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Return To Candletown by Browbird

> Part 1 || Candleblight: Return to Candletown <

Part 2 || Candleblight: The Demon of Candletown


★ About Candleblight

After many adventures, it can be nice to take a trip to a warm and welcoming place. To some, Candletown is familiar while others may be making there way here for the first time. No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone is welcome to join in the festivities!

Candleblight is the name given to an anniversary of an event that took place long ago.

During this part of the cycle, the time many would call "autumn", it was thought that the boundaries between realms become thin at the start of the equinox. This theory was proven true as on that morning, demonic beasts from beyond the veil tore through into this reality. The sun eclipsed, and all magical lights were snuffed out, thrusting the people of this city into true darkness. This darkness began to spread outwards, slowly consuming other worlds.

Only non-magical, traditionally made candles could be used to light the way. The townspeople banded together to created more of these candles, and spread them around to every person within the city.

A hero of light and flame arose to the occasion to fight back the beasts to protect the town they call home, and all other worlds being threatened. However, despite their great strength they could not see the creatures and struggled fighting such powerful enemies on their own turf. Thus, they nearly fell in their first battle, smothered by the void.

It was near their final moments that they noticed a small, flickering light. And then another, and another. Soon, their entire surroundings was lit up by the people they swore to protect. They cheered the hero on, and through this they managed to work up the strength to push back the demonic foes, banishing the creatures back to where they once came in a heroic battle of burning brilliance above Candletown.

At the end of it all, it seems the hero had completely burned themself up in one final burst of magic as a heroic sacrifice. But their legacy lives on to this day, as every year in countless cities are illuminated by candles, as the hero's tale is reenacted and celebrated in flashy plays, large floats, costumes, candy, lanterns, and incredible displays of magic.


There are rumors that a terrifying demonic creature has been spotted lurking around the city this year and has been harassing festival goers and eating their candles! Perhaps a demon from long ago is seeking revenge on the city after suffering such a massive defeat.

Without hesitation, many adventurers who came to visit for the festivities decide take on the task of tracking down the beast to get to the bottom of this. Of course, if one was only here to have a good time that is fine as well!

Perhaps you will catch a glimpse of the mysterious shadowy being and reveal its true face.

★ Event Prompts

Candletown Canals by Browbird

★ Prompt 1 || Candletown Canals

Draw or write your character exploring the Candletown Canals.
What do they find down there? Do they spot any mysterious shadows? Do their lights go out, plunging them into darkness?


A demon could be hiding in the darker corners of Candletown, so naturally a good place to explore would be the canal tunnels that run under the city. There are many stretches of tunnels that are left dark and abandoned. These tunnels are slowly being overgrown with crystalline structures from magical lines that run through the earth, and many plants attracted to magical auras grow here.

You'll need good lights to explore this place, even if you have good dark vision. Just be warned, there are many places for a demon to hide, keep an eye out and don't let your guard down!

Gardens Of Light by Browbird

★ Prompt 2 || Gardens of Light

Draw or write your character exploring the Gardens of Light.
Does your character enjoy the garden? Do they get lost? Do they find any mysterious shadows, or is it simply a relaxing stroll?


Within the town is a large multi-tier outdoor garden that anyone is welcome to explore. While you can go during the day, visitors will find the best view in the evening when many of the plants begin to illuminate in beautiful oranges, golds, violets, and blues under the moon. During Candleblight, the garden is decorated with candles and lanterns for the occasion.

This is a peaceful place, but there has been reports of the mysterious demon visiting the highest point most nights for some reason. Maybe it will be there this night as well! Or perhaps you can discover what keeps drawing it there...

candletown festival NEW by Browbird

★ Prompt 3 || Candleblight Festival

Draw or write your character at the Candleblight Festival.
What do they do at the festival? Do they wear costumes to the festival? Perhaps they play festival games, or sit back and watch the fireworks.  Or maybe they try the festival food!


Enjoy Candleblight in Candletown-- I mean er... Stand guard to protect the town from the monster that has been sighted! But there shouldn't be any harm in enjoying the fireworks show, playing some festival games, and trying the food while you do...

The festival is bright and lively! Large crowds watch massive, magical floats reenact epic battles above the city with bursts of fireworks during their climactic moments. Lanterns and candles decorate every building, and many people attending are dressed like monsters or heroes! What will you do at the festival?

★ Finding the Mysterious Demon

Demon by Browbird

For every entry you submit, you can guess one feature of the demon alongside your submission.

AgentCorrina will respond separately to you if your guess was correct.

The demon's appearance has been uncovered and will be revealed soon, thank you for your hard work everyone! At that time, anyone who participates in this event will be able to claim +5 Bonus Stargold. Please await further details, and check back soon for a special addition!

Only single word guesses will be accepted, try not to overthink it!

Work together, look at what others have guessed, and consider using the event discussion channel in our discord!


Clue 1: What species is it?

The species has been discovered!
✦ Answer: Painted Satyr

Clue 2: What Color is it?

The colors have been discovered!
✦ Answer 1: Orange
✦ Answer 2: Purple

Clue 3: What was it wearing?

What they are wearing has been discovered!
✦ Answer 1: Cloak
✦ Answer 2: Bandages

★ Completion Rewards

This event allows you to complete any of the prompts one time each! The prompts can be done in any order.

The amount of entries you have done determines what rewards you get when submitting!

For completing prompts you get...

On your 1st Submission:

Standard Stargold Payouts
Entry into the raffle!
Candleblight Badge
Item 001 Stargold by BrowbirdBadge 002 Candleblight by Browbird
If you already have obtained the Candleblight Badge from last year's Candleblight event, you can instead gain +3 extra stargold on your first submission. Please let us know when submitting!

On your 2nd Submission:

Standard Stargold Payouts
x1 Butterfly Cloak of Wings
Item 001 Stargold by BrowbirdItem 047 Butterfly Cloak Of Wings by Browbird

On your 3rd Submission:

Standard Stargold Payouts
Choice between x1 Rosethorn Water and x1 Bottle of Moonlight Shine
Item 001 Stargold by Browbird
Item 050 Rosethorn Water by BrowbirdItem 051 Bottle Of Moonlight Shine by Browbird

On your third submission please specify which potion you want!


Loot Drop Chances

Item 048 Hemlock Horn by BrowbirdItem 049 Rose Of The Sun by Browbird

Item 011 Shimmering Egg by Browbird

Each entry for "Candletown Canals" has a 10% to find a x1 Hemlock Horn
Each entry for "Gardens of  Light" has a 10% chance to find x1 Rose of the Sun
Each entry for "Candleblight Festival" has a 10% to find either item!

Every entry for any location also has a 5% chance to find x1 Shimmering Egg.

Special Autumn Design Bonus

All official autumn and Halloween designs from any year will grant +1 Bonus Stargold each when included in an entry for this event.

All eligible designs for this bonus can be found here!

Remember to ask before using someone else's character in your entry.

Secret Prize

There is a secret prize somewhere...

★ Monthly Raffle

Every first entry submitted to this event will also enter you into the raffle for the Demonic Familiar Kitbull! The winner will be drawn when the event concludes.
{Event Raffle} Demonic Familiar [open] by AgentCorrina
A mysterious being who has been seen around Candletown. It was actually mistaken for the demon at first since it kept stealing things from shop stalls, but in the end it was captured quite easily. Once it was determined that the kitbull was harmless, the townspeople started spoiling it with festival goodies, so now it has a somewhat stuck up attitude... Won't someone take it home? Please?

★ How to Participate! ★

Choose any of the prompts given and create a drawing based off of it using Celestial Seas characters! You can do them in any order. You do not need to own a Celestial Seas character to participate!


Use this stargold guide to calculate your stargold earned on an entry!
{ARPG} Stargold Payouts!✦ Updates
April 13th 2020
--> Reintroduced and updated animation payouts!
--> Added the stargold calculator
March 1st 2020

--> Clarified what characters will count for prompts
January 29th 2020

--> Additional character bonus for drawn and comic entries has been changed to 5 max
--> Reduced word count requirement for extra story bonus on drawn entries
--> Increased word count bonus on written entries
--> Increased seasonal bonus for written entries
--> Added gift writing option
--> Updated Comic Payouts 
--> Added a new visual guide for background and character bonus
--> Reworded most information

Please keep in mind your payout estimate does not need to be accurate when submitting an entry, we will always let you know what your entry will earn when you submit!
All payouts in this journal are applied when the reward section states "Standard Stargold Payouts"!

Submit your entry to the Candleblight Event Folder!


Comment on this journal with your completed entry!

Include this information in your entry comment:
Do not change this format or your entry will not count.

Entry #: 1, 2, or 3
Location: Which area are you in?
Characters: please link to tracker(s) for all characters(s)!
Companions: link your companion or mount if one is used
Items: If you are using an item you have put it here!
Entry: link to your entry
Stargold Estimate:
Write your estimated total SG earned
- and include a breakdown of each bonus in list format.

<s>✦ Monster Guess: Please write your guess to one of the monster's features!</s>

★ Event Guidelines ★

✦ Every user is able to do each prompt once for a total of 3 entries.
✦ Prompts can be done in any order.
✦ You do not have to use the same character for every prompt!
✦ You can create a gift art entry featuring only characters from other users, this option is available to owners and non-owners alike!


To count, your submission must...

✦ Be full color if you are submitting a drawn entry
✦ Be at least 800 words if submitting a written entry
✦ Show at least 75% of your focus character in drawn entries
✦ Have at least simple background details in drawn entries that match what locations they are in.
✦ Clearly show or describe your character engaging with the prompt presented.

✦ A "full detailed background" bonus would require an entire scene, check the stargold payouts for examples on what counts.

✦ If you wish to gain any item bonuses/buffs from items you own you must clearly show your character holding, wearing, or using the item in some way! It doesn't need to be actively in use, but showing at least part of the item, even on the character's clothing, will count.

✦ A companion or mount included on your entry must belong to you to count for stargold.


You may...

✦ Draw or write your entry! You can also create comics and animation!
✦ Include other characters in your drawn entries! To count for extra stargold, at least 50% of them must be showing and they should not be so far away that a lot of their detail is lost. You can use your own characters, or check here to see who is available!
✦ Write up to a soft cap of 2200 words!
✦ Include your companions and mounts!
✦ Include valid items if you own them!

You can include up to one clothing item, one use item, and one companion in an entry.


If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to ask!

This event will conclude on November 9th at 11:59PM EST!

★ Group Updates

Halloween Designs
There are many designs planned for this season, many are being made by guest artists! Please be sure to check them out! Featuring one of this years halloween designs in your entry will also grant the special autumn bonus (+1 stargold each).

All designs will be available for preclaim on patreon!

Shop Additions
All the seasonal items from this event will also be available for purchase in the shop for a limited time! Along with this, last years event items will also be available. If you missed any Candleblight items, now is the time to pick them up!

Other Updates:
--> Many group journals have seen updates! More are planned as well to keep everything tidy and consistent across the group!
--> The Kitbull Section of the website has seen a small update to make the information more consistent with the currently released items!
--> The next trait quest should become available in November! Thank you so much for participating in the first quest!

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