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Festival Flyer by Browbird

This is part 1.5!

Sor Solir is usually, for most, a planned venture. Many wait eagerly for the heat to dwindle and the tides to subside, revealing a beautiful, sandy shore paradise. For some, it was a different story. This year, there were many adventurers who had not originally made plans to take this trip. There were stories of a tall, mysterious figure handing out flyers to a "Private Beach-Bash Extravaganza", or mysterious postcards being sent to particularly well known adventurers. It's also possible that many of these new visitors caught the the posters hung around cities several stars away, or came across discussions on the starnet.

There were also some already here who had planned to visit anyway, just going about their vacation like any normal person would. Someone tall, with an entire dark outfit and a hat that casts their face in shadow has been seen approaching some at the seaside festival or in the Sor Solir capital and offering some kind of flyer. Once it was accepted, they would take their leave.

The flyer itself is lovely, with paper that is smooth to the touch, and the edges looking as if they were dipped in actual gold. Depictions of the festivities accompanied by fancy golden calligraphy cover the page. The centerpiece of the flyer is an illustration of a browbird, arms spread, as though to welcome you to the celebration through the image itself. At the bottom of the flyer large words are written: INVITE ONLY!

As far as those who get these things are aware, this flyer counts as an invite to something taking place at the beach during the festival. The details are vague, but many decide to go anyway out of curiosity.

Perhaps you will decide to attend as well?


Those who head to the beach will be allowed into a guarded area in front of the grand central stage that has now been roped off from the surrounding festival. Earlier it had been used for the live musical performances, but everything around it has quieted down considerably. The ones in attendance waiting to see what will happen clearly look like more than just tourists, these are the ones who came for adventure. Though there are a few scattered in who might have slipped by the guards, or wound up here by accident somehow.

The air is charged with an energy different from a party, while you can still hear the sounds of laughter and smell the cooking food of the festival. Near the stage is a more subdued commotion as onlookers eagerly, or skeptically wait to see what happens.

Some may notice a particular browbird strolling around through the crowd, towards the stage as two large body guards follow closely behind him, the guards have a similar appearance to the one who had been handing out the invitations. A glance from the flyer up to his face would answer any questions about who he might be.


Mosaic by Browbird

His name is Mosaic.

A wealthy individual made evident by his fine dress, he is covered in shining rainbow scales that sparkle in the sunlight, and his hair seems to flow in nonexistent wind as he moves.

He's the one who rented out the entire beach to host this festival, the one hosting this whole thing.

"You made it!" He says to one attendee. "I was most delighted when I was made aware you received one of my invitations."

" Don't look so confused, I've heard of your deeds. Or well... your knack for completing deeds." He says to another adventurer trying to question him.

"All questions will be answered soon." He tells the people. And with that he will continue to make his way to the stage, with his two bodyguards making sure the path is clear for him.


The browbird makes his way onto the stage and will stand at the very center, with his two guards standing by the entryways to the stage. When things quiet down more he starts to speak.

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hello by Browbird

Hello, hello, and good day to all. I want to thank each and every one of you for attending my party. It's an honor for you all to be here~!

Oh, but how rude of me! I have yet to properly introduce myself, though I'm sure most of you are already aware."


im fabulous by Browbird

"I am Mosiac, a connoisseur of fine arts and luxuries, and a personal fan of large parties and expeditions. Some may know me as a benefactor of large scale guild efforts, and the host of my own private adventuring organization.

I am well aware of who most of you are so your introductions won't be necessary. Your status must speak for itself if you're standing here before me."


hehehe by Browbird

"This is only the first announcement I will be making, with another to follow soon. I wouldn't want to intrude on your enjoyment of my amazing splendors for long of course, but I felt it would be terribly rude to keep such important guests waiting for too long.

First, I want to say that I have something planned for all of you. Something to test your skills. A puzzle, if you will. It will be a group effort, so I'm fortunate that so many capable people were interested~"


hello by Browbird

"You see, I have made quiet a large discovery in this very bay. And yes, I could have had my own exploration company handle it privately, but where would be the fun in that? Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to have a party? To invite people from all across the stars?

This way more people could have the chance to shine, to show off their skill!

I won't go into all the details just yet, but there is likely treasure hiding right beneath our noses. Treasure of the mysterious Astreans.


hehehe by Browbird

"Somewhere within the nearby sea there is a hidden Astrean temple sealed away. This treasure is something incredibly valuable, unlike anything seen in hundreds of years. Rare artifacts, priceless relics, perhaps long sought answers to questions we have about the Astrean people?

Oh, but how do I know any of this is true, you may wonder? "

He gives a small chuckle.


hello by Browbird

"Well... For those interested in pursuing this treasure alongside me, I will be making another announcement soon where I will be able to explain more.

The time of my next announcement is on the flyer. It would be wise not to miss it, else you may miss out on your chance to take home some treasure of your own.

That would be much more interesting to bring home than a regular souvenir, yes?"


ugh peasant by Browbird

"Oh, another thing I must say before we conclude this short meeting.

Please avoid delving into too much conversation about this event with any sparkly, rainbow-haired backpackers. You may meet a friendly one during your time here, but it would be wise to keep your distance for now.

People like that tend to cause trouble for parties like this, and no one wants a party pooper!"


im fabulous by Browbird

"For now, though, I would love for all of you to enjoy yourselves! The music will begin again shortly, and I do recommend stopping by the food stands or to try some of our games!

If that doesn't suit you, perhaps pass some time in the town. You'll have plenty of time to make it back here before we move forward with things.

Thank you for coming, everyone! I hope you enjoy your stay here~!"

The browbird gives a charming smile before exiting the stage. The crowd that gathered will slowly disperse and the festivities will resume full force. Talk of this announcement will spread around the festival and city for the next few days, even those who did not originally attend may be interested in checking it out now, whether through official means or by sneaking in.

Many are left wondering what sort of treasure could be hiding beneath the sea?

Some Details:
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Sor Solir is a cove many wait on baited breath to visit. For most of the year this place is basked in the harsh sun of the scorching season, or surrounded by the dangerous high tides common to the homeworld of browbirds. In the few months out of the year where the forces of nature subside, it is a popular tourist attraction for all that wish to loung

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To be continued...
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