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Welcome to the Celestial Seas!

An in-progress group based around the Celestial Seas universe and dedicated to improvement in art and writing!

The group and website are open to everyone, you don't need a character to join!


[closed] Seeking Guest Artists! by AgentCorrina, journal

{Closed} Gaidens to Celestial Seas by AgentCorrina, journal

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{Sales Update} On-site Sales by Browbird, journal

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Hi! Is there possibly a discord server I can join i cant seem to find it ^^?

Hello! You can find the link to our discord server here: https://www.celestial-seas.com/info/chat

Hello!! Im sorry for bothering. I cant find anywhere on if the species for these creatures are opened or closed species! I absolutely love the designs for browbirds!! Is it open to make an oc? I'd love to get into this. I randomly found it on your site and I'm curious about what all this is for and would absolutely love a brow bird or to make an oc for myself if it's open to do so qwq
If it's closed sadly I cannot afford to purchase, as im more often then not, broke, but I figured it's worth a shot to ask!

Hello! Celestial Seas are a closed species! You cannot make your own without an MYO slot/permission.

Are celestial sirens part of this group?
This group is for celestial-seas species! Ie Browbirds, Painted Satyr, and Kitbulls.