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Candleblight Banner by Browbird

Thank you all for participating!! No further entries will be accepted, and loot will continue to be distributed over the next few days! We will also be rolling the raffle designs tomorrow (11/6/18), so join the discord to see the winners!! >:3c


The time of year has come again, the season of Candleblight is upon us!

Candleblight is the name given to an event that happened a very long time ago. It originated in Candletown, which is where the name comes from. It began fall morning where the boundaries between realms thinned as the solar cycle of summer faded out during the equinox. Demonic creatures from beyond the veil of reality began to break through. They had eclipsed all nearby suns and devoured all magical lights, leaving only the faint golden glow of Candletown's signature candles.

The demons, however, were eventually fought back and banished by a single Ancient of the Light after a 7 day long battle. The people of the town were saved, and the event made headlines in every major city in that side of the galaxy.

While the event was incredibly frightening and devastating to the people of the town, they transformed the event into a holiday for future falls to come to strengthen people against the demons, as well as to be thankful for what they have. It also celebrates the heroic light of the ancient and the battle that took place over the city.

Lights are naturally used as decorations, with huge floats towering high above the town, and all manner of floating lights sent off into the sky creating a very gorgeous sight! Performances are put on to dramatically reenact the battle, and there are even folks who dress up like demons to have fun scaring locals all in good fun!

Nowadays, the event is a common practice in many highly populated places due to its public and commercial success! However, taking the trip to Candletown to experience the most traditional and colorful form of the event is always worth it.


For this prompt event, we'll be trying out a different structure! With a set order of prompts to complete, each with their rewards!

Prompt 1 --> Helping in Candletown Orchards

Orchards Banner by Browbird
✦ Write or illustrate your character helping in the orchards outside of Candletown. You can pick apples, help heal damaged trees, or chase off any pests that might want to sample the goods. The apples, and other fruits grown here are an important part of the upcoming festival. The locals will greatly appreciate your help, just don't give in and eat more apples than you pick.

This time of year the orchard's sky is often painted in the colors of a sunset regardless of what time it is. The trees are colored orange and violet against lush yellow and orange grasses. Fruits in white and red are the most common, but you may find a few other varieties as well. The color seems to determine what the fruits will be used for...

✦ Rewards:
Item 001 Stargold by Browbird Badge 002 Candleblight by Browbird
--> 5 Stargold
-- The Candleblight Badge!
(badges do not get added to the bank, they can be displayed on character pages/profiles/ect to show you earned it! We will have a standard place to display them in the future as well!)


Prompt 2 --> The Maize


Corn Labyrinth Banner by Browbird

✦ Write or illustrate your character exploring the overly complicated "haunted" corn maze in search of the exit. Or perhaps they're instead lying in wait dressed like demons to leap out when they hear other explorers approaching! Others may even discover the secret at the center of the maze... Huge crop circles! What do they mean!

The labyrinth of corn is a popular attraction created by the Candletown locals in their corn fields. It's very complex, but still possible! Just don't cheat by going off the path or flying above the walls... At night the fields are illuminated by small orbs of light, fireflies, and wisps. There are rumors that you should never take the path they lead you or you'll be lost within the maze forever!

✦ Rewards:
Item 001 Stargold by Browbird item 028 Demonic Cloak Of Wings by Browbird Item 027 Angelic Cloak Of Wings by Browbird

-- 5 stargold
-- A rare enchanted item! The Cloak of Wings.

This item allows your character to fly for a small period of time. These will be perfect to wear to the festival as a costume piece! Check the item use for more details!

You will be given one cloak type, either the demon wing variant or the angel's wing variant! It is random which you get! These versions of the cloak are specific to this event!


Prompt 3 --> Candle Festival

Candletown Festival Banner by Browbird

✦ Write or illustrate your character enjoying themself at the Candle Festival in Candletown! A gorgeous festival of lights against the dark skies, candles and lanterns line every street and many folks are dressed in costumes resembling demons and beasts. There are countless vendors selling delicious street food, festival toys, and all other manner of festive items! Gorge yourself on the cider from the apples you helped pick earlier!

One of the main parts of the event is a large cookout feast that everyone is invited to in town square. All the while a colorful reenactment of the battles long ago takes place in the sky using floats and magic! After all that, there's more drinking and games until dawn!

✦ Rewards:
Item 001 Stargold by Browbird Item 026 Glamorous Pupil Potion by Browbird
-- 10 stargold for completing the event!
-- A newly released rare trait, Glamour Pupils! With this item you can change your character's pupils to any shape you'd like. Check the item use for more details!


Extra Rewards


Drawn Entries:

+2 Stargold
for each extra character for a maximum of 3 extra characters included. Extra characters can belong to you or another user. Up to one affiliated species character design can be included in the 3 extra characters (so two C-S characters and one affiliated character in this case). At least 50% of each extra character must be included to count.
+2 Stargold if you are a non-owner
+2 Stargold if you do a gift art piece for another user (your own characters cannot be included for this to count)
+1 Stargold for including your companion creature (+2 for uncommon companions)

★ Written Entries:

Must be 800 words minimum. 
Can be completed with community characters.
Must make mention of the event and/or location and describe what your character is doing.

+1 Stargold for each 100 words over for a soft maximum of 1,100 words (you can go over, but anything past 1,100 will no longer count towards stargold)
+2 Stargold if you are a non-owner
+1 Stargold for including your companion creature (+2 for uncommon companions)

Each entry has a moderate (30%) chance of winning a new Lunon companion! There are 10 available. Only one can drop per winner! This companion is also now available to be hatched from shimmering eggs! (0/10 Lunon Drops left)

All of the items available for this event are also available for purchase in the shopping district as well until November 20th! (shop will be updated within the next couple days!)

Bonus Design Raffle!

{Event} Candleblight Raffle [closed] by AgentCorrina
Several designs will be raffled off at the end of this event. Each person who participates is granted a raffle ticket! Winners for each design will be drawn randomly and done publicly in the Celestial Seas discord. Please keep in mind that each person can only win one design, so if it lands on the same person twice it will be rerolled. By participating in this event you automatically enter for all of them!

These designs were created for free and are being given out for free, so they may not be traded or sold. Only gifted or returned to us (the group) so that we may re-raffle them. If you are chosen but would rather it go to someone else or be rerolled, you are free to let us know!

3 Designs will be raffled to everyone, while one will be specifically for FTO/non-owners!


You may do 1 entry for each part of the prompt, and they must be done in order. The orchards first, then the labyrinth, then the main festival.

✦ You can use the same character for each entry or a different character

Drawn entries must be full color and show at least 75% of the main focus character (your own character) and show the events of the prompt in some form.

✦ Drawn entries should also have at least a minimal background with some base elements of the surrounding to show where the prompt is taking place. It does not have to be detailed!

✦ Written entries should be a minimum of 800 words and clearly describe the events of the prompt.

✦ You can use a BROWBIRD, KITBULL, or PAINTED SATYR for this event.

✦ You can include up to one affiliated character. You can read more about affiliated characters here!

✦ You can submit collaborative work! Rewards will be divided based on what the artists request.

✦ For this event you may also draw gift art of someone else's character participating in the event! Please be sure to ask permission before doing so. This includes non-owners.
Comment here if you'd like to offer up your character for someone else to draw, or include in their own prompt. Please do not offer up affiliated characters from other groups! Please note you cannot do written entries for this option, only drawn entries.

You may use the community characters as well if you do not have a species design of your own!

Submit all entries to the group folder for them to count.

✦ Be sure to respond to the entry comment below, or you will not be able to get rewards!

Event ends November 5th at 11:59 pm EST!
~~> Entry Comment! <~~

Respond to the entry comment with the following:
Entry #: 1, 2, or 3
Entry: link to entry
Character(s): link to all the character's masterlist entries
Are you a Non-owner/FTO?
: yes i am/no i am not

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What if you don't own one and still want to join in on the event? Is it only exclusive to those who have a browbird?