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Meet and Greet



"Soooo, Flutter Brutter. Rumor has it 'round town that you've landed yourself a special somepony." Zephyr Breeze waggled his brows peevishly.

"O-oh...oh, uhm...no, not...kinda." Fluttershy mumbled, her cheeks immediately turning the same shade as her hair. Her younger brother gave a hearty laugh, patting the mare on top of her head.

"Well, c'mon, sis! Spill the beans, tell me what's what! Who's the lucky stallion? Or mare? Whichever." He gave an easygoing shrug. She bashfully scuffed a hoof into the dirt.

"Well...we're not really together, together. I sorta...well, er...have a...um, w-would you like to meet him?" She offered, hoping to slightly deter her nosy brother.

"Yeah, yeah! I wanna see who thinks he's got the right stuff to be my sister's special somepony! Who thinks he's good enough to be part of the Shy family? We're pretty great, y'know." Zephyr quipped, proudly fluffing his wings.

"Oh, okay. Hey, Discord?" The shy mare called softly. Zephyr gave an alarmed shout as a flash of bright white light blinded him.

"You rang, my dear?"

Zephyr opened his eyes at the sound of the low, sinister voice. He was met face-to-face with a long, gray snout, a row of razor-sharp teeth, and glowing ruby red eyes.

He only managed to give a squeak of alarm in greeting.

"Dizzy, this is my little brother Zephyr Breeze. Zeph, this is my friend," she put emphasis on the word, "Discord."

The long, odd-looking creature smiled even wider. "Pleasure to finally make your acquaintance, Mister Breeze."

The stallion in question gawked at his sister. "Your, er, friend, is a dragon?!"

"Draconequus, my dear boy." Discord corrected, slinking over and putting a foreleg around Zephyr's trembling shoulders.

"Uh...um, hi." He attempted a greeting as Fluttershy hid a giggle behind a hoof.

"Well, well, we certainly should get to know one another! I think, Mister Breeze, we're going to have a lot of fun." His voice dropped lower and his grin became even toothier. Zephyr responded with a nervous, slightly hysterical laugh.

"Yeah! Yeah, fun! Sure...fun..."


Zephyr Breeze finally meets Fluttershy's...uh...special friend. That's a word for it...

Discord took quite a bit of getting used to. Zephyr is at first terrified of the strange, chaotic creature and when he learns he's one of Fluttershy's best friend (andshesoboviouslyhasacrushonhimonmygod), he questions Fluttershy on her want to be the friend of this weird dude. Fluttershy immediately shuts him down and convinces Zephyr to spend the day with her friend. Discord, as expected, causes a myriad of mischief, and annoys Zephyr to the inth degree. But at the end of the day as the two walk Fluttershy home (Zephyr insisting on keeping on eye on the draconequus) he sees how genuinely kind he is towards his sister, and starts to think that maybe he isn't so bad. 

Discord, of course, continues to annoy Zephyr Breeze throughout the years as he becomes closer to Fluttershy, eventually becoming the brother-in-law of the slight reluctant mane stylist. But, he will admit he is grateful to the draconequus for introducing him to his lovely Treeize (Discord ships). 

I'm slowly getting used to this new laptop. I used the mouse trackpad instead of a tablet to color my drawings in Photoshop, so this new mouse is taking some getting used to, but slowly and surely I am. Plus, I've never used Windows 10 before, so this has been an interesting experience. 

Am working on several larger projects, coming up soon! Keep an eye out, and I will be posting a journal soon. 

Characters, MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2018 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:

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Hehehehe, this is adorable 🥰