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|| ★ Marketplace ★ || Item Exchange ||

The Grand Marketplace

As a contrast to the fancier, and more regulated shopping district, Centuary also hosts a massive market each day along one of the mains streets of the city. It's a maze of crowded shops offering goods from all across the stars that spans nearly an entire square mile of the city.

If you have goods to sell this is the place to do it, and you'll likely make a much higher profit than trying to sell it back to one of the regular stores. Just be sure to keep an eye on your wallet, as they often go missing when one tries to squeeze through the tight crowds.


★ What is the marketplace?
Here you can post an advertisement with a Celestial Seas item or service you wish to sell, or an item you are seeking and other users may respond to your comment to barter with you. It's a free market for celestial seas users to have fun with! You choose the prices, you choose what to sell!

You can also post in-character as well.

★ What sort of items can be sold or traded for?
All items must only relate to the Celestial-Seas group. Nothing can be sold for USD or unrelated species/designs/art/items from other groups at this time. If you are trading a design or art for USD or other artwork, please submit a trade journal to the group instead!


★ Here is a list of what you can advertise here: 

Celestial Seas Companions --> See all types Here

On-use items --> See all types Here

Clothing items --> See all types Here

Unused Trait Potions and trait items --> See all types Here

MYO slots purchased through the shopping district
MYO slots earned via rare drop on an entry
Official Celestial Seas Species Designs (for group items or currency only)
✦ Celestial Seas related artwork, related design work, or related writing
✦ Anything purchased through the shopping district
Items won through raffles (this is for ITEMS only, not MYO slots)


★  What can't you sell here? ★ 

✦ Anything involving real life currency
✦ MYO slots that were obtained from gift, raffle, or giftboxes
✦ MYO slots purchased for USD or obtained through an official trade
✦ Artwork or design work not relating to Celestial Seas
✦ Items or services pertaining to other groups or websites
✦ Items or stargold for real life currency
✦ NSFW roleplay, writing, or artwork, all things being offered through the group should be PG-13
✦ Badges earned through the group
✦ Any items, designs, or companions labeled as "soulbound" or "cannot be exchanged"

★ How Does it work?
Simply follow the templates below and post a comment on this journal if you would like to sell or trade an item! You do not need to make an extra journal to sell items, it can all be done here! If someone is selling an item you want, or you want to offer your item to them just respond to their comment! You can use Ctrl+F to search for a specific item you want to see if anyone is offering it.

Feel free to discuss the trade here as well!

★ Is there scam protection?
The owners of companions and mounts are kept track of on the masterlist. Trackers should be linked at the time of transactions and have proof of all owned items. It is up to each user to check if the other has the item they are trading for, but a transaction cannot be completed without proof.

In the case of a scam, whether or not an item can be restored to you will depend on the situation and if there is proper proof provided. Please be cautious when buying and selling items or artwork with other users.

If you feel you have been scammed, please send a note to the group with proof so that it can be dealt with privately.

★ How do you complete a transaction?
Please go to the Item Exchange to get all transactions approved by a mod!

Advertisement Post Formats

Remember that when linking items you can link them from the masterlist for easier viewing! 

 [Item] for Sale! 

Item(s): [link to item(s), include specific item name as well for easy searching]
Price: [what amount of stargold you are seeking, can be specific or a range]
Willing to Haggle?: [are you open to haggling yes or no]
Details: [Anything you'd like to add]

 [Item] for Trade! 

Item(s): [link to item(s), include specific item name as well for easy searching]
Seeking: [what are you looking to get for your item, can be one item or multiples]
Willing to Haggle?: [are you open to haggling/alternative offers yes or no]
Details: [Anything you'd like to add]

★ [Item] for Trade/Sale! 

Item(s): [link to item(s), include specific item name as well for easy searching]
Seeking: [what are you looking to get for your item, if stargold how much?]
Willing to Haggle?: [are you open to haggling/alternative offers yes or no]
Details: [Anything you'd like to add]

 Seeking [Item]! 

Item(s): [what are you seeking, include specific item name as well for easy searching]
Offering: [what are you offering for the item you're after?]
Willing to Haggle?: [are you open to haggling/alternative offers yes or no]
Details: [Anything you'd like to add]

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sugaryu's avatar

 [Item] for Trade/Sale! 

Item(s): the item is in my inventory

Item 047 Butterfly Cloak Of Wings

Seeking: cosmetic items or stargold!

Willing to Haggle?: yes!

Details: feel free to dm me on discord!

BentoCase's avatar
 [Item] for Sale! 
Item(s): Item 055 Starcandy Soda by Browbird Item 053 Moss Cake by Browbird
Price: buy price
Willing to Haggle?: yes!
Details: you're welcome to note!
toyful's avatar
★ [Items] for Trade/Sale! ★

Item(s): These items from my inventory 
1 by toyful 3 by toyful 2 by toyful
Seeking: Stargold, Celestial shards, stuff from my wishlist or maybe art!
Willing to Haggle?: Sure!
Details: You're also welcome to note me or DM on discord!
AlmostPepper's avatar
★ Giant Snowflake + golden clippers for Trade/Sale! 
Item(s): Item 063 Golden Clippers by Browbird and  Item 008 Giant Snowflake by Browbird
Seeking: Ideally a Blank Kittle (for both)! OR (For the Snowflake alone - things from: Celestial Seas wishlist, SG or art!)
Willing to Haggle?: Yep!
Details: Tracker: [Celestial Seas Tracker]. Happy to offer art as an add on!
TidalDroid's avatar

Would you be interested in art for the snowflake?

AlmostPepper's avatar
I'd look at art offers for the snowflake, yeah :) what did you have a in mind?
TidalDroid's avatar

Maybe a fullbody like this?

The Lad
AlmostPepper's avatar

Hey! Sorry for the delay, I've been away from dA for a bit! I'd absolutely be down to trade a fullbody for the snowflake - it'd be of my lovely rainbow bab if that's cool? <https://toyhou.se/7765396.-browbird-aspen>

TidalDroid's avatar

Actually do you mind if I duck out? I’ve been really tired as of late and I’m not sure if I could do my part, I’m so sorry!

AlmostPepper's avatar
Of course, no worries!
AlmostPepper's avatar
Now looking at SG offers on both (saving for a blank kittle)
SIeepyBears's avatar
 Seeking Flora Cloak Treat, Rare Trait Potion! 
Item(s) Item 038 Flora Cloak Treat by Browbird Item 010 Rare Trait Potion by Browbird
Offering: Art, or possibly items from my tracker! (mythic potion and other mythic-adding traits are off limits)
Willing to Haggle?: Possibly! 
Details: Tracker: {Celestial Seas} Player Tracker || Art Examples ||  Amount and type can be discussed!
AzurriWaters's avatar
I have a flora cloak treat i'd be willing to trade for some art! I'd like to know what type of pieces you'd consider a fair trade to do for it first though so i can pick out ideas for the characters id like drawn first though if that's cool? 
SIeepyBears's avatar
Oh absolutely!! Thank you so much az ;__; I can either do either 2 chibis, or a fullbody!! Does that sound fair to you?
AzurriWaters's avatar
Awesome! I'd be down for two chibis of Camellia and Ace , preferably interacting but on their own is a-okay! Pose and expression wise I don't have much in mind besides something sweet and wholesome. Let me know when to send over the transfer and I'll do it ASAP, tysm for the chance! 
SIeepyBears's avatar
ohhh yesss ID LOVE TO DO THESE KIDS!!! I'm down with this trade!! I can have em interacting, yes!

Feel free to make the comment in the item exchange and I'll get started asap!! >:3c 
Arsonbean's avatar
★ [Item] for Trade/Sale! 
Item(s): 50% Off Coupon!  Item 062 Shop Coupon by Browbird
Seeking: Items from here Item Wish-List, preferably multiple or the more expensive ones!
Willing to Haggle?: Yes! But I will be picky!
Details: Don't expect to use this for awhile so I was curious what might be offered for it! DMs arefine
Caffeinated-Bee's avatar
I have a Scale brew and an Aura decanter i can trade!!
Arsonbean's avatar
Hey there! I forgot to update my Wishlist and actually don't need one of those anymore, ty tho!
Lavender-Arts's avatar
 [Item] for Trade! 

: Everything in my tracker: toyhou.se/4444165.-cs-inventor…
10 stargold (TRADED) plus the following: Butterfly Cloak of Wings, Lucky Coin, Ethereal Essence (TRADED), Celestial Orb, Kitbull Mutation Crystal, Rare Trait Potion (TRADED)
Item 047 Butterfly Cloak Of Wings by Browbird Item 041 Lucky Coin by Browbird Item 029 Celestial Orb by Browbird Item 012 Kitbull Mutation Crystal by Browbird
Seeking: Art exclusively, of my Browbirds obv. Mostly after art of Faust and his husband or Indra and his, but I'd take art for any of 'em, solo or ship! toyhou.se/LavenderArts/charact…
Willing to Haggle?: I'm not going to be particularly picky. I want out of here, so I'd like these off my hands as soon as possible. But please do be fair, I'd rather have quality over quantity. PLEASE be communicative during the process and give me a deadline for when you think you'll be done. Don't just disappear on me.
Details: I want to get all of these, including the Stargold, gone, so feel free to ask for multiples, just make sure your offer is made to match. Thanks!
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