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Hello! I come bearing a sort of suggestion to potentially help out FTOs/Non-owners a little more! I'm sure there may be some things going on behind the scene that I currently do not know about that might be in the works to give FTOs/Non-owners a better chance at getting started in Celestial-Seas, though this suggestion is being made as I currently do not know what those processes are.

I know Celestial-Seas is meant to be a bit more laid-back in terms of the ARPG and questing-- SG not too frequent to come across. This is especially the case for FTOs/Non-owners. While they have ample opportunity to earn SG via events and potentially even a free design if the event has some raffles, I was perhaps thinking of one alternative method that could still have them earn SG through ARPG work outside of events, though only once (currently, at this time, as I'm unsure what other sort of vital features are planned to come to the game)-- being able to use an NPC for very specific quests, ones that are more focused around unlocking a big gameplay mechanic which, currently at this time, is just crafting.

Crafting in and of itself is a pretty big gameplay mechanic that isn't completely character-reliant-- you take items you got through say, a gacha or supply crate or purchase and you craft them together to get a better item. For FTOs/Non-owners that may have obtained such items, to them they're virtually useless for crafting as currently, they cannot unlock crafting without a character of their own. Sure they can be resold for SG to another user, though the economy on that part is potentially a bit fickle-- SG is highly coveted for its difficulty and long time to earn, so users may or may not be willing to purchase such items depending on their current state of saving, and may instead seek to swap items/trade for them instead.

Then we come to the core of the suggestion-- letting users use an NPC (or community character-- is there a difference? I'm unsure ^^ ; ) to complete big gameplay mechanic quest(s) like crafting. If there aren't many quests like crafting that are planned for the foreseeable future, if any at all, then I'm more than willing to hear some reasoning behind the potential denial of this! After all, I don't know much of what may be going on behind the scenes. If many more quests like crafting are being planned for release that unlock big gameplay mechanics (that aren't character-reliant) like crafting, then I can understand a bit more why such a suggestion would be denied. Now, on to some more of the suggestion!

The feature, using an NPC for crafting, would be doable for everyone only once. It could be difficult to track this on the back-end because of no character to attach a certain thing to on the ML to signify quest completion, but that's where I think badges can come into play! Just a small badge, doesn't need to be too ornate-- just something to signify that a specific user has completed the quest with an NPC, and they'd add it in as an additional reward on top of everything else if they're using an NPC (and if it helps, they can specify which viable NPC in the comments with a link to them if they're not on the ML); they'd just fact a simple rejection/send back for edits notice if they don't include those details like one would need to include certain details for a character they own for quest completion. If the user that earned the sort of NPC completion badge tried to do that quest again with a different NPC, they'd just face rejection since they already have that badge.

Now we get into the SG calculations of this all! Questing for crafting has 3 act parts-- the person would naturally need to use the same NPC throughout all of them. If they were to do a theoretical maxing of what they can earn (as a FTO/Non-owner), it'd likely look something like this:

(5 (base) + 22 (comic panel max bonus) + 5 (BG bonus) + 24 (non-owner bonus-- +1 onto the 23 for the focus character) + 3 (if NPC = a community character) + 5 (complex animation bonus) + 3 (extra story bonus, if able to be applied for comics as well)) x 3 (# of crafting quest parts) = 201 SG

201 total Stargold! Just enough for a first (with peculiars thrown in as well)/second-purchase kitbull, a first purchase satyr with a rare/uncommon aspect or uncommon trait, or just a first purchase browbird. If a person is willing to put in the hard work to create such pieces for the quest, they can come out of there at any time of the year with their first ever browbird. For already-owners, the amount of SG would amount to 183 due to their lack of the non-owner bonus if they choose not to include a companion they might own. The usability of items on NPCs would likely be up for discussion, though it's mainly a matter of +1-100 SG and the extremely rare chance to find items, depending on the apparel or item used-- the exclusion of item usage based on how you don't own the NPC can avoid some of that extra SG flood.

I'm sure even allowing this to be complete-able for already-owners as well will have some form of impact on the economy, though the gravity of the impact I'm unsure of! I'd love to hear some insight on to how big the impact might be if already owners had an access to a theoretical extra 183 SG if they did all that extra work for it. It could be useful for commissions, for buying items to craft, to being put towards another MYO slot, etc. Whatever the feedback on this suggestion might be, I'm still looking forward to how it may or may not be allowed because, either way, it gives me a little more insight as to how some of the economy of the ARPG works and is balanced :>