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★ Change log

While some rules outlined on this journal are still relevant, it will be going through a slight revamp soon to update the information in accordance with the website!

If you have a website account, please use the website to submit your MYO.

If you have any questions please ask, it may be a little confusing for a while so we are here to help during the transition! 

General MYO Information


How to get your design approved

Do not send a message to AgentCorrina or direct message any mod or admin for MYO approval! It will be declined.

Note Celestial-Seas to get your design approved.
You must be the owner of the slot to submit for approval.

Include in your note the following:
1. An image of the design
2. A link to your slot from the masterlist
3. A list of all traits and their rarities (templates at the bottom of this journal)
4. Any trait items used + your tracker for item proof.

One your design is approved by a mod...
1. Find your ticket on the masterlist
2. Leave a comment with your design and trait information!
3. Wait for the design to be updated
4. Your design is now official!



✦  Trading MYO SLOTS
Unused MYO slots themselves cannot be traded or sold for any reason. They may only be gifted. Please complete the design before trading it.

✦  Trading finished MYO designs
--> You may trade a finished MYO design if it is approved and uploaded to the masterlist.
--> You may sell a MYO design if there is a price listed on the masterlist.
--> Please do not trade any designs that have not been approved.

✦  Gift and Raffle MYOs
Finished gift and raffle MYOS cannot be traded or sold, but you may still gift them or return them to the group to be raffled. We want these to remain accessible, so please do not try to profit off of something given for free.

Additional Information

✦ Can someone else design my MYO for me?

Please be aware that sometimes you may be required to make changes if they do not line up with species guidelines and rarity. We do not manage the rates of other artists, so you may be required to pay your artist extra for changes.

✦ Do MYO slots expire if they aren't used?
Nope, there is no time limit to use your slot.

✦ Can I design my MYO for someone else and then trade it to that person?
This is fine! Please be certain that you (the slot holder) are the one noting to make the design official, and that you update the masterlist after the design is approved and uploaded.

✦ Can I base my MYO off of another design I own?
Yes! We just ask that the designs are not traded separately as avoid possible issues and confusion.

✦ What if a mod requests edits?
If an edit is requested, please respond to the note with your edit! Edits are requested if we feel that part of the design is not consistent with the species or rarities. We are here to help if needed, so if you'd like suggestions for your design feel free to ask!

✦ If I commissioned my MYO design, can I resell it for the commission price?
MYO slots cannot be sold for more than their listed price. This includes vouchers. If there is no listed price on the masterlist they cannot be sold at all. Keep this in mind if you commission another artist!

✦ I need more help on my design, where can I go?
You are always free to request design check ins and ask questions to AgentCorrina or send a note to the group. We are always happy to help!

Design Guidelines


✦ All design art submitted to the group should be PG-13.

✦ Avoid any harmful and offensive themes or imagery on your MYO design.

✦ Any designs that we feel are identical another design or character will be declined. Being inspired by your favorite franchise characters/creatures for a design is fine, however!

✦ If a trait you like is not currently listed on the weebly, feel free to ask if it is available to you!

✦ All traits must be clearly visible on a design for them to count.

✦ If you are unsure about anything, please ask!

✦ If you have concerns about another user's design, please contact the group or AgentCorrina privately.


Using Items on a MYO slot

✦ Can I use trait items when designing a MYO?
Yes! The trait will be indicated by a "✦" on the upload. Traits added through an item cannot be freely swapped for other traits when doing design edits.

✦ Can I use an uncommon, rare, or mythic potion on the browbird's crest or satyr's mask?
For a MYO that is not yet been designed, you can use the uncommon, rare, or mythic potions for these traits. When the design is finalized, the crest or mask trait cannot be changed or removed. Trait items cannot change these features on designs that are currently on the masterlist, this is only for newly created designs.

Trait Templates


Send a note to Celestial-Seas and be patient while we look over your MYO!
Be sure to include any items you have used!
If you use an item, please put a ✦ next to the trait!

Browbird Template

♢ Ownership ♢
Owner: @ Owner
Designer: @ Designer - MYO
Origin: Trade/Auction/OTA/ect -- Purchased for $

♢ Traits 
Crest: Name (rarity)
Horns: Name (rarity)
Tail: Name (rarity)
Magic: Name (rarity) || Name (rarity)
Type: Standard
Additional Traits:
- N/A (if there are none)
- (list any additional traits)
you do not have to include fluff, markings, or eyes unless they are rare or mythic.

Add in a description if you want! Must be short. If you don't wish to write anything please just put N/A

Kitbull Template

♢ Ownership 
Owner: @ Owner
Designer: @ Designer - MYO
Origin: Trade/Auction/OTA/ect -- Purchased for $

♢ Info 
- Standard or Longbull

Silver Square Bullet Mutations Silver Square Bullet
- List all mutations here

White Square Bullet Peculiars White Square Bullet

- List all peculiar here and what traits they are granting

Add in a description if you want! Must be short. If you don't wish to write anything please just put N/A

Painted Satyr Template

♢ Ownership 
Owner: @ owner
Designer: @ Designer - MYO
Origin: Trade/Auction/OTA/ect -- Purchased for $

♢ Traits ♢
Mask: Material (rarity)
Horns: # Branches (rarity)
Tail: # Branches (rarity)
Patches: Standard Patches, list all other patches here (rarity)
Magic: ??? (rarity) || ??? (rarity) (1 aspect should match mask material)
Additional Traits:
- N/A (if there are none)
- (list any additional traits)
you do not have to include fluff, markings, or eyes unless they are rare or mythic.

Add in a description if you want! Must be short. If you don't wish to write anything please just put N/A

If we feel a trait resembles another more than the one you list, it will be changed to that trait! If this means a rarity change you will be notified and given the opportunity to change it.

Do NOT change the font size or formatting of this template at all when submitting, as it means we will have to edit it before posting, which slows down the upload process!

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