes be the only way to fend off beasts like this! Trapping it will help weaken it without actually doing harm, so now's a good time to bring out all your tricks!


Damage chart:
Damage is randomly rolled based on what you decide to illustrate/write about.

✦ Additional characters included in an entry add +2 damage each.

✦ Trapping/chasing || 10 - 25 'damage' per entry

✦ Physical attack/regular weapon || 10 - 25 damage per entry

✦ Enchanted Weapon || 15 - 30 damage per entry

✦ Magical attack || 1 - 110 damage per entry
The beast is a magical creature, which means it would be weak to certain types of magic! We won't know which types until we try! Observation and inference will be key.

We'll keep track of the aspects that have been used here for reference!

Weak Attacks -- Crystal, Illusion, Wood, Arcane
Average Attacks  -- Perception, Speech, Nightmares, Dreams, Water
Strong Attacks -- Time, Blood, Frost, Fire, Bone, 

Some ideas for the prompt!
-> Your character battling the beast
-> Your character using their tracking and trapping skills to capture the creature
-> Protecting the kitbulls from the beast
Does not have to be one of these exactly!


✦ You do NOT need to have participated in the previous part to do this part, it is still open to everyone to join in!

You can do an entry twice for each area, bringing the total to 4 entries as a maximum.

✦ You can use the same character for each entry or a different character

Drawn entries must be full color and show at least 75% of the main focus character (your own character) and show the beast in some capacity.

✦ Each entry should also have at least a minimal background with some elements of the surroundings such as light grass! More detailed backgrounds will have a bonus stargold amount earned.

✦ You can use a BROWBIRD, KITBULL, or PAINTED SATYR for this prompt.

✦ You can submit collaborative work! Stargold will be divided equally.

✦ Non-owners should use one of the community characters! You will get a bonus for doing so!

✦ Be sure to respond to the entry comment below, or you will not be able to get loot!

Respond to the entry comment with the following:
Entry #: how many entries have you done for this part so far, if it is your first you'd put 1, and so on
Entry: link to entry
Character(s): link to all the character's masterlist entries
: Forest or Garden
Approach: Weapon, Trapping, Magic+aspect (include the aspect if you'd like to use a magic damage roll)
Did you participate in part 1: [yes/no] (only necessary to include on your first entry)

Submit all finished prompt entries to the PROMPT ENTRY folder.

★ To progress to Part 3
Each entry towards fighting, trapping, and using magic on the beast will deal damage. The beast must take a total of 1000 damage to be truly defeated.

If it is not defeated by the end date there will be an alternative route taken with this adventure. To clairfy, this part will conclude at the end date above, not when the creature's hp hits 0.

★ {Unlocked!} Group Effort Bonus: If the beast is defeated (if the hp hits 0) before the final 3 days of the event there will be an additional 25 stargold granted to all who participate in this part of the event and help in taking down the beast! (All entries before the final blow)


Consider joining the group discord as well for updates, as well as a live IC roleplay channel to talk about the events transpiring during this event! You may also have a chance to earn extra small bits of bonus stargold for using the public RP channel!



★ 1 Drawn Entry || 7 Stargold
Must be full color and show at least 75% of your focus character
Must include at least a minimal background with light elements of the surroundings (such as some grass)
Must show the monster you are battling and can optionally show the kitbulls
Can be completed with community characters

  • +3 Stargold for each additional character included for a maximum of 3 extra characters, this only counts if at least 50% of the character is showing. Stargold will only be counted on characters owned by other users, not your own. Try matchmaking if you want to look for others to include in your entries!

  • +1 Stargold if your companion critter is included, +1 more if it is an uncommon companion.

  • +5 Stargold for full and detailed background

  • +2 Stargold for a 500+ word story description along with the drawn entry

  • Non-owner BONUS || +2 extra if you are a non owner using a community character and +1 extra per additional characters owned by other users.

★ 1 Written Entry || 7 Stargold

Must be 800 words minimum.
Can be completed with community characters.
Must make mention of the beast and describe what your character is doing to help.

  • +1 Stargold for each 100 words over for a soft maximum of 2000 words (you can go over, but anything past 2000 will no longer count towards stargold)

  • +3 stargold if you include a small drawing of the events in your story. Drawing must be colored.

    Non-owner BONUS || +2 extra if you are a non owner using a community character and +1 extra per additional characters owned by other users.

Bonus Rewards

As you follow the creature across Novis there's a chance you may find various items littered around, possibly from the hoards of kitbulls this thing has eaten!

Rarely, you may find a the elusive kitlike companion interested in helping on your journey. And... If you're incredibly lucky, you'd even find a lonely kittle to adopt as your own!

Aside from the normally granted stargold there are other prizes that each separate entry has a chance of earning. You can be granted multiple bonus rewards if you're really lucky! The two locations you'll be exploring also have area exclusive items for this event that can be used on a kitbull, as well as for something else that's brewing behind the scenes...

And don't worry, getting one item does not detract from your chances of finding others!

✦ 1% Chance to find a Blank Kittle (kitbull MYO slot)


✦ 2% chance to find a Rare Trait Potion   


✦ 5% chance to find a Shimmering Egg (MYO common companion. Aircorn, Dridgeon, Kettlecat, or Kitlike)        

✦ 10% chance to find an Uncommon Trait Potion for each entry


✦ 15% chance to find a Kitbull Mutation Crystal


✦ 20% chance to find a Kitlike Companion (LIMITED to 5 in each area
Forest -- 1/5 || Gardens -- 1/5)

✦ 25% Chance to find an additional 5 Stargold

Noctrine Forest only

✦ 5% Chance to find an Alter Fruit

✦15% Chance to find Bright Phosflora

✦ Crystal Gardens Only

✦ 5% Chance to find an Flawless Crystallized Soul

✦15% Chance to find Prismatic Petals

✦ There will be a 5 stargold prize granted to top damage dealers of each of the 3 categories.

✦ There will be a special mystery prize granted to whatever entry deals the final blow.

Each entry is also awarded one raffle ticket towards winning the beast as a mount! For the previous part, the winners of the kitbulls will be determined after this part concludes and entries to this event are only counted towards the mount, not the kitbulls.

✦ There is a 5 stargold total bonus if you participated in the previous part and now do an entry for this one.

✦ There is also a secret bonus prize that two random participants in this part will get (one for each area).

If you have any questions please comment below, if you have suggestions for future events or any concerns, please go here!
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Novis Crystal Gardens by Browbird
Comment here with entries for Crystal Gardens