{Event Conclusion} A Kitbull Catastrophe

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a kitbull catastrophe END banner by Browbird

★ Part Three || Event Conclusion


Through everyone's efforts the great beast has finally been defeated! Worn out and beaten, it sulks off to somewhere else on Novis. It won't be bothering kitbulls anytime soon!

The three kitbulls are thankful for your help and let you know with all manner of chirps, peeps, and toots. After you finish your celebration, the kitbulls take on a determined vibe and head off again in the same direction they had been headed earlier. You decide to continue following them, just in case another hungry monster thinks it can get lucky.

You are lead through a massive field of colorful grasses, and slowly you start to notice something in the distance. A building? No... A house! It is the first house you've seen on this island-world.

Novis Rainbow Ranch by Browbird

You trudge through the field to approach the house. As you get closer it more clearly resembles some kind of farmhouse or ranch. The place has plants growing everywhere and tons of little creatures, including other kitbulls, playing and running through the lush grasses!

There's a rough dirt path that leads all the way to a large porch and simple wooden doorway, and it's obvious this is where the kitbulls are heading.

Do they live here...?

No one appears to be around, but that won't stop the kitbulls! They scuttle right up the steps to the door and start scratching at it and making small peeps to get the attention of whoever might be inside. After a few moments, the door opens and a young browbird pokes their head out. They take one look at the three kitbulls sitting before them before shoving the door open excitedly!

"It's you three! By the stars I didn't think I'd see you trouble makin' tater totters again! Where did y'all get off to, huh!? You know that it's dangerous off the ranch ya-"

It seems she's finally noticed that there's not just kitbulls at her door. When she sees you she breaks into a big smile and rushes right over, arms open wide for a big bear hug! But she stops herself at the last minute and looks sheepish.

"Sorry 'bout that, I'm just so relieved! You have no idea how worried I've been about these skeddadlin' scoundrels! They run off every chance they get these days, even though here on the ranch they got plenty to eat, and plenty of friends to keep them company, plenty of everything! I guess some critters have a hankerin' for adventure."

She sighs. Shakes her head a little.

Browbird 314 by Browbird

Nevi1 by Browbird Nevi ______________________________

"Oof there I go again though! Goin' and forgettin' my manners. I'm Nevi! I own this ranch. I'm sure you guessed what it is we do here of course! Raising kitbulls and other little magical critters. We established this place a few years back to help with the declining spawn rates of these lil' fellas. Somethin' is really messing with them there magical energies making fewer and fewer kitbulls show up. And whatever it is its also disturbing magic-eaters too..."
"I assume you must have encountered ol' pinky out there? Y'know, the big fluffy thing. Its called an Archound actually! We raise them here on the ranch too from time to time. They're usually really sweet, smart fellas but lately the wild ones have been acting up. Hunting further and further from their home on the other side of Novis. And there's been abandoned pups being found left and right!"

Nevi3 by Browbird Nevi ______________________________

"My own companion is an archound actually, so it saddens me to see the big fellas doing so poorly out there. It also makes it dangerous for the more adventurous kitbulls living here, since they're easy targets for someone looking for a nice magical snack. I wish I knew what was going on, but I haven't been able to find anything"

Nevi2 by Browbird Nevi ______________________________

"Ah... Anyhow! Thank you for your help in chasing that thing off and bringing these three home. I dunno why you did it, but I'm sure it's cuz you're a nice fella. I guess I should give you something for all your hard work, but before all that why not come in and have some tea with me!


She invites you into her home! You enjoy some nice stardusted tea and a good, long chat.


After some time spent talking with Nevi you exchange contact information. She lets you know that you're always welcome to visit the ranch for some tea and a chat. She finally gives you the tight bear hug that she had been saving since earlier, and mentions that if anything else happens she'll send a message out to let folks know to come on back to Novis to help out if ya have the time. You have the odd feeling that this may come sooner than expected...

If you'd like to chat with Nevi more, a limited time mini RP "event" is taking place below! Respond to Nevi's comment if you would like to ask questions in character and she may answer if she can!

The Results


Overall, users submitted 58 entries combined with 30 taking place in the forest, and 28 in the garden.
There was 1062 damage done in the forest, while 947 was dealt in the gardens, totalling out to 2009! That's 1009 overkill damage, you guys are powerful!


Badge 001 A Kitbull Catastrophe by Browbird
✦ Participation Award || A Kitbull Catastrophe Achivement Badge!
All users who participated in either part of the event can display this shiny achievement badge on their character pages!

There will be a great place to show it off in the future as well, so keep an eye out!

Item 004 Crystallar Stargold by Browbird
✦ The Main Effort! || 25 Stargold!
The ones who helped take down the beast are all given a nice sum of money from Nevi as a thank you for your help. I guess kitbull ranching is a lucrative business?
This is for everyone who submitted an entry before the final blow was dealt. IE: before the beast hit 0 HP!


Item 001 Stargold by Browbird
The top damage dealers || 5 Stargold
We decided to change how this was done due to how many entries were submitted! Three winners from both locations with the highest damage of each type!
Pepper-RPG with 23 damage using a weapon
PrincePompadour with 26 damage by using trapping skills
Clockrobber with 89 damage from a powerful magical attack

b4dly-dr4wn with 24 damage using a weapon
BottledWhimsy with 25 damage by using trapping skills
3DAri with 88 damage from a powerful magical attack

The Kitbulls by Browbird
✦ The Kitbulls || Frosty, Sunny, And Gloomy
The kitbulls do not seem interested in staying on the ranch, especially not after such an action packed day! While Nevi seems sad about it, she gives them the okay to go off and have fun. Each kitbull scampers over to the person they have felt the strongest connection to while you were helping them. They wish to join you on your adventures!
Frosty will be going to Sakurachan20
Sunny will be going to Acydia
Gloomy will be going to Caffeinated-Bee
These kitbulls are their own characters and can participate in prompts like any other kitbulls! These kitbulls cannot be traded normally or sold, but can be gifted to another user. You may also trade them for in-group items and currency with if you wish!

To get your full rez send me a note!

Archound 001 by Browbird
The beast || The Archound
As you head off you are stopped suddenly by the feeling of high tension in the air, you quickly look around and notice... The beast! You jump back and prepare yourself, expecting a round two of chasing and fighting! But that doesn't happen, instead it cautiously approaches you with curiosity in its eyes.

When it gets close it looks at you, and you feel a moment of understanding. The creature is sorry. It slowly bows its head to you. It seems as if the Archound wishes to join you on your adventures.
The beast will be going to Limesparrow!

This Archound is uncommon and has some special abilities! You have the option between two abilities each time you include it in an entry that will have loot rolls or battles.

--> Magic Tracking
Using it's furred tendrils it can sense magical energies. This will allow you to choose one magical item that you'd like to double your chances on for each entry with rolled loot! That item will be rolled with advantage.

--> Savage Attack
The beast will aid you in battle and deal 5 extra damage!

All mounts will gain various abilities that can be used to your advantage when questing and adventuring in the Celestial Seas! More information on mounts will be released soon.

The mysterious Prize || Babies!?
Three of you have stumbled across something quite interesting... Critters that appear to be pups from an archound! Following your intuition, you ended up taking the small babies back with you and decide to show them to Nevi to see if she has any advice.

She explains that, from what she knows, archounds would never just leave their pups unless something had happened to the parents. You were right to take them with you, as they could have easily been gobbled up by another creature. Though... Without anyone to care for them she urges you to take on the task! They can be a bit difficult to care for but they make great companions! She'd take them in but she's already got her hands full with other things. (And her own companion might get jealous)

If you take especially good care of them they can grow to be very powerful and reliable mounts!
Archound 003 by Browbird
Jaggerun has found a pup in the forest!

Archound 002 by Browbird
pepperzu has found a pup in the gardens!

Archound 004 by Browbird
acember stumbled upon the pup nearby after dealing the final blow to the beast!

These archound pups function as common companions, the same as all the other companions with the exception that they cannot be obtained from shimmering eggs. They will have the special option to be grown up into a full common archound mount through a special set of tasks that the owner can complete. More details will be released on mounts soon!

Ownership and bank payouts will be updated over the next few days! If a mistake is made or your rewards are not granted please comment on the bank or corresponding masterlist entries to let us know!

Updates + More

Some extra updates!

✦ There is an upcoming overhaul to how inventories are kept track of so keep an eye out!

✦ There is a repeatable set of quests planned to be released relatively soon, so there are more ways to earn items and stargold when there are not larger events going on!

✦ This was our first time doing written entries for an event so we wanted to test the waters. There will be tweaks made for future events!

✦ Thank you so much for participating everyone! The information we gathered from running this event will be used to make future events better, and will help push us closer to the main story release! I hope you all enjoyed the first of many mini story events to come!

If you have any questions or reviews of the event, please comment below! If you have suggestions for future events or any concerns, please go here or contact one of the admins directly!
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I really loved this event and how it brought the group together! The art and writing produced for all the entries were amazing and I loved looking at them. I loved all the discussions in the discord too. I really do like that writing is an option so it includes everyone!

I do agree with the points about rewards and bonuses for shading/animation.

I really liked the available rewards, there were some really cute companions available! I also really loved the replies to the entries for how much damage was caused/what was or wasn't effective, some of them got a laugh out of me.

The pups are so cute too and I love Nevi, I would protect her.

Congrats to the winners!!

Thank you so much for holding this event, it's easy to see how much work went into it and I can't wait to see what comes next!!