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Hey Brother (9 Fanfiction)
It had been a rather long day. 5 leaned back, surveying the shelf before him and giving a satisfied nod. He'd spent the day with 2 building a new shelving unit, then organizing a few supplies they'd gathered - spools of thread, a few washers, a nearly-new batch of needles, a new screwdriver, and a tightly bundled stack of kindling.
It felt good to begin doing something familiar again. 5 felt quite content when he was scavenging for supplies, or working with his hands. As he yawned and stretched, he found himself thinking about that contentment. Everyone was in high spirits, wearing more smiles and laughter than any of them could ever remember. They were finally coming together as a family. They'd already gone to bed, and he figured it was about time for him to do so as well.
Picking up a tarnished silver snuffer, 5 gently eased it over the nearby candle. The flickering flame was extinguished with a soft sizzle. The huge room was washed in darkness. Setting down the snuffer, 5 turned aw
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Talking (9 Fanfiction)
"What are you up to, pups?" A familiar voice reached the hooded twins. They turned away from the worn, dusty book before them and greeted the zippered stitchpunk as he climbed the ladder and heaved himself up onto the shelf. 3 and 4 flickered towards him, beckoning him to join them. He sat between them and crossed his legs, facing the open book. The twins silently giggled as he playfully ruffled their hoods.
"Find something good to read?" He asked, leaning back on his hands in a nonchalant way. The two young boys gestured excitedly towards the open book. 4 reached forward and heaved the pages back to reveal the first page. The parchment was yellow and faded, but whatever the contents were had obviously excited them both.
9 leaned forward and studied the page for a moment. There was a series of images, depicting a human making different shapes with their hands. Each picture had a label, and the page was title, "Basic BSL Greetings and Numbers - Part One."
3 then pointed towards the pict
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MLP Next Gen: Athena


"Deep breaths, heads held high! Its time for an adventure, my friends..."

Parents: Discord and Fluttershy

Species: Draconequus/Female

Special Talents: Crafting, creating, infusing objects with magic, singing

Nicknames: Annie, Ann, Noodleface

Significant Other: (to be continued...)

Voice Actor: Anna Farris

Athena is the star of this little dog and pony show. This gal is the daughter of Discord, the Master of Chaos, and the ever-sweet Fluttershy. This creature has quite the interesting personality. Annie inherited her serene personality from her mother, and is calm, warm, and welcoming. However, like her beloved father, she forever feeds that eternal fire that is the need to create chaos. Like all draconequus/pony hybrids before her, she possesses much of those inter-dimensional, chaotic powers. She is far more subdued with them than Discord. Instead of causing constant chaos, Athena is sensitive, empathetic, and is an ever-constant source of encouragement amongst her friends and family. She's not without her temper, and sometimes her determination can get in the way of rational thought.

Annie is like a walking ray of gentle sunshine - she's not nearly as bouncy and excitable as Connie and C.C., but maintains a sweet, happy-go-lucky demeanor. She is deeply loyal to her friends and is always open to giving ponies and all kinds of creatures a chance. Sometimes her sweet nature, as it did for her mother, can open her up to ponies who'd prefer to take advantage of her. It happened quite often throughout grade school, in which Annie was often made fun of for her more-than-interesting looks. Her sometimes-unintentional bursts of magic can cause trouble as well. Some of the worst insults came from her complete lack of a cutie mark.

Athena, however, is fiercely intelligent. She would quickly figure out her "friends" were taking advantage of her kindness, but sometimes she simply couldn't say "no." Thankfully, she has a strong group of friends behind her. Because of her loyalty, Athena has often stood up for her friends and vice versa. She doesn't give the bullies the reaction they want, always responding mildly and kindly to their insults. That doesn't necessarily mean she hasn't retreated into her secret secluded glen in the Everfree Forest to cry after school. Although she claims looks don't matter and that its the creature inside that does, she still finds herself insecure over her physical looks and tries to maintain a less-than-insane appearance.

Since she was raised by a nature-loving mother and a crazy-loving father, Athena simply adores to be outside. She often does her homework surrounded by the creatures her mother cares for (and that she often helps with). She loves trekking through the mountains near her home, and will often arrive back soaking wet from either sitting in the rain or swimming through a river. Not exactly an introvert, Annie can still spend several hours alone and feel completely at peace. Sometimes, it provides her an escape when her self-esteem problems become a bit overwhelming. On the other hoof, she has a penchant for dramatic presentation, and often serves as special effects artist during Jet and Tom's concerts. Annie is very smart and excelled at school (though she despised math) and is incredibly creative. Though she never gains a cutie mark, she still enjoys making different kids of crafts (baskets and candles) and sells them to the citizens of Ponyville. Each item is infused with a different type of magic, be it useful (a candle that relights itself in several different colors) to hilarious (vases that shoot sparks whenever flowers are put in).

Athena adores her parents. She is very close to Fluttershy, and the two can spend hours together just enjoying nature. She is often employed to help around with maintenance of the sanctuary or looking over homework from the school. The two very rarely fight and are easygoing. Sometimes, Fluttershy can be a tad overprotective of Athena (okay a lot sometimes) and sometimes Annie wants to push her limits with what she's allowed. However, Fluttershy eventually understands that Annie is smart and strong, and can hold her own. Raising her was a tick of a challenge, with her slightly uncontrollable magic and issues with the foals at school. Nevertheless, the two are as close as mother and daughter can be.

At first, it took a moment for Discord to connect with Annie. For awhile, he was shocked he was actually, really a father. He was so terrified he was going to hurt her, or break her, or upset her, or accidentally send her to another dimension. Was he ever going to turn evil again and abandon her? Annie was only three years old when she finally got fed up with making mere sparks for her father's attention (and making steam shoot from her ears when she was mad enough). She snuck into a chest her father brought to Canterlot Castle, where he is royal advisor to Celestia, then literally exploded out of it during a meeting with Queen Novo, Tempest Shadow (now captain of the royal guard), and Starswirl the Bearded. Ignoring the important figures before her, Annie stomped right up to Discord, lifted her paws, and proceeded to gleefully show him what she'd learned how to do: make cotton candy, chocolate rainstorms just like her da!

Despite every single creature in the meeting getting soaked with chocolate milk, Discord was so deeply, incredibly proud of his daughter that he scooped her up and gave her the biggest kiss. Annie was delighted, hugging her father tightly and giving him all the nuzzles she could. Her little show solidified her as a beloved guest in the royal court. As she grows up, Annie makes sure to write her friends at Mount Aris and Canterlot. She often has tea with her many aunts (the Mane Seven, her mother's students, Tempest, Treehugger, Night Glider, Sugar Belle, and the four princesses) and keeps as many friends as she can.

Her best friends are Dawn Star and Ophelia Moon. Athena has known Dawn since they were in diapers, growing up alongside one another. Annie is a foil to Dawn's anxious and quiet nature, and consistently provides reassurance to the booksmart mare. Since Dawn is to be Princess of Friendship one day, Athena studies to be her royal advisor. She loves her Aunt Twilight, who helps her studies in magic and royal politics (enjoying the latter much less). Although she often pulls a reluctant, annoyed Dawn into her many adventures, they still share a deep and loving, almost sister-like friendship. Ophelia provides the third link to the little trio. Athena adores her sarcastic and stalwart friend, though she can annoy both Ophelia and Dawn sometimes. She and the small mare relate deeply on the self-esteem level, and have worked together for years to accept themselves as they are. Annie does often play peacemaker between Dawn and Ophelia, who can get into some nasty spats. However, the three are inseperable and have taken the role as leader of their little group.

Athena and Jetstream have also known each other since they were born, and have a very close, nonchalant relationship. Athena enjoys his laidback personality, and most of their time spent together is filled with badly-veiled flirtatious banter and talking about music. Jet often employs Annie in the concerts he and Tourmaline Quartz hold in Ponyville Park. The two have beautiful singing voices, and often duet. They were the pair in school that were always seen together (since Dawn and Ophelia didn't go to the same school) and one of the few ponies that has visited her glen. Jetstream has never been judgmental of her looks and powers, and Annie always feels quite safe around him. He makes her laugh, and oh yeah, she's had a massive crush on him since the first time she saw him play in front of an audience (eighth grade). But she simply can't tell him. A pony as awesome as Jetstream wouldn't be interested in her...would he...?

She loves Mellow Vibes, her cousin, and her aunt and uncle. She shares much of their serene outlooks on life, and will meditate with her Aunt Treehugger on the weekends. She sees Mel as a brother, and the two will often end up in each other's houses like they live there. No one minds (except Discord, who's efforts to rile the ever-mellow Mel have never succeeded and frustrates him to no end) and the family is quite close. Annie is one of the few ponies that know Mel's two deepest secrets, and true to her word, has never told anypony. The two easily get along, and front their craft booth in the town square together.

No matter how hard she tries, she knows she is merely tolerated by Jupiter Sky. His pompous manners can often irritate her, and she has been known to pull a prank or two to get him to ease up a bit. Plus, she knows how kind he can be (no she totally didn't spy on him giving Dawn a rose on Hearts and Hooves Day when no other colt paid any attention to her).

Annie is very shy around Dawn's cousin, Princess Flurry Heart. The alicorn is one of the most-perfect looking ponies she's ever seen, and she thinks Flurry Heart looks down upon her for her...weirdness. Flurry, however, thinks Athena is adorable, and loves the tricks she uses at Jetstream's concerts.

Annie has a pet Great Gray owl named Soot, whom she found injured near the Crystal Empire. 



So, I've been planning my own NextGen universe for awhile. Its really been no secret, you all have seen doodles of Athena before. Her design has changed a little bit, but here she is! The main character of the Athenaverse, my MLP Next Generation universe. 

I'm going to post more information in a journal soon, but I'm letting my creative spark do what it wants while I nurture it back to health, so I'm working on post-Savior stuff and starting on this little gem. I don't believe the bios of the other characters other than Dawn Star (the child of Twilight Sparkle and Stygian) will be nearly as long. I know its a lot to slog through XD As the character's bios get uploaded, I'll update this so you click on other characters and it will go right to their bio. 

I was super hesitant to post this at first. I wanted to create this for quite some time, but then I started to think that because I wasn't planning on making my universe as extensive as some other amazing NextGen artists that no one would want to follow it. Then I figured pretty much "fuck it, its what my creativity is fueled by right now" so I'm going to post it anyway. Your thoughts would be much appreciated if you want, but otherwise here is the very start of the Athenaverse. 

Huge thanks to :iconpinkpastelcharms: for all her inspiring ideas and her own NextGen-verse. Its given me a lot of inspiration on how to present my own and hers is so creative you really should check it out like now. 

Characters, MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2018 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:

MLP Next Gen: Dawn Star

Princess Dawn Star

"Okay...okay, I can do this. Its one simple spell. How hard can it possibly be...? Oh Celestia, I can't do this."

Parents: Stygian and Twilight Sparkle

Species: Unicorn/Female

Special Talents: Writing, literature

Nicknames: Dawn, Dawny (by Twilight)

Voice Actor: Jennifer Lawrence

Princess Dawn Star is the secondary protagonist of the Athenaverse. She is the daughter of the Princess of Friendship herself, Twilight Sparkle, and Stygian, royal scholar (and former Pony of Shadows). As expected, she has a lot to live up to (being future Princess of Friendship). Because of such, Dawn can tend to be a bundle of nerves at times. Her seriousness can sometimes push ponies away, but those true to her know who she really is - a kind, intelligent pony with a heart of gold. Truly her mother's daughter, Dawn is highly booksmart and devours them. Not nearly as much as her mother, however - because she must make time for writing.

Writing is Dawn's passion, through and through. Ever since she was a young filly (and we're talking kindergarten here) she's loved to create her own stories. She's got one wild imagination (which makes her quite compatible with the ever-excitable Athena). However, that can slightly put her at odds with the duties she must learn to perform if she is to be a leader someday. Dawn looks forward to the day of being a leader - of making her own influence on Equestria. Her parents have made such impacts over the kingdom, the bar is set pretty high. But when her homework needs done, and her unfinished novella just calls her from her desk, you can pretty much imagine which Dawn chooses. She manages to finish her homework on time, and gets top grades, but Twilight worries she isn't putting her all into the future before her.

On top of Dawn's insecurities about being a princess, her biggest stress-inducer is her magical abilities. While her mother is one of the most powerful unicorns (turned alicorn) to have ever lived, her father isn't so much. And it appears the trait passed down to their daughter. Dawn has always had erratic, quirky magic - ever since she was born. Throughout her school days, she was often a target for bullies when her magic would act up and she would accidentally blow up the slide. As she grows, she works incredibly hard to find that key within her that will open up her abilities. Dawn keeps her head held high, but that doesn't mean the bullies' comments don't hurt. Due to this, Dawn can be rather shy and reserved at times. Thankfully, she had a close friend in Jupiter Sky, son of Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst.

However, at the core of it all, Dawn truly shines through as a future leader in friendship. Making friends comes easily to her through her kindness. Though she can get stressed and snappish at times, she deeply loves her friends and keeps a protective, almost motherly eye over them. Sometimes her sternness and stressing-out can be grating, but she is a beloved member of the little group. Dawn has a big, empathetic heart, and strives to do what is right.

Dawn looks up to her mother in every way. She is a beacon of hope and light within the kingdom of Equestria and beyond, and strives every day to continue to make their world a better place. Her magic is nearly unrivaled, and she is loved by all. However, the young mare can sometimes feel intimidated by her mother's presence as a Princess. However can she live up to her mother as she prepares to take over the role one day? She barely has enough magic to lift her quill. Twilight sometimes feels like she upsets Dawn, though that's not the case. Dawn's deepest fear is her mother's disappointment, no matter how hard she works. On the other hoof, sometimes its hard for Twilight to speak up about how proud she is, despite the fact she writes when she should be paying attention to her duties...

Dawn's relationship with Stygian is pretty strong, although it became a tad strained during her teenage years. Stygian hates seeing Dawn struggling with her magic, and blames himself. Dawn never has any anger towards her father, but she hates seeing him so upset over her failures. She hesitated from sharing anything with him for awhile, until one day he broke down at admitted he felt like he was losing her and wanted to know what he could do. The two finally communicated their worries, and have a much stronger relationship to this day.

Dawn's closest friends are Athena and Ophelia Moon. She and Athena have known each other since they were born, and have been inseparable ever since. Athena provides encouragement and a strong pat on the back when Dawn gets to feeling too anxious. Her serene personality helps to keep her calm and grounded as well. Despite her excitable, adventure-driven personality, Dawn still accompanies Annie wherever she decides to go and deeply appreciates her. Athena is also being groomed to be a member of the royal court - the Royal Advisor, as her grandparents and father were before her. They find comfort in their unreliable magic, Annie still learning to control the powers of chaos. Dawn and Ophelia met through Annie and find solace in their dry senses of humor and sarcastic remarks. However, Ophelia can get on Dawn's nerves, as the stalwart little mare insist on a less-than gentle process of encouragement. Athena usually has to play peacemaker between the two, but in the end, all is forgiven.

Dawn is also quite close with Jupiter, and is one of the few ponies he seems to genuinely like. The two went to the same private school, apart from the other children of the Mane Seven. Picked on for being the "nerds," the two often spent their days together doing homework or studying. Despite his pompous, stern nature, Dawn is still privy to those bouts of sincerity and kindness the unicorn displays. As they get older, their relationship starts to change slightly...which starts to frighten Dawn...

Dawn adores Spike and sees him as an uncle. The dragon has always been a constant presence in her life, and often makes her laugh. He helped in raising her, so is a solid part of her family. She even refers to Cinder, Spike and Ember's daughter, as her cousin. The two have an amicable relationship, and always have a nice time when Cinder visits from the Dragon Lands.

Being a princess, she is of course close to the royal family. She reveres Celestia and Luna, and will sit for hours listening to their stories. However, she is overly polite and formal around them, even though they are completely casual around her. She feels a little more relaxed around her Aunt Cadence and Uncle Shining, but is heavily intimidated by her cousin Flurry Heart. After all, Flurry was born an alicorn and has incredibly powerful magic (that has only gotten better with time. Her ice sculptures are the creme de le creme of every Hearth's Warming). Flurry, however, loves her cousin very much and wishes they could hang out more. She's delighted whenever the royals of Mount Arris make a visit, though it took her awhile to warm up to Queen Novo.

Dawn sees her "aunts" as part of her big, extended family. She finds herself confiding some things she feels she can't to her mother, instead to Starlight Glimmer. Starlight, another powerful unicorn, helps Dawn work through her anxiety by recounting her own struggles.

Dawn Star has a pet succulent named "Saguaro" since she is terrified of keeping a living animal in fear of hurting/neglecting it (though she does have some nice interactions with her mother's ancient owl, Owlicious).


Yeee here is Athenaverse protagonist #2, the daughter of Book Horse/Book Smart/Purple Smart/Twinkle Sprinkle herself. When I first wrote out the character, she ended up being a carbon copy of Twilight, and I simply loathe sequels that just rehash the first film. So I completely broke her down and re-wrote her, and am pretty happy with the results. 

Thank you guys so much for the support for far, I really appreciate it! 

Characters, MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2018 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:

Just Another 9 Sketch Dump
More doodles from work, and I think the last batch of just lineart, skritchty ones. Again, more practice with poses and expressions, exploring the life these guys begin post-Savior (though there's a few little snippets from the story itself in there). We won't go overy every single one of them, but we'll take a look at a few of them.

3. Even after everything happens, 9 has still only been alive (not counting the three days he was, well, not alive pulledajonsnow) for around five months or so. He's still got a body to get used to. That, combined with having the permanent mentality of a twenty-year old (and this is speaking from experience, since we cherish our sleep), he has a tendency to fall asleep in random places for the first year of his life or so. He can usually be found in the watchtower or the fireplace mantel, but sometimes he ends up accidentally blocking a doorway. 7 pretends its annoying, but secretly thinks its adorable.

7. 9 shares some ideas about a blueprint 2 has drawn up. He is quickly swept up by the pair of tinkerers, employing 9's natural creativity and intelligence to help build their home.

10. Being the dork that he is, 9 will do anything to make his mate laugh. Its one of his favorite things in the world, to hear her laugh. Thus, he finds a small emerald ring and sees it as a crown, declaring 7 to be the Queen of the Emptiness. Of course, 7 finds this simply adorable.

12. 5 teaches 9 how to shoot his crossbow. The young man is a fast leaner and quickly picks up the skill, although 5 loses more than a few arrows to the forest beyond (and occasionally in the river).

13-15. As we see in the film, 9 possesses a natural creativity. Like several other members of his family, he loves to scout around the Emptiness and find little scraps and bits in which to make things: either useful or not. He feels that decorating their home makes things more permanent - that they won't have to uproot anymore. It provides stability. So, he often makes things just to make things, and in turn gifts them to various members of his family. Especially 7, of course. Pictured here is a dreamcatcher made from a gear, wires, driftwood, and crow feathers, and a wooden wolf totem (little tyke even made the chisels himself). He insists that he's "not an artist. That title belongs to 6! I'm just good with my hands." 

Art (c) 2018 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:
9 and all characters (c) Shane Acker, Tim Burton, & Timur Bekmambetov
Good God, Another MLP Sketch Dump
Now, I BELIEVE this is one of the last one of these. I know you guys are getting sick of dumps by now and waiting on real, story-related content. Ah well, here's more doodles done at (almost former!) work. There's not a whole lot to talk about in all of them, but we'll look at a few specific ones.

3-4. Surprisingly, despite being daughter to the Lord of Chaos, Athena began life and continued her life as a very mellow being. She didn't give her mother Fluttershy too much fuss, and was a fairly easygoing baby. Thank heaven, for the occasional temper tantrum was enough to last mama Fluttershy a lifetime. Draconequui chicks were hard to keep track of!

6. At a hippie spiritual retreat up in Vanhoover, Zephyr Breeze accompanies Treehugger at her request. Just as the group of ponies they're with are about to enter a sacred hot springs to meditate, Zehpyr takes his hair down. For the first time Treehugger has ever seen. And suddenly, her vibes feel all...vibrate-y. Tingly. And her chakras suddenly take a warm glow. Like, her aura totally fits with Zephyr's. this, like, what love is? Radical.

7. Early design of Ophelia Moon, daughter of Double Diamond and Night Glider.

8-11. Girls in autumn outfits, just liked the look of autumn outfits a the time.

12. Applebloom and Diamond Tiara, now teenagers, hanging out.

16. This was funnier in my head. You probably won't get it unless you can read the names posted on Twiggy and Boulder.

Draconequus form very strong, everlasting bonds with their mates. They are fiercely loyal lovers, be it with other draconequui or ponies (yes! There were draconequui in the past that mated with ponies since their species were so few.) The leaders of the chaotic beings, Disarray and Eris (Discord's parents) were no exception. Up until their deaths, the two worked closely together to assist in the protection of Equestria, as well as raising their son.

28. Snuck in some stitchponies since I couldn't find anywhere else to put them. Since he thinks (aside from 7) these two are the only family he's got left, 9 and the twins form a quick, very close bond that remains even after their fallen brethren come back to life.  

oh yeah, be warned. This file is massive. 

Art (c) :iconcelestial-rainstorm:
MLP: FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
9 and all characters (c) Shane Acker, Tim Burton, & Timur Bekmambetov
Hullo, everyone! I'm (mostly) back! 

So, I know I kind of dropped off the face of the Earth for a few weeks after my birthday (thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts, every single one meant quite a lot to me). Basically, there's just been a lot of home stuff going on that's taken me away from my art. I had a booth at an art venue that I had to prepare for (did make some money, which was so cool!) and make art for. Then there's the getting the brother back on his feet and the taking care of a mother who's been a little sick for a couple of months. The recovery is rocky, and she had a bad fall in our parking lot this morning, but that tough cookie is recovering, slowly but surely. 

The main thing that's been throwing me in all kinds of different directions has been the job search. The job I have right now has descended into chaos. There is blatant favoritism throughout management, rewarding those who don't do their job, tyranny, and outright bullying. Not the mention the pay cut, the bedbugs, and the ever-abusive customers (real quick shou tout to all cell phone customers - please don't shout at representatives. It makes their day a lot harder). Oh! And don't forget the "period chair!" (A chair that's sat in the hallway for four months with no one throwing it away that some poor girl obviously had her cycle on). Sorry about the rant, but yeah, it was time to get the hell out. Luckily, I finally got a new job! Its far, far better than the one I have now, and I am so excited to start it. I have to wait until the class begins in August, so for right now, I'm stuck at the one I've got. Though, I am thankful just to have a job. 

Now, back onto DA. I'm getting to answering everyone's messages. As for art trades, I have them all drawn out, I just have to color them. My work with 9 will continue with short stories and pictures. As for MLP, I just introduced the Athenaverse: my next generation universe that every MLP artist is doing now a days. I was really hesitant to even start it, let alone post it at first. After all, I wasn't planning on making it as extensive and in-depth as artists like Lopoddity and kilalaaa have created. Why would anyone pay attention to what I was creating? And mine has so much happy, sappy stuff in it. Its not edgy like the cool universes. Then I figured why the hell not. I'm nursing my creative spirit back to health, and if this is what my creativity wants to do, I'll let it. 

Thanks everyone for being so patient with me. I really appreciate it, and you guys are all awesome.  
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Hi there! Name's Sierra/Celestial Rainstorm (or just Cel). Here's a little bit more about little old me.

-I'm in my 20s and live in Colorado.
-I'm working to create and build my own art studio: Riverside Studios: The Art of SiViCa.
-I've been drawing since I was very young, probably about 3 or 4. Its my dream to make it a full-time career.
-I work in all different kinds of mediums - mostly graphite and colored pencil, but I work in ink, sculpture, jewelry, and acrylic.
-I just recently had my first art faire!
-I have a deep adoration for animals. I currently have a old, grizzly cat and three betta.
-I am currently recovering from severe clinical depression. Don't wanna talk about it too much, but getting a lot better!

I really love it on here, and can't wait to keep creating! Thanks so much for stopping by my profile, I hope you have an excellent rest of your day!

I DO TAKE COMMISSIONS. If you'd like to know more information, feel free to PM me. I'll be uploading a journal soon with more information.


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