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MLP NextGen: Little Twins Dump

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1. "Wha....how in the name of Celestia did you manage to get to the cookies?! I had those padlocked this time!" 

Much akin to their parents (especially Mama), these two have a knack for strange talents and appearing in places they seemingly weren't just a few moments before. And while its a great compliment to her baking skills, it was quite a challenge for Pinkie, when the girls were babies, to keep them out of the sweets. Cookies were (and are) absolute favorites, and the Pie parents had to rack their brains for more and more creative solutions to keep the jars and trays locked down. Especially when Jupiter would come into the picture. 

2. "Awww, Pound! I didn't think big ole' wrestler types like you cried." 

"She...she just snuggled into me..." 

The Cake twins, of course, are a very prominent point in the Pie twins' lives. Pound Cake is Cherry's favorite wrestler and she attends his shows whenever she can, and of course Pumpkin Cake is often the girls' babysitter, and eventually their teacher. They feel very confident that one day one, or either, of them, will take excellent care of Sugarcube Corner in their stead.  

3. "Anaxyrus equestrianas, or the Equestrian Brown Toad, is native to the wetlands throughout Equestria, namely the swamps deep in the Everfree Forest. It is divided into three subspecies - A. e. equestrianas, A. hoofsmethi, A. -" 

"Uhhh, Dawn? Y'know Miss Cake said we just needed to write a report on our favorite wetland animal, right? Not the whole textbook." 

"Yeah, I just wanna make sure I've got enough paragraphs for the assignment..."

Like their parents, school wasn't the twins' favorite part of childhood. But Pinkie was adamant about no party planning or playing with friends/the oven until homework was done. Twilight had an absolute field day working out each of the gang's learning styles, including the twins' (They like to create different sayings, raps, and beats to help them remember information).

4. Off on an adventure, in all their floofy glory! 

Characters featured: 
MLP NextGen Bio: Confetti Cake by Celestial-Rainstorm MLP NextGen Bio: Cherry Chimichanga by Celestial-Rainstorm

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Aww, these are all so cute! :heart: Love seeing your CheesePie twins back when they were little. I can totally see these two giving Pinkie and Cheese a run for their money trying to keep them from overindulging on sweet treats. I also really like Pound and Pumpkin holding onto the two of them, and Pound being overcome by feelings. I can totally see them being like big siblings to the Pie twins (they act like big sibs to my own Pie twins as well). Pound being a wrestler is also brilliant and fits him well (I made him a guard for the same reasons, cause he likes to pound things ;P ).

The exchange between Dawn and the twins is great, Dawn being the studious overachiever just like Twi while Confetti and CC just want to get the assignment over with as quickly as possible to get to doing the things they want. Also, the twins being musical learners makes perfect sense considering Pinkie is probably the same way (based on her method of helping Dash to learn in that one episode). Them running off for another adventure (or more cookie shenanigans) is the perfect way to cap these pics off, so adorable with all the floof! :D

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LOL I was inspired by :iconcozy-corner: who made Pumpkin a teacher in her verse. I love the idea of the Cakes being supportive parents no matter what their sweet little ones choose to do (and I made myself laugh imagining this sweet old couple at a very high-energy rally for their son).

What else would one expect from the daughter of Twilight (who, yes, started reading textbooks to her baby since she was in the womb). And you are probably right - but now they've got to round up some friends to really get that big haul!

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Aw, that's cool! I love the idea of the Cake twins finding their own paths, like Pound as a wrestler or Pumpkin as a teacher, and their parents would totally support them no matter what. :heart: (Mr. and Mrs. Cake at a rally for Pound does sound pretty hilarious! ;P)

Yeah, definitely! Dawn was probably able to rattle off encyclopedia entries from memory after learning to talk thanks to Twi (who just looked so proud when Dawn did so :D). Yeah, gotta grab Dawn, Annie, and the others for the biggest cookie haul of their careers: Pinkie's legendary triple peanut butter triple chocolate chip cookies! :la:

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Aww Pound is a uncle.

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  1. Maybe try leaving the cookies unguarded or at least unlocked? Maybe that'll stump their cookie-nabbing talents. They can figure out a way through several different security systems, so defense through quality doesn't work, and defense-in-depth in this case would be dependent on the quality of the various levels of defenses, at which point it simply becomes several points of defense through quality which, as we have seen, the twins are able to bypass. However, if there are no security systems in place to prevent cookie theft, they won't be able to use their talents to bypass them, and since it wouldn't make sense for the cookies to be left unguarded (from the twins' point of view), they would logically assume that there are security measures in place to prevent cookie theft, the non-existence (and thus inevitability and undetectability) of which would discourage the twins from attempting to steal the cookies (it wouldn't make sense for the cookies to be unguarded, the twins can't detect or bypass any security measures, therefore the security measures guarding the cookies are immune to their shenanigans). With insane logic like Pinkie, Cheese, and seemingly their foals present, you can't defeat it with reason; you have to fight fire with fire, or in this case, absurdity with absurdity.

  2. Love Pumpkin, and Pound looks like he'd be a good emoticon for "Manly tears were shed."

  3. Dawn's variant of the "incomprehensible technobabble" face. The twins' variants of the "not fluent in technobabble" faces.

  4. I can just see them running through Ponyville looking for their friends but getting under the hooves of everypony else. Burnt Oak (assuming he's still alive) watches them run past his stall in the market, smiles, and shakes his head, mumbling, "Those Pie foals, what'll they get up to next?" They run into various other ponies who do the same thing, showing how, despite how...energetic and mercurial they may be, they're still the apples of the town's eye. Eventually, they reach a hill near the schoolhouse, where Dawn, Jetstream, Athena, and the others are waiting. They greet their friends and sit down to watch the sunrise with them, the light of which causes the screen to fade into the show title card. ... ... ... I have way too much free time on my hands.

Also, I just realized that Pumpkin and Dawn's interactions will be the most amazing thing ever and that I really wanna see an older Jetstream talking about his (what I assume to be) crush on Athena with Pound, asking the age old question "What should a guy do for the ones he loves?"

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1. Ah! Classic reverse psychology! In all honesty, a very powerful weapon where the Pie parenting is concerned. In all honesty, that is probably just how they were eventually thwarted (they were both starting to get a bit fluffy, I'd imagine!). That, of course, would have been when further forces were recruited, either through magical means or sending in comrades under guise of cookies for them and ONLY them, of course.

2. The manliest, strongest tears. They say even his tears have biceps.

3. Oh with a mum like Twilight, "incomprehensible, irrelevant technobabble" is just like music to Dawn's ears. Twins? Not so much

4. I so wish I had the skills for animation for this very reason. I can see it so clearly in my head. I'm working on more pieces with our lovely gang interacting. These guys are very special in my heart, and I want this little verse to be enjoyed - maybe not as much as we initially enjoyed those first episodes ten years ago, but a bring up those smiles despite all of this going on around us. Those are also really lovely ideas. If you have any others, do keep 'em comin! I love suggestions!

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1. *has a heartattack* TOO CUTE! You're really improving when it comes to foals! These chubby cookie-loving foals are just so adorable and I love their antics, haha. Do they have pinkie's 4th wall/pinkie sense abilities, or are they just able to get around their frazzled mama when she's not looking?

2. Twins holding twins, I love it!!! Pound is so me any time I hold a baby. And the look on his face is priceless! I love the wrestler idea (cuz his name is pound, ha, i get it), and I don't think I've heard it done before! I'd love to see more of the cake twins being psuedo-siblings to the pie twins. ^^

3. Yay, I love seeing Dawn interacting with the other members of the gang! And this is so cute. Dawny is so much like her mom. I love how Twilight geeked out over the learning styles of her friends kiddos. And these two learning through music/patterns make so much sense!

4. Beware the floof! >:3

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1. Well, it is certainly thanks to you and your lovely tips! And these girls are scarily sneaky when they want to be.

"Plus, breaking the fourth wall is soooo last year! We're on to the fifth! The sixth!"

"Shhh, Cherry, we're not supposed to be talkin' yet! Sorry about that folks!"

2. And of course we're going to get to see more twin/twin cuteness. And even though he's one of the best wrestlers in the ring, Pound is the kind of guy that goes to hospitals to cheer up patients and loves kids.

3. Yes, I need to do more pieces where all the friends are just hanging out being pals. Even though some may have special relationships with the other, they're just one big old friendship pile at the end of the day. And Twilight loves teaching anything to any one of the kiddos she can!

4. *dies of floof*

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Aw, Pound Cake's heart is literally melting as he holds the babby.

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Cute! I really like these two.
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The twins are so adorable :aww: Even Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake adore them. It was just like when Pinkie Pie helped take care of them when they were still babies. :love:

Would Lil' Cheese still be the twins' sibling, though, even if you already made kids for Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich before the series ended?

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Yup! And I'm really glad we did get to see a glimpse of them in the finale (though I've no idea what's going on with Pumpkin's mane. We'll go with less permanently-in-a-hurricane here)

And while I love Lil' Cheese's simple design and seeing them put a huge smile on my face when I Instantly realized who this ponies parents are. But Lil C is gonna sit out of the Athenaverse. There's so many characters to balance as is right now lol. But I might put together some fanart of them and Big Sugar!

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I was glad too, and from the looks of it, they're now running Sugar Cube Corner in their parents' place, or they're working with their parents to help around the shop since it's a family business. Either way, it was nice seeing them all grown up. :aww: I just wish we saw Flurry Heart all grown up, even though we saw her in a stained-glass window in the halls of Canterlot Castle.

That's okay. ;) Not gonna judge you for that.

You had no idea how happy I was when Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich got married in the final episode and had a child of their own! :D And although Applejack isn't married, at least she and Apple Bloom are aunties to Big Mac's son. :aww:

But am I the only one who believes Lil' Cheese is a filly, even though others believe Lil' Cheese to be a colt?

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Right?! Though, from what we saw in the window, Flurry's basically as I think we've imagined her. I wish we got to see the older parent Cakes, but I know there were only so many characters they could cram into one episode. I'm surprised they didn't have more fun with shipping and foals and whatnot, but Lil' Cheese was certainly a treat to see. And I'm glad we got the Cheesepie cuddle confirmation there at the end.

Like I said, I wish they had more fun with them like they did Lyra and Bon-Bon. Not in your face, but maybe just little hints (like Fluttershy and Discord and possibly AJ and RD?) I'm not sure on Lil C, I initially thought it was a filly from the design, then the script apparently said "he" and I've seen great fanart of the character as both colt and filly. Headcannon might stick with girl, cause I love to imagine Pinkie with a bouncy little mini-her (or two, in my mama Pie's case!)

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Daaawwwww!! They're so precious >w<
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