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Change Log

March 1st ✦ Reworded some rules to be more clear, added clarification on some rules and the strike system.
October 8th
✦ Made rules more concise!

General Rules


Please be sure you read and understand these rules before joining and participating in the group.

If you are confused by a rule, please leave us a comment!

✦ Join requests are always open.

✦ You must be 13 years or older to join this group.

✦ If you own a browbird, painted satyr or kitbull, or if you are planning to own one in the future, please be sure you have read and understand the Terms of Service! All Celestial Seas designs fall under these terms.

✦ Browbirds, painted satyr, and kitbulls are all closed species and cannot be freely made without permission. There are many ways to obtain a design, so be sure to keep an eye out if interested!

✦ If you trade, resell, or gift a Celestial Seas design to another user, please be sure to comment on the species masterlist!



✦ Be polite and respectful to all other group members, moderators, and admins.

✦ This group is PG-13, all submissions and comments within the group should be kept that way. Remember that there will likely be minors in the group, it is the responsibility of adults present to make sure it is a safe place for them.

✦ Do not link anything harmful or offensive or try to submit graphic content to the group.

✦ Do not post harassment, advertisements or spam to the group page or group journals.

✦ Do not beg, guilt, or harass people to try and gain characters, items, currency, or commissions.

✦ Do not post negative comments about other users, other groups, or other species. This is not a place to vent.

✦ Scamming other users out of designs, group currency, or real life currency is not allowed. If you are found to be scamming other members, you will be removed from the group. Always double check rules, ownership, and proof before trading or purchasing with other users.

✦ Do not post anything akin to hate speech, or otherwise homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, ableist, racist, sexist, ect, in the form of comments, submissions, messages, or links. We want to make an open and welcoming community for all types of people. Harassment of other members will not be tolerated. If you can't have fun without hurting or berating other people, then please don't join!

✦ When creating works using characters that do not belong to you, please be sure you have permission to use those characters.

✦ If you have an issue with content submitted to the group or a design someone has posted, please note the group directly.

✦ If you have issue with mod behavior please contact AgentCorrina directly.

✦ If you feel a rule is being broken by another member, please contact an admin. We take these rules seriously and failure to adhere to them may result in a strike or ban.

✦ Harassment
Any kind of harassment or rude behavior towards the admins, mods, or other members will not tolerated. Repeatedly having poor behavior after being warned will result in you being removed from the group. If you feel another user is causing problems, please note the group.

✦ Strikes
For minor offenses we will let the offending user know that it is behavior that goes against the rules. If the rule breaking behavior continues, we warn the offending user know in a direct message that the behavior should stop. If it continues after that point, they will be given a strike each time. When 3 strikes are reached, it will be a ban.

However, some offenses may require an instant strike or jump straight to a ban. We will always let the user in question know when one of these things has been given.

✦ Banning
If rules are repeatedly ignored or broken there is a possibility that you will be banned. We take our rules very seriously, and following them is the best way to assure that the community is safe and fun for all members. 

Bans are handled on a case by case bases and what each ban entails depends directly on the offense.

For some bans you may be allowed to request a repeal. Please note the group if you would like to reopen discussion around your ban!



✦ For a character, companion, or mount to be valid and usable within the ARPG it must be fully registered on the masterlist.

✦ Mounts, companions, items, and stargold cannot be traded outside the group or sold for real life currency. You cannot trade them for designs or items from other groups or websites.

✦ Entries that break rules for the species, event, prompt, or quest will be rejected and not eligible to gain rewards. We will let you know if something needs to be tweaked! If you are unsure about your entry, you can contact a group mod on discord OR note the group for an entry check in before posting!

✦ For events with deadlines, any entries submitted after the deadline will not count. All deadlines are final and there will be no exceptions unless there is an issue on the admin's end.

✦ When a "bonus" stargold amount or item is offered for additional detailing or work on a piece, it is at the digression of the moderators whether or not a submission is valid for those rewards. Moderators have final say and their calls are not up for debate. 

✦ For the ARPG ONLY, all characters should be adults. At this time, children and teen characters cannot be used in the ARPG since they would not have fully formed traits, this includes browlets, kittles, and satyr seedlings. However, for private roleplay, personal art, and certain specific "flashback" prompts you can depict them at other ages! 

✦ Any attempts to cheat or exploit our systems will be met with a warning or ban depending on the severity of the exploit. This includes: using multiple accounts to gain more progress or rewards, lying to gain more currency or items on your tracker, and scamming other users out of currency or items. This will be handled with a case by case basis. Always be honest with us, cheating or exploiting systems ruins the game for those who play fairly, and can cause a lot of problems!

✦ If you suspect someone is cheating or scamming, please contact the group through note with proof.

If you are truly unsatisfied with how a situation was handled, a specific rule, or how an entry was judged, please note the group or contact an admin on discord so we can talk it out.

Please do not guilt, pressure, or harass the team working on the ARPG. We are open to constructive feedback and suggestions as we slowly build the group, please try the Feedback + Suggestions post and leave us a comment!

General Submission Rules


✦ Always double check that you are submitting to the correct folder.

✦ If you accidentally submit it to the wrong folder please let us know so we may move it or have it resubmitted. Submitting to the wrong folder will have the piece rejected, but you may always resubmit.

✦ All artwork submitted should always primarily feature Celestial Seas species! You may submit art of browbirds, kitbulls, and painted satyr. Group images with unrelated species are fine as long as at least some are Celestial Seas related

✦ All forms of art are allowed, including plushies, digital, traditional, sculpture, writing, animation, comics, and more!

✦ When submitting art of a browbird they MUST have their crest if a crest would have room to show in the artwork. Artwork without crests will be declined!

✦ Please do not submit any art or journals of unofficial designs. Make sure a design is approved before posting it or submitting it to the group.

✦ Please do not submit any plagiarized, traced, or heavily referenced work (unless you have permission to use said references). Art and writing submitted should be original. 

✦ Please do your best to remove all journals, ych, or other submissions by you that are closed or no longer relevant.

✦ If you're unsure if something would be allowed, or if there is a submission that you feel should not be in the group please send us a note. Do NOT comment on the submission or harass the artist.

Journal Submission Rules


Please do not submit or resubmit more than two different journals in one week.

You may only have one seeking journal in the group at a time.

Journals will be periodically cleaned out if we discover they're closed or no longer relevant, or are older than 2 months.

If your journal is closed or no longer relevant, please do your part and remove it from the group! This helps us tremendously and is always appreciated!

Journals that will not be accepted

✦ Any journals that do not directly relate to Celestial Seas

✦ General commission journals.

✦ General roleplay journals

✦ Vague journals that do not clearly state that you are trading, selling, or seeking a Celestial Seas species. It will be rejected if it is vague or a design is not clearly visible or clearly linked.

✦ Seeking journals where at least one Celestial Seas species is not the top priority things you are looking for.

✦ Entertaining journals will be turned down. Serious offers only please.

✦ Journals submitted the focus on stating or showing what your "dream design" would be if you were to obtain a custom or MYO. We ask that hypothetical designs be kept private.

✦ Journals looking to trade or give away stargold, companions, mounts, group items, or otherwise no species designs or art offers. Please try the user run shop instead to place advertisements and organize item trades.


Journals that will be accepted

✦ Journals seeking any of the Celestial Seas Species as one of the primary things you are after.

✦ Journals swapping, trading, reselling or raffling a celestial seas species.

✦ Threeway journals for specifically Celestial Seas species.

✦ Celestial Seas specific commissions, raffles, or freebies

✦ Journals seeking roleplay, or character interaction between relevant species! Alternatively, you may also check out the matchmaking journal as well and leave a post there!

✦ Journals offering celestial seas species designs or celestial seas commissions for stargold, companions, mounts, or items are allowed. If you are ONLY trading items or companions please check out The Grand Marketplace instead!

✦ Tracker journals will be accepted. Please submit them to this folder!

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