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Best Moms-To-Be Ever!

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"Woo! That was fun!"

The sky blue pegasus mare slung a forearm over her best friend's shoulder, magenta eyes glittering despite the slight ache in her lower back. The light yellow mare beside her offered a soft smile.

"This was a great idea, Windy. It feels good to stretch these legs." Petunia said ever-gently as the two ambled over to a grassy knoll near the trail and sat down heavily. Windy Whistles gave a satisfied groan, wriggling her rump as she worked to find a comfortable position. Petunia eased herself slowly onto the cool grass, giving her friend a sympathetic smile. Poor Windy was only three months along and already she was as big as Petunia herself, and she was due in only five weeks. She was still working to maneuver around her belly.

"Are you doing alright?" The soft-spoken mare asked. Windy stretched her wings, ruffling her feathers as she groaned again.

"This girl sure is having a ball in there! I think she thinks its her own personal playground. Ooohh-" Windy said, leaning back and resting a hoof on her swollen abdomen. The growing filly inside gave a hearty kick in response. "You're lucky, Petunia. Your girl seems pretty cozy."

"Oh yes, she's not a gymnast like your little one." The yellow mare chuckled, rubbing a gentle hoof over her own belly. Unlike the buck Windy's soon-to-be daughter gave, her teeny little filly only gave a slight adjustment, then settled right back down. Petunia took a deep breath, enjoying the warm summer afternoon. A cool breeze wafted through Ponyville, attracting many ponies to the park that day. The two mares continued to sit underneath the shade of a tree, surveying the other families and friends.

The two mares just finished a lovely community stroll put together for expecting pegasus mothers. The walk was rather pleasant, and it helped the mares get the exercise they'd usually get while flying. But when any pegasus mother was with foal, they spend the next ten months mostly grounded. It was the same for unicorns, who needed to be extremely careful with the magic they used, and earth ponies, who weren't to overexert themselves. Windy had been so incredibly excited for their walk, she even made matching shirts and flags.

"Hey, if she's gonna be a gymnast, she's gonna be the best gymnast to have ever lived. Isn't that right, sweetie?" Windy gave her swollen belly a gently pat. Petunia chuckled before holding up the little pennant her friend had made to match their "#1 Mom To Be" shirts, giving the flag a little wave. "Go, Windy Junior!"

Windy gave a laugh before pulling her companion in for a hug. "I just can't wait to meet her. I can't wait to see who she's going to grow up to be. Do you ever wonder what they're gonna be like, 'Tunia? What her hobbies will be, what her favorite foods will be, what she'll like in school? What her destiny will be? Oh, I cannot wait to see what she looks like! Bowie's mother and my mom both carried heavy, so they think she might look like me!"

"I don't know if the world can handle another Windy Whistles!" The quiet mare teased gently. "I still just marvel at her. That she will be mine. Whoever she turns out to be, Nimbus and I are going to just adore her. I know they're both going to be amazing."

"Well, that goes without saying of course! But I wonder if she's going to be a flier - well of course, coming from me and Bowie - but will she be a weatherpony? Or a royal guard? A Wonderbolt! Wouldn't that be something. She's just going to do great things. I wonder if our girls will be friends? I'm sure they will be the best of friends, considering how wonderful they're going to be..." 


I couldn't help it, I had to do another piece with these two gals. I just simply love them. 

Even though Petunia Petals married Nimbus three years after Windy Whistles married Bow Hot Hoof, she became pregnant first. Windy and Bowie decided to live out the rest of their twenties travelling and thoroughly enjoying the eighties era of great music and huge hair. Petunia settled in nicely with Nimbus and the two lived quietly, beginning to build their lives together. Nimbus worked hard at the weather factory creating the clouds in the sky, while Petunia grew and sold her well-known flowers to various flower shops around Ponyville and close towns. 

Petunia and Nimbus were quite happy and content together. And they always loved curling up in front of the fireplace to read the latest letter sent by Windy from wherever in Equestria she and Bowie ended up. Her adventures were exciting and daring, and she and Bowie looked like they were having the time of their lives. The two mild-mannered pegasi were perfectly fine with experiencing the adventures of Windy and Bowie through her letters and photographs - they much preferred to enjoy their peaceful days together. Petunia and Nimbus didn't often talk about children - the idea of having any was ever just a casual mention. They weren't terribly concerned with having children for the first four years of their marriage. 

On their fourth anniversary, the couple, of course had...a lovely evening together. Three weeks afterwards, Petunia started to feel rather under the weather. Tummy rumbles, shaky legs, and heavens she just felt so tired

And she couldn't stop eating peaches

She couldn't get enough peaches. It seemed every morning she was sending Nimbus out into Ponyville Market to pick up another bushel. But whatever she'd eat would make a reappearance the next morning, despite the mare quietly insisting it was the only thing she could keep down. Her husband became rather worried as he observed her symptoms. He soon gently guided his wife to Ponyville Hospital to make sure his Tuny hadn't come down with something awful, like feather flu...or something worse. 

Of course,  as these things happen, a new life had sparked into the world. 

Both were surprised, but absolutely delighted. They were going to have a little foal all their own! Soon, Petunia's pregnancy was in full swing. She was grounded, as all pegasus mothers are, and took a break from the garden when she was unable to bend down far enough to dig the trowel into the soil. Nimbus kept at his job, working hard as ever. Soon, the mother-to-be received a letter from her friend, Windy - saying she was coming home! 

She and Bowie had finally decided they'd been away from home too long. They'd had their fun, but it was high time they settled down and start to lay down some roots. They were set to leave on the train from Trottingham that Monday morning. Petunia wrote back immediately, telling her friend how much she missed her and how Windy won't believe it but she's pregnant and she can't wait for the little one to meet her auntie. 

The letter completely missed Windy. She had already boarded the Friendship Express and was hurtling back towards the Ponyville station to return to Cloudsdale before Petunia even sent it. Windy and Bow Hot Hoof were trying to surprise their friends by coming home three days early. When Petunia opened the door to some rather excited knocking, Windy wasn't even able to get a word out before her jaw dropped to the floor. 

"Whoa.....you're knocked up!" 

The two couples had a lovely evening tea after Petunia stopped laughing. At first, Windy seemed a bit hurt Petunia hadn't told her sooner (the mare was about three months along at this point) but after the whole letter misunderstanding was explained, everyone had a good chuckle about it. Afterwards, Windy pulled Petunia aside. She seemed nervous, which was unusual for the loud, enthusiastic pony. 

Turned out, they finally came home because Bow Hot Hoof wanted start a family. They'd began to talk about it more and more, but the problem was: Windy was scared. The baby making part, now that was absolutely just fine. But actually making the baby was the frightening bit. What would carrying the baby be like? And would she even be a good mother. 

Petunia couldn't help but giggle as she tried to tell Windy what nonsense that was. Of course she was going to be an amazing mother. And no matter what, she would help her every step of the way. 

The yellow mare would later recount that she didn't mean for Windy to take her encouragement so...well to heart. While she meant every word, barely two weeks later, Windy was pounding at her door, tears streaming down her eyes as she screamed to the still-sleeping gardener that was pregnant and it was amazing and scary and oh Petunia i don't know what to do please can i have some ice cream. Apparently, the night after they'd gotten back to Ponyville (staying in a hotel while the house they'd bought finished fixing the roof) Windy decided she and her husband needed to celebrate Petunia's news with...a little celebration of their own. 

Er, rather, several celebrations. Several hours of celebrations? Whichever. 

So, the two rode through the ups and downs of their pregnancies. Petunia's was, in truth, a whole lot easier than Windy's. Fluttershy was a quiet and well-behaved filly, even in utero. She was very small, even up until her birth, while Rainbow Dash was huge and used Windy's womb as her own personal jungle gym. She never seemed to settle down, and of course poor Windy's labor had to last eleven hours. Her parents were really given a good idea what they were in for when they heard the scream little Dashie gave when she entered the world. How could such a sound come out of something so tiny?! 

Best scream ever! 

And the rest is history. 

I noticed Windy had a rather radical hairstyle in the picture she shows Scootaloo of Mama Windy awarding her amazing daughter for the best bath taken ever. So I gave Petunia a simply beautiful, curly perm with big flower earrings. I actually based her hair off of a photo of my mother - the woman thrived in the 80's (seriously she looked like a movie star) and had her beautiful red hair tossed in this perm that just perfectly frames her face. Plus she still has those gigantic glass flower earrings XD 

This description is way too long, its 4 am, goodnight. 

Characters, MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2018 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:

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If Fluttershy is a year older than Pinkie Pie, what does that make Rainbow Dash?
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Celestial-RainstormHobbyist General Artist
I would put her in the middle of the two.
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So, is Fluttershy about the same age as Rainbow Dash then?
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good job
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We need a comic of the Mane 6 parents when they were teenagers.

Wonderful work
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Aw, this is such a cute friendship! I love it!
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Handle another Windy Whistles? Nah, you got somepony even more powerful lol
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Everyone was surprised, I'm sure! 
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Lol indeed
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