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 About Browlets 


✦ Browlets first hatch from brightly colored eggs as fluffy little monsters that need close supervision at all times. They are born with a full set of sharp teeth and claws. They can see and walk very soon after hatching, and will begin exploring their surroundings right away!

✦ A browlets fur actually starts out in very dull colors and often times will be completely gray! This thick baby fur will give way to their proper coats and colors after a few weeks.

✦ A browbird's crests manifests right after hatching, starting as a small shimmer of light and gradually growing into a swirling mass of colors and shapes. Some say they resemble a forming star system or swirling storm, it can change form and color by the day until it finally settles on a single form and color when the browbird enters adulthood at age twenty; this is also when their second aspect starts to manifest!

✦ Curious, loud, destruction, and hungry are all appropriate ways to describe a browlet. The destructiveness will become far more apparent when they begin to experiment with their first aspect, which they gain around the time their proper fur colors begin to appear. 

✦ As their powers grow stronger, those with some form of destructive magic can easily break things and burn down homes, so it's best to keep an eye on them. Many browlets will be watched over by special caretakers at a nursery rather than by their parents. 

✦ Browlets are any age from when they hatch to when they obtain their fully formed crest at adulthood. It is essentially a catch-all term for "young browbird". 

Past Browlet Sets
{Auction} Browbabies [Closed] by AgentCorrina{Flatsale} Browlets! [closed] Thank you! by AgentCorrina{Flatsale} March of Browlets [closed thank you!] by AgentCorrina{Raffle Flatsale} Cute Fruits [closed] by AgentCorrina

★ How to make your Adult design official! 

✦ ✦ ✦ 

If you do not follow these guidelines your design will be missed or may not pass!

1. Design your browlet as an adult following the rules in this journal

2. Note the group Celestial-Seas with the finished design and a list of the traits you have used. A mod will approve it for you.

Your design is now official once approved!
It will be uploaded to the masterlist. If your design is not up within a week, please contact us!

Remember that once your design has been sent in for approval, it is NO LONGER A BROWLET and cannot be traded/sold as a browlet even if the masterlist has not yet updated.

If you are only inquiring about a potential adult design, you must state that at the top of your note or we will take it as an approval submission. 

Do not privately message or note any mods or admins with your design for approval, it will be ignored and will not be approved!

 Purchasing More Traits 

✦ ✦ ✦ 

You can purchase extra traits for your browlet if they do not have an approved adult design.
You can see all valid designs here!

All browlets sold will come with a free +1 uncommon trait and +1 uncommon aspect by default, along with any traits already present on the design. You do not have to pay for any traits already on the design.

You can purchase traits for a browlet at any time so long as they do not have an adult form on the masterlist. If you want to buy traits for a browlet at any point, please contact AgentCorrina!

Trait prices are in USD and payments can only be made through paypal invoice.

All traits available on a browlet are shown in the design's masterlist description.

|| +1 Uncommon Trait || $10 ||

|| +1 Rare Trait || $30 ||

Max of 2 per design

|| +Hiros Type || $75 ||

Allows you to turn your adult browbird into a hiros or half-hiros! 
Hiros browbirds have wings and 3 aspect slots total.
You can find all hiros-specific traits here!
These are non refundable. Only purchase an extra trait if you are certain you will use it.

 Growing Up Your Browlet 


Browlets purchased from flatsale sets can be grown up!

This means you get to choose the browbird's traits, and can make more changes than normally allowed by design edits.

Click here for Browbird Traits!

Brolet1 by AgentCorrina
Meet Brolet! They will be used as a simple example for growing up browlets!

Brolet2 by AgentCorrina

Brolet3 by AgentCorrina

The image shown above is about the limit of what changes can be made when growing up a browlet. It can vary from design to design as well so please do not purchase browlets with the hope of drastically changing them into a 100% new design.

✦ ✦ ✦ 

What can you do when growing up a browlet?

✦  You can add any common additional traits freely and have any many as you'd like!
✦  you can remove or change additional trait features already present on the browlet
✦  You can change the tail and choose what horns you want
✦  Choose the final design's crest
✦  Change hair style, color, length, and texture to anything you like. 
✦  Make the design more simple, or more complex.
✦  Create an outfit or weapon design for your browbird.

✦ Change colors
You can change colors in a wider range than normal edits. Consider it like having a free dye kit to go along with your browlet! You are able to use a dye kit on top of growing up a browlet for extra range. You can see regular color changes and dye kit guidelines here.

✦ Change markings
Markings can be added or removed with more freedom than a regular design change. However, completely removing all markings and adding entirely different ones may have your design rejected. Try to keep the theme of the design present in the adult version. Certain markings may count as "defining features" and removing them completely will make us review it more critically.

✦ ✦ ✦ 

Brolet4 by AgentCorrina

What is not OK when growing up a browlet?

✦ Mythic Traits, Mythic aspects, and any types aside from hiros are NOT available to be purchased for browlets. 

✦ You may not completely change the palette and markings, the design must still be recognizable as having grown up from the browlet. Entirely changing every single thing about the design will likely have it rejected when submitted for approvals!

✦ Notice how in the example all defining markings were removed, and the colors were drastically changed. It does not resemble the original design anymore.

✦ ✦ ✦ 


✦ Crests are the floating shape above a browbird's head. Browlet crests have not fully formed and do not form until they become an adult, so they show up as colorful clouds of swirling smoke. In order for your design to be made official, you must choose a crest shape from those shapes shown on the website. 

 You can read more about crests, and see all available crest customization here.
A design without a proper crest will be turned down!


✦ ✦ ✦

Browlets in the ARPG

 Can a browlet be used as my character in the ARPG?
You cannot use a browlet for prompts, events, and quests. They must have an approved adult design on the masterlist to be eligible for these activities. Once the adult design is on the masterlist, they can be used in the group like a normal browbird design.

✦ Will browlets count for stargold if included as additional characters in prompts or quests?
No, a browlet will not count towards extra stargold unless they have an approved adult design on the masterlist. You are still allowed to include them, however!

✦ Can I age my character down to a browlet in a prompt?
Nope! All characters used in the ARPG should be adults since they have adult traits. However you may make characters any age in personal stories not submitted to prompts and events. There also may be certain "flashback" prompts that allow characters to be depicted at different ages.

✦ Is there anything in the group the browlet CAN be used for without being grown?
They can be drawn for stargold at the Wisher's Well and for certain raffles that require a gift art submission. It will always be stated if a browlet can be used!

Custom and MYO Browlets

✦ Are browlets an option for customs?
Yes! You may ask for your custom on the current browlet base. 

✦ How much does a custom browlet cost?
Price is variable depending on traits, and detail! Base price of browlet customs during a normal custom opening is $200 USD, the same price as the flatsale of browlet designs. Please be sure to check whether customs are open before sending inquiries! 

✦ How does a custom browlet work?
It is the same as a normal custom, just on the browlet base. Think of it as a browbird in a cute chibi style, rather than a baby in this case. You do not have to go through the growing up process, and can use the design normally.

  Is it possible to get a MYO browlet?
This is currently not possible, but it may be an option we explore in the future. 

Other Trait Questions

Where do I see my browlet's allowed traits?
On their masterlist entry all uncommon and rare trait allowed will be listed! 

✦ Can I change the first magical aspect?
Aspects cannot be changed.

✦ I have an unused rare/uncommon trait from when I grew up my browlet, can I apply it to the design later or transfer it to another character?
No sorry!

 I decided I wanted a different purchasable trait, but my browlet already has an adult design. Can I still buy the trait?
No, sorry! Traits cannot be bought for grown up designs.

✦ Can I use trait potions when growing up a browlet?
Yes! Please let us know when submitting your design for approval if you have used a trait potion.

Misc Questions

Can I draw my adult browbird as a baby for fun?
Yep that's fine!

How do I know if my browlet has an adult version already?
Here is a  folder for browlets without adult designs. 

Do I have to grow up my browlet?
Nope! You never have to grow up a browlet. If you prefer just collecting cute designs, that's fine!

Is there a limit to how many browlets I can have?
Nope! You can have as many browlets as you want.
However, the limit for claiming directly from a sale is 1 design maximum regardless of how many you have.

I got a browlet in a trade or through resale, can I still purchase traits for it?
If it does not have an approved adult design, you may purchase traits still!

Can I get someone else to design my browlet's adult form?
Yep! Be sure to include them as a designer when you get the updated design registered!

I got a browlet in a trade/through resale/gift/ect, and it already has an adult form! Can I revert it to a browlet and design it from scratch?
No sorry! Once a browlet has an adult design made official for it, the adult design is the new 'official' design and must follow regular design change rules. You can read up on design changes here!

Ask any questions you have on this journal so we're sure to see them!

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So I want to purchase a rare slot for my browlets adult form, would having two unicorn tails count as one rare trait or two? ;0;