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The Magic Of Frostfall by Browbird


Thank you everyone for participating!

★ About Frostfall

There has been a noticeable change in the aura of the seas. 
Frostfall has arrived, and with it comes a new adventure to be had at Aldebast, a place that has become known for it's winter events.

Frostfall is the name given to the part of the cycle of the Celestial Seas where frost magic is at its peak on this side of the Astral Seas. While summer still falls on worlds during this time, the shifts in the balance are obvious to those in places brimming with magic.

No one knows entirely where the idea for the holiday originated, as it's been around longer than even the oldest ancients remember. It's thought that in the earlier days of magical advancement it was discovered that various aspects would be in higher power at different times, and thus festivals of all sorts had slowly started to crop up in celebration of these shifts.

Many species and their cultures have their own takes on holidays this time of year, but universally, Frostfall is celebrated in some form as a sort of catch all celebration! Likely from the spread of popular customs in large city-worlds like Centuary. Giving gifts is common for many during this time, as is enjoying some of the season's finest treats, and decorating places with sparkly materials, candles, and glowing lights. Frostfall means something different to each person who celebrates it, and there are many takes and traditions associated with the holiday. What frostfall is is up to you! 


After seeing students reminiscing about their experiences last year’s commotion during Frostfall all over social media, many decide to venture to the most renowned school of magic, Aldebast. Aldebast is not a planet, but a small "half-moon" island suspended in the cold Astral Oceans. As you might expect, it's about half the size of a small moon, and is quite literally "half moon" shaped. It's several cosmometers from Centuary and would take around two or three hours to get there if you take a reasonably fast craft or a bit longer if you decide to just take the trains.

It seems the year before there was some kind of battle during winter break- a war between two opposing sides backed by an old conflict between the college and an evil foe who is notorious for trying to take control the school. Despite how dramatic the description is, there was really only silly photos, and stories of everyone having fun. In the end, it was the side of King that came out victorious, and thus power shifted into his evil hands. 

Or so it was thought...

While in many of the posts students are remembering the good times, there are also a number of those who seem sad that there may not be a skirmish event this year. King seems completely against participating in another war for the students of Aldebast, instead sulking in his dark palace atop a frozen hilltop due to not having received his prize. In an unfortunate turn of events, the trophy that was to be given to the winning leader of the war was stolen before the ending ceremony the previous year, and its whereabouts are still unknown. Many seem to think he’s just being a grinch, but there is one person who seems adamant about cheering up the old cranky bird’s spirits and trying to find a way for everyone to have fun this year despite the circumstances. 

Whoever it is has been trying to rally people together, and has set up a meeting spot for those interested to convene and discuss plans. Everyone interested in helping is invited! It couldn't hurt to travel over to Aldebast and have a look around Snowstar Village. It's always lively this time of year, so could turn out to be fun!



★ Event Prompts and Story ★

A new prompt along with more story will become available each day or so as the story progresses until all prompts are revealed and the story concludes!
Each prompt can be completed one time per user.

A prompt can still be done when the next one opens up. 

Prompts must be completed in order.
You get rewards for each prompt you complete!


★ The First Night

Chapter 1

11 by Browbird

To those who are setting foot into Snowstar for the first time, it has a different feeling from most other cities dotted across the Celestial Seas. There is a much quieter atmosphere, and to those who attend the college, this place is like a second home. A town brightly lit by the lights decorating the buildings, and the glowing lamps and patterns covering each walkway. All of this illuminates the nearby white snow and reflects vibrant shades of blue and purple during the long nights. 

The Castella Cafe is right near where the trains let off in Snowstar, so it's not too hard to find.

Upon entering the Cafe, the warmth of the fire and smell of baked goods offers a nice break from traveling the cold astral oceans. It's obvious that it's a bit busier here than it might normally be, but luckily there are still some seats available. It seems that those here now have arrived earlier than expected, or maybe the one who invited everyone here is running late... 
Whatever the case, it leaves time to order a drink and relax for a while before getting in on whatever the students of Aldebast have planned this year. 

There's a clear sense of anticipation from most in the cafe as they chatter among themselves about what's to come.

Castella Cafe by Browbird

★ Prompt 1 || Castella Cafe

Draw or write your character visiting the Castella Cafe.
Why did they decide to come? How do they feel about this situation? Do they order a specific kind of food or drink? Do they go alone, or meet up with friends?


The cafe is a warm and cozy place that's especially popular among the students of Aldebast. There is a crackling fire, freshly made food and drinks, and an overall inviting atmosphere. The walls and shelves are decorated in photos, posters, lights, and all kinds of little trinkets that the owners have collected over the years. It's open fairly late, so you can stop by almost any time if you need a place to relax out of the cold.

★ Completion Reward 

Standard Stargold Payouts
+ The Frostfall Badge 
+ Ability to enter once into the raffle! 
(Please check raffle post for more info for details on how to enter)
Item 001 Stargold by BrowbirdBadge 006 Frostfall by Browbird

Chapter 2

Finally the one organizing this whole thing shows up, though she doesn't seem anything like what one would expect. A short browbird with curly hair and arms full of STUFF. She actually falls trying to get in the door, evident by the frantic chiming of the cafe door's bell. She makes her way towards a small stage near the back of the cafe, a place that's likely intended as somewhere students can come to perform music and poems. The browbird stumbles again on her way onto the stage before finally trying to get everyone's attention, not realizing that they already have it.

korelon NPC by Browbird

If NPC text does not display properly, please try to resize your window until it does!


Kore 4 by Browbird

“H-Hello everyone! Thank you all for coming! I was a little worried the word didn’t get out far enough, but thankfully a lot of you still showed up. My name is Korelon and I'm the one who has been trying to get everyone to come here, I'm a student at Aldebast.”

She's kind of puffing up her face and trying to seem confident... But it's obvious that she's nervous. The bird takes a moment to take a deep breath and calm herself down. Public speaking is pretty tough!

She starts speaking again, and seems a bit more confident now.


Kore 1 by Browbird

“Okay! For those who aren't aware of the full situation, that's totally okay! I'll catch everyone up real fast.  Basically, if you weren't here last year... The war was pretty awesome, but it kind of ended in a disaster for my friend. Well he's also a part time instructor at the university kind of? And just generally weirdo who a bunch of people have come to know and tolerate!”


Kore 1 by Browbird

“So everyone at Aldebast knows the competition at the end of the year that pits "good" and "evil" against each other. It's not winter break without a good fight. But this year King, the one with that big, dark castle out in the woods, won’t participate because he’s still super duper upset that his trophy was stolen last year. It still hasn't been found and he won't take any replacements, something about how it has ~power~ he wants to get his hands on. But that's the problem, see... We can't have a fight if one of the team leaders is being a big baby.”


Kore 2 by Browbird

“He's SUPER weird and silly, but a lot of us living here have come to kinda like the guy. He was so popular that his team won last year, so that must count for something! Soooo I was thinking maybe we could band together to do something about it and bring that Frostfall cheer back to Aldebast.

So here's my plan...”


Kore 1 by Browbird

"I’m going to head over to Bloodfrost Keep, King's house, and convince him to stop moping around, then I'll send him into town on errands to distract him. While I'm off doing that, it's the job of everyone here to gather up decorations, gifts, and supplies from the market. It's on the next street over, it's hard to miss. Oh, and don't worry about me! I'll be fine, I visit there all the time because King is lonely and he'll basically do my assignments for me."


Kore 2 by Browbird

“And make sure to recruit more people to help us out with this, the more people we can get the better this will be. Don't worry about paying for everything either, just tell the shopkeepers that it's all on King's tab. It works every time when I go and buy things, that guy is stupid rich. I'll trust that you guys won't just spend all his money, I'm sure it'll be fiiiine.”


Kore 3 by Browbird

“Oh and besides, if we cheer him up, maybe he’ll stop taking blood from students, and people may stop vanishing when they go into the woods! Plus it'll be a party at a giant castle, wouldn't that be awesome! 

Anyway! I'll meet back up with everyone here tomorrow night. So don't be late! ”


She gives a firm, enthusiastic nod, obviously satisfied with how well she did speaking to everyone. She spends a while chatting and enjoying some donuts from the cafe for the night, but she heads out early to begin the ultimate plan. Operation: Cheer up King "grinch" has begun!


★ Second Night

Chapter 3

With the dawn of a new day, it’s time to put Korelon’s plan into action. The request was fairly straightforward: set off for the market in Snowstar on a quest to buy lots and lots and LOTS of stuff. Enough to decorate an entire dreadful castle in the woods. From what the others are saying, it would take loads of decorations and presents to fill that thing up, let alone ‘deck the halls’. Thankfully, there's a full day to figure out what to buy.

Being so close to the cafe and most inns means that this section of town is quite a lively and bustling place - it may be a good idea to hold on tight to your purchases, lest they get lost after an unfortunate bump from those in the dense crowds!

Snowstar Market by Browbird

★ Prompt 2 || Snowstar Market

Draw or write your character exploring the marketplace.
What kind of shops does your character check out? What do they buy? Do they get lost in the crowds, or perhaps find themself wandering the cramped alleyways between the stores. What do they end up finding at the market?

Perhaps your character is the type to steal, or maybe they prefer trading? They could even be a shopkeeper themself!


Snowstar Market is a huge outdoor shopping area that spans the entire length of one of snowstar's main streets. Stores and booths of all kinds line the sides of the road, from simple tents to large magical buildings that are mysteriously bigger on the inside. This time of year it's especially crowded with people gathering sing songs, see shows, admire the displays, and most importantly... Shop for gifts. 

The street itself is covered in glowing patterns, and the buildings here are especially embellished with all manner of festive decorations. There are large display windows showing off anything from food, to toys, to magical items, to weapons! 

While visiting, picking up a gift for yourself couldn't hurt...

★ Completion Reward 

Standard Stargold Payouts
+ Your choice between x1 Giant Snowflake or x1 Moss Cake
Item 001 Stargold by Browbird
Item 008 Giant Snowflake by BrowbirdItem 053 Moss Cake by Browbird
Please be sure to specify which reward item you want when submitting.

Chapter 4

Everyone meets back up at the cafe again, though there are so many people that folks can barely get in and out the door. Korelon is already there this time, waiting for most of the participants to show up before she addresses the group. 


Kore 3 by Browbird

“Did you all have much luck finding stuff? It certainly looks like it was a success, so thank you guys. This will be perfect!

The next order of business is making our way to the castle then. Everyone please gather around as closely as you can, this part is important!”

She seems to have been busy in her absence. Her hair appears messier than usual and grasped in her hand is an old, worn out map rolled tightly and wrapped with string. 

She unfurls the map and begins pointing at various pathways through the woods and explaining the next step in the master plan.


Kore 1 by Browbird

“Right, so the next we need to make our way to Bloodfrost Keep. Though this won't be the easiest thing. We gotta go through Blackpine Forest to get there, and that place is no joke with all the mysterious deaths that have happened there in the past.”


Kore 2 by Browbird

“Actually it's not that mysterious, King actually has a pretty dangerous defense system that targets anyone who goes too far into the woods, because he's afraid people will steal his ice or something? But we won't have to worry about that, my plan accounted for it. He disabled them all at my request without suspecting a thing since he's really gullible, hehehe...”


Kore 1 by Browbird

“The only thing we have to worry about is the cold, and the dark, but that won't be a problem when we're all together like this. I hope you're all prepared for a hike!”


★ Third Night

Chapter 5

Korelon's descriptions of the forest did not do much to prepare the group for just how cold and unsettling it was. 
Some complained of feeling eyes peering at them through the dark, or of seeing large shapes shifting just past their line of sight. To make matters worse, whenever someone would go to check, there would never be anything there.

Through some miracle there is just enough space on the path to fit carts of supplies, though many members of the group take it upon themselves to carry sacks and boxes full of goods. When the group begins to lose some steam, Korelon decides to call for a break in a large clearing in the forest. In no time there is a blazing bonfire set within a circle of stones, and large logs are arranged in a circle so that people might sit and speak with their fellow expeditioners. Spirits soar and laughter rings through the clearing as tails are dried and paws begin to thaw.

8 by Browbird

★ Prompt 3 || Blackpine Forest

Draw or write your character venturing through the blackpine forest.
How does your character feel about the forest, are they afraid? Or perhaps they are the type to enjoy hikes through a dark and chilly woods. Do they spot anything interesting in the forest? Are they keeping warm? 


The further you are from the town, the more frozen and weighted down with snow the trees become. The forest out here is incredibly dense and dark, only allowing trickles of moonlight through the frozen forest ceiling. Though this isn't where the name "Blackpine" comes from. Rather, the bark and needles of all the trees here are naturally as black as the void itself and radiates a sinister magical aura.

Occasionally a large figure can be spotted in the woods resting in the snow, one of King's deactivated frost constructs from the defense systems. Aside them those beasts, other wildlife is scarce. This place certainly has an ominous vibe to it...

In the distance upon a jagged, icy cliff  a dark castle looms.

★ Completion Reward 

Standard Stargold Payouts
+ Choice between x1 Sparkling Cider and x1 Starcandy Soda
Item 001 Stargold by Browbird
Item 054 Sparkling Cider by BrowbirdItem 055 Starcandy Soda by Browbird
Please be sure to specify which reward item you want when submitting.

Chapter 6

The final stretch of this journey is up a winding path that leads high into the snowy cliffs. After a long and arduous trek, the caravan of goodies and gifts finally makes its way to the front of Bloodfrost Keep. Anyone could infer that the castle was massive from a distance, but standing before it would fill anyone with a sense of intimidating dread. Towering dark walls made of pristine black ice coat the exterior of the building, making it clear that this castle was crafted from its surroundings by someone with immense magical prowess. The entrance looms like a gaping maw, a bone freezing chill seeming to leech any warmth leaking from the bundled group. It doesn’t help that the wind is howling, making it difficult to hear what others are saying. 

Some seem hesitant to enter, but Korelon urges the group once more, striding up to the front doors and pushing them open as if it was her own home.


Kore 2 by Browbird

“C’mon! It’s time to get this place decked out! We only have so much time before he realizes I tricked him and he comes sulking back!”


★ Final Night

Chapter 7

Upon entering the castle, elaborate decor can be spotted in every direction. Chandeliers hang elegantly from the ceiling ,while the walls boast intricately weaved tapestries. Despite the posh furnishing, the surroundings feel anything but homey, This place is cold, empty, even the many lanterns lining the halls remain unlit. 

Many are left with a sense of hopelessness for what's to come; even with everyone working together, surely they couldn't possibly make this place even remotely inviting. 

As if she sensed the concern, Korelon makes her way up a set of stairs, stopping when she was able to see everyone clearly.  


Kore 2 by Browbird

"Alright everyone, we've made it safe and sound! I know it looks like a lot of work, but as long as we work together, we can do this!"

Feeling a little more encouraged by Korelon's words and positive attitude, the group begins to tentatively decorate. It doesn't take long to see that the goal is definitely possible, and many begin to enjoy the process as they help one another. 

The main focus seems to be the large entryway you find yourself in past the front doors, then the halls, and finally special care and attention is given to the large ballroom near the very center of the castle. With a bit of love, it'll shape up to be the perfect place for the bulk of the party.


Kore 2 by Browbird

“Keep doing your best everyone, It won't be long until King will be here, so get this done!"

After a few hours of work, everyone finally winds down to take in the results...

Frostfall Celebration by Browbird

★ Prompt 4 || Frostfall Celebration

Draw or write your character celebrating frostfall at Bloodfrost Keep.
How do they feel about parties, are they having fun? Do they give gifts to others, or perhaps enjoy the food, or maybe they love to dance and perform? Are they the type to cause problems and start fights, or maybe they get caught up telling stories at the food table, or perhaps they're shy and like to hide out neat the corners of the festivities. 


Normally Bloodfrost Keep is a dreary place, but with the help of everyone decorating it there's a much lively feeling now. Bright multicolored lights illuminate the shimmering floors made of ice, and the light reflections bounce to make the entire room seem as if it were glowing. 

The ballroom itself is multi tiered with a ceiling made of icy glass windows that allow party goers to see the stars above. There's several tables near the center of the room with all kinds of delicious food that everyone worked together to prepare. The crowning jewel is the massive "Happy Frostfall" cake that everyone is eager to cut into.

★ Completion Reward 

Standard Stargold Payouts
+1 Extra entry into the kitbull raffle (please check raffle post for details on how to enter)
+1 Giftbox of your choice that can be opened during the event!
(Shining Light Box, Golden Star Box, or Blue Snowflake Box)
Item 001 Stargold by Browbird
Item 057 Shimmering Light Box by BrowbirdItem 058 Golden Star Gift by BrowbirdItem 059 Blue Snowflake Present by Browbird
If you found hidden gifts, you are still able to claim one of these gifts on your forth prompt.
After choosing it will be opened right away!
Please be sure to specify which reward item you want when submitting.

Chapter 8

Kore stands on the second tier balcony, overlooking the ballroom. She seems to be trying to get everyone's attention. She has a grin on her face, seeming proud of this plan coming to fruition.


Kore 2 by Browbird

“Alright guys, King should be back any minute from the quest I sent him on! Heheheh...” 


Kore 2 by Browbird

“In case you’re wondering, I totally sent him to get donuts, but I told all the donut shops to lock the doors… It’s genius! He’s so dumb there’s no way he’d come back before the time I told him without them!”


Kore 2 by Browbird

“Now, everyone hurry and hide! I gotta make sure he doesn’t see anyone else here when he arrives! We don't need need another incident!”

With the stage set, the entirety of the party rush to hide in any place they can find! After lots of hard work and effort, most of the castle's first floor has been covered in gorgeous ribbons, holly, ornaments, presents, and all sorts of magical decorations. What were once frozen, hollow hallways have been filled to the brim with Frostfall cheer, breathing life into a place that seemed rather empty and forlorn only hours before. 

Now there was only one thing left to achieve: surprising the grumpy old grinch, King, and hopefully cheering him up from his gloom.

It’s not long until Korelon is at the front doors, and soon they swing open, revealing none other than the very tall, very loud, and very… odd King, the ruler of the Bloodfrost Keep. The sudden throwing open of the doors kicked up snow from the outside, giving him a very grand sort of entrance, and he stands with his chest puffed with a very nice pink box carefully set atop long fingers in his hand. He doesn’t even open his eyes, immediately starting to talk with the assumption Korelon is before him (and thankfully, she is).

Browbird 262 King by Browbird


King 2 by Browbird

“Can you believe all the donut places were closed?! Those incompetent peasants tried to tell me they had nothing in stock! So I forced my way inside. Amazing how willing they were to cooperate after they realized a single, pathetic door couldn’t stop ME.” 

He seems thoroughly annoyed, as if the very concept of anyone inconveniencing him was appalling. 

Korelon speaks to him in a very familiar way, she's as happy as ever. If this girl is nervous, she's doing a great job at hiding it. 


Kore 2 by Browbird

"You… didn’t hurt anyone, right? If you stabbed someone again, I'll stop talking to you, okay?"


King 4 by Browbird

“Tch! Of course not. You only told me to get donuts! Besides, Elsinon would…”

There’s a momentary pause as he looks up, realizing that his once humble abode has now been coated in… Frostfall decor. His expression immediately twists into surprise, and then to anger.


King 5 by Browbird

“What. s this?! 

What did you do to my -”


Kore 2 by Browbird

“Don't worry about it! Just shut up and come with me! I promise it’s worth it! You don't gotta be mad!” 

Korelon grabs his arm, quickly leading him through the halls and towards the main area of the event, the ballroom. Despite his grumbles about the colors, King doesn’t protest and allows her to show him the way.

Before opening the doors, Korelon knocks on it two times, very swift and sharp, and then throws the doors open. Immediately as they swing, students of Aldebast and visitors of Frostfall alike leap out from their hiding spots, showering confetti and yelling “SURPRISE!!!!” The whole ballroom is decorated beautifully, with a large, perfectly adorned tree in the back. A long table sits in the center that’s covered in presents of all kinds, and there is a huge cake!

It’s clear from his expression that this all is a lot to take in, so he looks at Korelon, confused. Thankfully, she’s cuts him off before he even gets a chance to start. 


Kore 1 by Browbird

“We all worked really hard to put on a party for you, silly! You've been so bummed about no trophy from last year, so we thought maybe throwing you this big party with lots of presents and decorations would make you feel a little better! Yanno, like a winner. Since you were a winner, and deserve aaaaall the prize. Oh, and everyone loves to party! Maybe you could try talking to people and getting to know folks better instead of locking yourself in your house all day. Oh, did I mention how much of a winner you are?”

There’s another long pause of silence as he considers Kore's words. King will stands up straighter, puffing his chest again, a grin on his face. Somehow, what she said seems to have convinced him.


King 2 by Browbird

“Yes... Well. It’s about TIME I was recognized as the winner I am. I DO deserve all the prizes don't I!? I suppose I can ignore the tresspassing and vandalism to my castle just this once… I will allow it. This common rabble better have brought sufficient gifts and offerings to me, their ki-”


Kore 3 by Browbird

“You hear that guys!? The party is on! Let's goooo!”

Immediately a cheer breaks out from the crowd and the music starts. Before King can get into one of his monologues, Korelon shoves him inside the room to start the festivities. The cake is cut, food is served, and as the night progresses, even fireworks are launched! It’s a party for the ages, and everyone seems to be having a wonderful time, even the grinch himself is in high spirits. 

Perhaps, in this show of care that he was unfamiliar with, it would cause his heart to grow just a bit more that night.

★ The end! ★

Even though the story has concluded, you can still enter the prompts in order.
We hope you enjoyed this Frostfall tale!


★ Loot Drop Chance

Item 030 Ethereal Essence by BrowbirdItem 029 Celestial Orb by BrowbirdItem 011 Shimmering Egg by Browbird

For each entry submitted there is a...
10% Chance to find x1 Ethereal Essence
10% Chance to find x1 Celestial Orb
5% Chance to find x1 Shimmering Egg

★ Mysterious Gifts ★

Each year the giftbull, a mysterious giant longbull, roams around Aldebast and the nearby moons. It leaves behind all manner of gifts from the mundane to wonderful. If you keep an eye out, you may find one!

Kitbull 51 by Browbird

When each prompt is revealed, soon after there will be gifts hidden around DA for users to find!
They'll be hidden around places relating directly to Celestial Seas, and the AgentCorrina account. 
Anyone can come across these gifts and claim one, but you have to be quick!
You do NOT need a Celestial Seas design to claim gifts.

Note: Any MYO slots and designs made from them that were obtained from gifts CANNOT be traded or sold.
All ITEMS obtained from boxes are not soulbound and can be exchanged normally.


✦ Each gift location can be commented on by up to 3 different users.
✦ You can only claim one (1) gift per night.
✦ You can claim up to two (2) hidden gifts TOTAL over the course of the event
✦ You can claim two gifts of the same type or two of a different type
✦ Each gift has a specific loot pool, with rarer items dropping less often.
✦ Gifts will be hidden at various times each "night" so that more users have a chance to find them!

When you find a valid gift location, please comment on it! If you made it in time, you'll be redirected to a claim comment. Once you comment there to open your box, you'll get a gift! Gifts range anywhere from a small amount of stargold, to trait items, to MYO slots!

Giftboxes will be lost a few days after the end of the event, so be sure you open them right away!

You can discuss the event, share discovered gift locations, and help each other find gifts in our discord!


★ First Night 

3 Gifts will be hidden on December 22nd at 12:00 AM EST (midnight)
Item 057 Shimmering Light Box by BrowbirdItem 059 Blue Snowflake Present by BrowbirdItem 057 Shimmering Light Box by Browbird

All of the first night's gifts have been claimed!

★ Second Night 

3 Gifts will be hidden on December 22nd at 12:00 PM EST (noon)
Item 059 Blue Snowflake Present by BrowbirdItem 058 Golden Star Gift by BrowbirdItem 059 Blue Snowflake Present by Browbird

All of the second night's gifts have been claimed!

★ Third Night 

3 Gifts will be hidden on December 23rd at 10:30 PM EST
Item 058 Golden Star Gift by BrowbirdItem 057 Shimmering Light Box by BrowbirdItem 058 Golden Star Gift by Browbird

All of the third night's gifts have been claimed!

★ Frostfall Raffle

After completing your first prompt entry, you can enter into the kitbull raffle by commenting on the raffle deviation!
You can also enter for the painted satyr design by drawing a gift art piece.

Be sure to read all the raffle rules and details to find out how to enter for these designs on the raffle post below. 
{Frostfall Raffle} Closed! by AgentCorrina

★ Winter Design Bonus

All official winter designs from any year will grant +1 Bonus Stargold each when included in an entry for this event. 
For writing, this only applies to the focus character.

All eligible designs for this bonus can be found HERE!
Remember to ask before using someone else's character in your entry.

All designs from this years advent also count towards this bonus! Be sure to check out the advent lineup here:
{Advent} Frostfall 2019 by AgentCorrina



★ How to Participate in the Event! ★

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Submit your entries to the Frostfall Event Folder!

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✦ A "full detailed background" bonus would require an entire scene, check the stargold payouts for examples on what counts.

✦ If you wish to gain any item bonuses/buffs from items you own you must clearly show your character holding, wearing, or using the item in some way! It doesn't need to be actively in use, but showing at least part of the item, even on the character's clothing, will count.

✦ A companion or mount included on your entry must belong to you to count for stargold.

✦ Well will not accept traced or plagiarized work for prompt submissions! All art and writing submitted must be original.


 You may...

✦ Draw or write your entry! You can also create comics and animation!
✦ Include other characters in your drawn entries! To count for extra stargold, at least 50% of them must be showing and they should not be so far away that a lot of their detail is lost. You can use your own characters, or check here to see who is available! You are also free to ask in our discord to include characters in entries!
✦ Write up to a soft cap of 2200 words!
✦ Include your companions and mounts! 
✦ Include valid items if you own them!

 You can include up to one clothing item, one use item, and one companion in an entry.


You can check the group shop for all winter items from this year and previous years!

★ Credits

Event Scenario by AgentCorrina and twinsphinx 
Writing by twinsphinx, AgentCorrina, bwapple, witchyr 
A big thank you to SIeepyBears for collaborating with me on location assets!
Thank you also to bwapple for submitting a design to be raffled!

Thank you for the patience as we worked on this event! We are very excited for the full story to be revealed. Apologies for the delay in posting the event due to IRL circumstances, we hope you will enjoy it!

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to ask here or in our discord!

This event will conclude on January 25th at 11:59PM EST!

© 2019 - 2023 Celestial-Seas
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Thank you everyone for participating!