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Thu Jun 28, 2018, 1:02 PM by AgentCorrina:iconagentcorrina:
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Welcome to the Celestial Seas!

An in-progress group based around the Celestial Seas universe and dedicated to improvement in art and writing!
The group and website are open to everyone, you don't need a character to join!

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{Event Raffle} Abyss Pearl [OPEN] by AgentCorrina
{Event Raffle} Dragon's Hoard [open] by AgentCorrina
{Raffle} Place Your Bets! [OPEN] by AgentCorrina
Summer Advent 2020 by AgentCorrina
Official Adoptables
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Browbird Art
-C- The Summoner by Thalbachin
The suns rays by Flipgang
Khoi by schonheit
-G- Ezra by Thalbachin
Painted Satyr Art
-OC- Logan, the Bloodsmith by Thalbachin
Ash by schonheit
Sol by schonheit
[Celestial Seas] - She.. by Arsonbean
Kitbull Art
Mu kitbull doodles by Flipgang
[Celestial Seas] - Umbra by Arsonbean
{Gift Art} Frosty Mans by Cosmic-Horrors
Nemr on the moon by schonheit
Other Art
[Celestial Seas] - HOWM Prompt 1 by Arsonbean
Comm: Storytime by SIeepyBears
Pretty Close to a Rainbow by missDevichi
Comm: Starryfeathers by SIeepyBears
YCH and Commissions
YCH   Popcicles  OPEN by Giuvell
[OPEN] C-S Ych by StarryFeathers
Winter Event 2020 :: Heart of the Moon
[C-S] HOTM pt 2: Browjesus Save Us by Sahara-Fang
[C-S] HOTM: He wants the Sword by Sahara-Fang
HOTM P2: PATH OF FROST by mawbit
HOTM Side Quest: DRESS FOR THE WEATHER!Being a fire brow was hard when the subject of cold elements came into play. Anything remotely cold or winter like was casually frowned upon, but expected from someone like him. The usual's of a forged in fire browbird was heat. Hot, sweltering heat that could melt the face off of any creature that stayed in it too long. A fire brow like Medi could wear that armor on in full gear, or toss off their clothes to walk as 'naked' as they pleased. Yet in the winter elements, Medi was forced to be bundled up. He would complain about it of course, but if there was high worth to venturing out into the cold he would do it with a grumble. Proper knitted winter hat would adorn his head with slits to let its ram horns out freely, but even those would have their own knit top caps on. Face and ears would be wrapped tightly in a blazing red or orange scarf to keep him mumbles and grumbles to himself - the only thing seeable were two annoyed yellow cat slit eyes. Upper body would be adorned with three sets of warmth to please him. The first layer a hearty pair of long jones, the second layer his nice water angelic wing cloak. To finally top it all off with a thick and beefy goose feather coat to keep him a warm little marshmallow. Moving down to legs was a layer of two! The ever famous long john pants, with a thick insulated winter snow pants that made a 'slushing' sound as he took each step. Even his tail had it's own source of warmth being carefully wrapped in a long twisting tail scarf made by as close friend of his. His feat were an interesting sort out remaining in the cold. Only the main toe digits were wrapped with cloth to then have a sand paper like material at the bottom - this allowed him to walk on snow and ice perfectly fine without falling. The need to venture in this gear for the fire brow was high. Well, high until he got tired of being weighted down by all the layers making him want to rip them off when he couldn't move!
Fall Event 2020 :: Spark in the Abyss
[HoWM Event] Part 1: The Basement by StarryFeathers
[C-S] Sita P1-No sense by Sahara-Fang
[c-s] SITA P2: INKWELL by mawbit
Celestial seas: Undertown by Miss-Italia
Summer Event :: Fortune of Harara
[CS] The Great 2020 Summer Event Megapost by STORMTEETH
Prompt Event :: A Kitbull Catastrophe
Kitbull Catastrophe part 2 by deadwoodsphinx
Approved MYO Designs
[c-s] back at it again with another b/w design by mawbit
2016 MYO contest entries
Browbird MYO Entry - Atropos by chartermark
Fionnula - Engraving Memories Quest by StarryFeathers
Stelle Inn Submissions
Devious Folder



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Are celestial sirens part of this group?
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Hello! I have a question, if I have a raffled bird, is it still ok to change a trait? I want to swap their common horn for a different one but since theyre a raffle bird I'm not sure if its ok to change that. I dont plan to change anything else about them though.
Thank you in advance!!!
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Question, if we purchase a design that is connected to a browbird (ex: a browbird was created from the design) is it mandatory that both forms be sold together?
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