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MLP Next Gen: Iron Weight and Thunderclap

Iron Weight

"Heh, I've got more speed in one feather than that loser has in his whole body."

Parents: Dumbbell and Cloudchaser

Species: Pegasus/Male

Special Talents: His strength and speed

Nicknames: Iron. That's it, and it better stay that way. 

Significant Other: (to be continued...?)

Voice Actor: TBD

Iron Weight, usually known amongst his friends simply as Iron, is the burly, brawny, and not-so-brainy son of Dumbbell and Cloudchaser. This fella resides in Cloudsdale with his parents and partner in crime, Thunderclap. He works diligently at the Weather Factory, and his strength proves invaluable to the thunderstorm unit. Of course, however, Iron doesn't want to work in this cruddy factory with his parents forever! Like many pegasus colts and fillies, Iron Weight dreams of being a Wonderbolt. Everything he eats, studies, and talks about has to do with the amazing aerial team. Iron has been working hard since he was a colt - and would have a larger following of fans if this fella wasn't an honest-to-Celestia, fantastically classic bully. Much to Dumbbell's chagrin, his son has fallen into his hoofsteps in an almost scarily similar fashion. This fella uses his intimidating size to get his way or make a point. His big, booming voice is quite helpful too. Iron has quite the temper behind him (thanks to both parents) and if it appears a pony is gaining the upper hoof in a verbal argument, Iron gets scarier and scarier.

However, like all ponies, Iron isn't 100% evil. In fact, he really likes flowers, and will frequent Cloudesdale's retired florist Petunia Petals' private garden. But Iron is a very angry colt. After all, that goody-two-hooves and snobby brother, Jetstream and Prism Storm, practically got Wonderbolt status handed to them on a silver platter. They didn't need to work out every day, they didn't have panic attacks over studying for the big test and just couldn't remember anything. Then, that idiot Jetstream just throws it away and Prism knows he's the best. Obviously, its up to Iron to knock them down a few pegs so they don't make anypony else feel like absolute crud about themselves...


"Plug your ears, dude, this is gonna get loud!"

Parents: Thunderlane and Flitter

Species: Pegasus/Male

Special Talents: Weatherworking, creating thunderstorms, strength

Nicknames: Thunder

Significant Other: (to be continued...)

Voice Actor: TBD 

Thunderclap is the aptly-named son of famous Wonderbolt Thunderlane and Flitter. He dominates Cloudesdale's skies with his lifelong friend, Iron Weight. Much like Iron, Thunderclap is very much brawn and not so much brain. He loves throwing his weight around and is very aware of his own strength. He works at the Weather Factory alongside Iron in the thunderstorm unit, where he really gets to strut his stuff. Thunderclap can create a large, thunder-like sound with his powerful wings, which are quite helpful when coaxing those clouds into their proper place. While he's a solid member of the thunderstorm unit, Thunderclap feels his talents would lie far better all the way up (down?) in Canterlot. Thunderclap dreams of joining the Royal Guard, Pegasus division.

Despite dear ole dad's (a premiere Wonderbolt that works with the famous Rainbow Dash herself) encouragement of his son's obvious abilities, Thunderclap in no way wants to follow in his hoofsteps (though he doesn't quite have all the pieces to the puzzle). Wonderbolts are all about speed and endurance. But what about the muscle? Royal Guards have it awesome - they get to tell ponies what to do, and chase (and beat up!) bad guys. While Iron is his best friend, though, Thunder usually takes a backseat to his shows of intimidation. He chips in with a "yeah," or "duh, stupid," when needed, but usually he stands as "the muscle." Sometimes even he thinks Iron crosses the line, but there's just something that keeps him from saying anything. Maybe its 'cause he wishes his dad would be a bit more supportive of his career choice and wants just that - support. If Iron is gonna be the pony to do it, so be it. Not that he'd ever tell him that, though...


Not everypony in the Athenaverse has a reputable beginning... 

Yeah yes I know its another set of bios. But I've had these written out for awhile and I wanted to give you guys a little bit of work. I can quite assure you I am not giving up on Rare Kind of Happy, Apples to Ashes, or the Athenaverse as a whole. Or even my 9 art. I know you've all heard the same old spiel before, especially from me, but I've got some physical health issues going on that are causing some fatigue. It will hopefully be resolved soon, but its a process that sadly cannot be rushed and I do work a fulltime, 40+ a week job that is wonderful, but can be a little mentally draining at times. It requires a fuckton of problem solving lol 

But you guys I've got so much I want to show you. I've got entire sketchdumps of illustrating all the wonderful ships MLP has inspired me to jump on, quite a few more chapters of both the AJ/Rarity story things, and the building of the Athenaverse and oh goodness so much more. So keep holding onto those hats, and accept my appreciation for hangin' tight while I get my sealegs back underneath me and kick off some of this tired.I know I always say I'll post a journal soon but...I will soon promise 
 Too tired for this 


I couldn't figure out who would fit these two buttheads as far as voice actors are concerned, so if you guys have any ideas, drop them in the comments I'd love to hear them 

Cutie marks vectored by: :iconsoulsliver249:

Characters, MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2019 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:

MLP Next Gen: Canterlot Kids

Vanity Faire

"Now, keep those lovely eyes on me, dear. Ponies who have confidence keep eye contact with other parties..."

Parents: Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis

Species: Unicorn/Female

Special Talents: Fashion modeling, confidence

Nicknames: Vanity, Van

Significant Other: (to be continued...)

Voice Actor:  Laura Carmichael

Vanity Faire is the sophisticated, mild-mannered, and stunningly gorgeous daughter of Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis. Vanity (one of the oldest members of the Athenaverse) is an up-and-coming fashion model, and is quite proud to be following in her dear mother's hoofsteps. Vanity trots through her home of Canterlot with her head held high in confidence and precision. Her flowing lavender mane never seems to have one hair out of place, and her impeccable eye shadow and mascara never seems to run. Her snowy white coat gleams, hooves always polished. However, despite her nigh-perfect and high-and-mighty outward appearance, Vanity is much like her parents. She is a well-spoken, benevolent pony that much prefers the kinder advantages to being rich and rather famous. Vanity is notorious for donating large sums of money to hospitals, charities, Trottingham's orphanage, and even to Sweet Feather Sanctuary in Ponyville (sometimes without consulting her parents).

Despite her tendencies to slightly overreact to smaller inconveniences, this mare is in no way a brat and is determined to show the rest of Canterlot's nouveau riche that that is indeed possible. More than once, she has traveled to larger cities like Manehatten and Baltimare with best friend/aspiring dentist Bo, and cousin/cosmetologist Splendor to set up shop in the town center. From there, Vanity gathers homeless ponies, or those in need and down on their luck, to get a small makeover, their teeth checked and cleaned, and a tiny seminar in confidence and how to present oneself in situations such as first dates or job interviews. Vanity likes to know she's making at least a little difference in her world, and she certainly enjoys being told so.  


"Let me see that sparkling smile of yours!"

Parents: Trenderhoof and Coco Pommel

Species: Earth/Female

Special Talents: Dentistry, her kind nature

Nicknames: Bo

Significant Other: (to be continued...)

Voice Actor: Jodi Benson

Boadicea, or simply just Bo, is the sweet-as-candy daughter of Trenderhoof and Coco Pommel. Residing in Canterlot with her parents, Bo emulates her dad's eye for fashion and other mainstream trends, and her mother's kindness and sincerity. She always has a smile on her muzzle and tries her best to look on the bright side of things, but her anxiety can sometimes get to her. Nevertheless, Bo is a very passionate pony and is determined to be Equestria's next! Much unlike her very fashion-forward parents, Bo's talents lie a bit more towards the medical field - specifically, odontology. When Bo was a teeny filly and her adult teeth were just beginning to come in, her previously perfect smile became crooked and sideways. The filly was rather distraught, afraid other ponies would make fun of her. Coco took her to local dentist Minuette, who sympathized with Bo's chagrin over her smile.

To help her feel better, Minuette explained in her ever-cheerful way how her new braces worked, why her adult teeth had come in crooked, how a root canal worked, the whole nine yards. Bo's fascination turned into determination, and quickly worked her way up to being Minuette's right-hoof assistant and is studying to get her MPD (medical pony director). Her best friend is Vanity Faire (who never made fun of her braces) and the two often put their talents together to help ponies less fortunate than them. Bo knows first hoof how one's smile impacts one's confidence. So she is always eager to set up shop with Vanity and her cousin Splendor to give advice to ponies on proper and essential dental care and complete a few cleanings. The smiles she gets afterwards just tickle her as pink as her mane (but no, she's not telling you whether its natural or not).  

Techno Tempo


Parents: Neon Lights and Vinyl Scratch

Species: Unicorn/Male

Special Talents: DJ-ing, creating music

Nicknames: Techno, Tech, TT

Significant Other: (To be continued...)

Known quite well by his stage name "TempTech" Techno Tempo is the son of world-renowned musicians Neon Lights and DJ-Pon3 (Rising Star and Vinyl Scratch) and has taken on the title with as much passion and heart as the ponies that preceded him. Techno specializes in pop and hip-hop - however, his mother's (technically adopted) sister Octavia Melody has been rather a large influence in Tech's musical style, and he loves to incorporate his aunt's talents on the cello into the beats thrumming from his turntable. Techno's name is slowly becoming more and more well-known, though sometimes not exactly in the way the musician likes. Techno Tempo is known as the pony whose "music is his voice." This unicorn was born completely mute. He has a form of aphonia and cannot make a single sound. Well, from the mouth, that is. Techno took to his adoration quite quickly and has used it since he was a small colt to not only express his feelings and emotions, but to communicate. He uses small beats with his hooves for simple responses, and musical notes to convey more complicated sentences.

A lot of his fans take delight in the unique musicians quirks, but it seems sometimes they talk about "brave" he is for putting himself out there, how "creative" he is for working around his disability. Techno insists he merely wants to create and wants to be admired for his work - the thing he can control as opposed to what he was saddled with. Nevertheless, if his tunes need a little vocal enhancement, Techno always turns to fellow musicians Jetstream and Tommy, who form Ponyville's local two-pony band RazorWingz (in exchange for, of course, a little extra publicity)  


Might as well get these out of the way, have some more bios 

Cutie marks vectored by: :iconsoulsliver249:

Characters, MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2019 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:

Everypony has been updated with their brand-spankin' new cutie marks! And anypony whose file got crushed yesterday has now been fixed. ^_^
MLP Next Gen: Sandstone Pie and Iron Forge

Sandstone Pie

"Did you guys hear about the latest Brachiogiraffidon that was found in Zebrica? They say its one of the most complete skeletons yet. After conducting some research, I've theorized that Zebrica used to be connected to South Trottingham, that's where the subspecies comes into play..."

Parents: Quibble Pants and Limestone Pie

Species: Earth/Female

Special Talents: Paleontology, archaeology

Nicknames: Sandy, Sands, Bonehead

Significant Other: (to be continued...) 

Voice Actor: Rosie O'Donnell


Sandra Stonephia Daisy Pie, usually known as Sandy is the second-oldest of the five Pie cousins, born only a few months after Azurite. And from her very first wail as she entered the world, it was quite plain to see that she had inherited both parents' unmatchable attitudes. Sandstone is snarky, sarcastic, and is never without a quick remark - especially if it illustrates her extensive knowledge on fossils or major archaeological findings (seriously. She would bring up the excavation of the newly discovered Crymorphodon in the Crystal Empire. She knew one of the paleontologists working on the project, a very well known professor of course, he didn't even say no to bringing me to the dig site...). She holds her head high in confidence - well, when her nose isn't buried in the dirt trying to find the slightest trace of hardened limestone layers along the vast acres of the rock farm on which she lives and assists her parents.

While she is far more content to help her mother in the fields, keeping her eye out for her next paleontological find (and of course using the classic Pie strength to rotate the rocks from one field of the next), she does enjoy helping Quibble in his office, acting as his secretary as he works diligently to finish his next best-selling novel (after all, Igneous and Cloudy were wanting to take another vacation to Hawhinny). Sandstone does enjoy writing after a long day at work. Its not exactly fanfiction, but it does involve her and a Velcitalsaurus that can talk and go on cool adventures. Not that she'd ever let anypony see that, not at all. Despite her sometimes off-putting demeanor, Sandstone is a common sight among Ponyville, and she does enjoy hanging with her Aunt Pinkie and cousins (Connie, C.C., Zuri, and Forge) at Sugarcube Corner. She especially likes it when her close friend River Rock visits and helps her on her excavations. And no, she doesn't write about him either!!!

Iron Forge

"The nail trim was no trouble at all. Just remember, healthy hooves mean happy ponies!"

Parents: Trouble Shoes and Marble Pie

Species: Earth/Male

Special Talents: Blacksmith, farrier

Nicknames: Forge, Forgey (usually said in Chryssi's cute accent)

Significant Other: (to be continued...) 

Voice Actor: John C. Reilly


Born to two of the sweetest, most benevolent ponies to possibly ever exist, Iron Igneous Forge Clyde-Pie is simply no different, despite his slightly intimidating name. Forge is the youngest Pie cousin by a few weeks (she and Trouble Shoes have slight suspicions that Pinkie got just a little bit jealous that her twin was the first to get a boyfriend and pregnant, so she decided to jump on the bandwagon) but is probably the most mature (alongside Zuri of course). He is the true definition of a gentle giant - an incredibly tall, heavy-hoofed, and timbre-voiced grey mountain of stallion. He doesn't quite stand as tall as his dad, and has the more slender build of his dear mother, but Iron Forge still stands out in a crowd, and often stands above, too. However, his voice is deep, reassuring, and gentle. His violet eyes and kind and welcoming, and never turns away a pony in need. Forge stands as Ponyville's top farrier/blacksmith after his mentor, Ember Glow, retired.

Forge keeps his, well, forge, on the edge of the rock farm so it doesn't disturb the farming work around him. He does participate in rotating the rocks as often as he can, but most of his time is dedicated to running his farrier business (his solid contribution to the farm, in which his grandparents are quite fine with. It'd be nice if they told him they were proud or something at some point, but its okay. Really.). Despite having hooves as large as a colt's face, Iron Forge is incredibly gentle and focused in his work, and is well-known for his talents. His shoes are always made with obvious dedication, and even adorn the hooves of Princess Twilight Sparkle. However, Forge is quite smart like the rest of the Pies. He's been designing a new kind of shoe, one that doesn't have to be nailed in, but can be easily swapped out as a pony grows using a weird kind of fabric his friend Tom introduced him to. He's keeping it a secret from everypony...except his close friend (crush), fellow farmer Chrysanthemum.


This one is exempt from my poll. I PROMISE you guys RKOH is coming, I'm just trying to wait until I have the first chapter of 'Apples to Ashes' so there's not such a long wait between chapters. I don't want it to end up being like HotD where you guys are waiting months for some new content (though I am feeling far better than I was when I wrote HotD. 

But because I do have pieces coming involving these two lovely beans, I wanted to introduce the final two Pie cousins. Both Sandstone and Iron Forge live on the rock farm with their parents and maternal grandparents as one big happy family. Both kids contribute to the rock farm in their respective ways, and don't face near the skepticism that Quibble and Trouble Shoes did when proposing new ways to help support the farm (Quibble with his writing, Trouble Shoes with his rodeo tours). 

And I am sorry about the wait between bios. I have eighteen more nextgen characters to introduce so its a lot to put together. But don't worry, the universe won't be overwhelmed with too many stories to follow. Most of these guys will be background or secondary characters (for example, Turnback is going to make appearances similar to Mama Derpy). 

Any comment you leave sincerely makes my day. It helps me know my work is liked and appreciated. :) 

Characters, MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2019 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:

MLP Next Gen: Mistfeather and Turnback


"A little spinkle of fog over that buttercup meadow will be just what this spring day needs..."

Parents: Sky Stinger and Vapor Trail

Species: Pegasus/Female

Special Talents: Weather working, creating gentle rainfalls and banks of mist

Nicknames: Misty, Mist

Significant Other: Turnback

Voice Actor: Melissa Rauch


Mistfeather is a sweet, quiet, and serene weatherpony that's a common sight amongst the many faces of Cloudesdale and Ponyville. Usually called "Misty" for short, this pale pegasus is the daughter to Wonderbolt Vapor Trail and reservist Sky Stinger. However, much unlike both her parents, Misty much prefers to enjoy her slow, gentle flights. Speed isn't really a word in Misty's dictionary. She takes each day in her own unique stride and is a very "stop-and-smell-the-flowers" kind of mare. She is quite passionate about weatherworking, especially in creating soft banks of morning mist to revitalize the grass, or a gentle summer rain to make all the flowers seem fresh and bright. Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger are just happy to see their daughter happy (although the latter sometimes wishes his daughter followed in her parents' hoofprints). Misty's absolute best friend in Equestria, and consequently marefriend, is the unicorn Turnback

These two are constantly joined at the hip and are most often seen together. Introduced by their mothers as fillies, the two remained inseparable through childhood. As far as becoming a couple, it wasn't so much a big confession of love so much as Turnback chatting away while they were at the beach, mentioning how much they seemed like a couple. She paused, asked Misty if they just wanted to be together like everypony thinks. Misty just gave one of her signature smiles, a nod, and a tiny kiss on Turney's cheek.


"What a bea-UTIFUL day!"

Parents: Doctor Whooves and Derpy Hooves

Species: Unicorn/Female

Special Talents: Finding the perfect sand from the beaches of Equestria to put into hourglasses (its a very specific talent)

Nicknames: T, Turney, TB

Significant Other: Mistfeather

Voice Actor: Ellen DeGeneres


Turnback is the excitable, bubbly, loud, and all-around zany daughter of the equally-so Derpy Hooves, and mysterious inventor time traveler Doctor "Time Turner" Whooves. Referred to as "T" or "Turney" for short, Turnback is a unicorn who just loves the stuffing out of life. She goes day to day with a big ole' smile on her face and glittering golden eyes that seem like they want to take in the entire world at once. This unicorn is a familiar sight amongst the citizens of Ponyville. Turney is very much her mother's daughter, and the two are very close. Turnback's strange genetics hail from Derpy's side of the family (in which her younger twin siblings, Dinky and Crackle, are a unicorn and pegasus respectively.) Turnback's talents lie in her creativity. She is tasked with finding the finest, most beautiful sand from Equestria's beaches and shores for the hourglasses crafted by Canterlot's very artisans. A very specific talent, granted, but Turney loves her work and its a surprisingly decent living.

When not trotting along the shoreline or helping her mother at the post office, Turney is rarely seen apart from Mistfeather. While these two are a (rather well-known) couple, at the core of their relationship are two fillies having tea parties and mud fights. Best friends since they were quite young, Misty and Turney go together like peanut butter and jelly ("or marshmallows and hot dogs!") The two are quite compatible and love to take long strolls along the oceanside or spend a quiet moment in a foggy meadow.  


i'm back have some more bios. 

it was wonderful omg ill show u guys pics soon im real tired lol 

Anyway, these two gals are quite beloved to me and I really enjoyed creating them. They originally weren't a couple, but just a pair of best friends meant to fill Derpy's role in the Athenaverse (and maybe have a few little stories to their own). As I developed their characters more, I just really ended up adoring them together and, well, be prepared for some sugary-sweet shipping art for these two. <3 

Any comment you leave sincerely makes my day. It helps me know my work is liked and appreciated. :) (Smile) 

Characters, MLP:FiM (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2019 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:


Good evening all! I am very excited to present Part 2 of the official audio dub of Heart of the Draconequus. I feel that this chapter came out even better than the last, and am so happy I get the share it with you all! Feel free to take a look! 

Garfield 1234  :icongarfield1234:
-Voice of Discord

MuseScript :iconmusescript:
-Voice of Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Rarity, Granny Smith, the CMC, Derpy Hooves, Zecora

Snoopy7C7 :iconsnoopy7c7:
-Voice of Pinkie Pie 

pretty_pegasus_wings :iconpretty-pegasus-wings:
-Voice of Princess Luna, Spike, Tree Hugger
-Deviantart: pretty-pegasus-wings.deviantar…

Lilac B. :icontwilight13fan: 
-Voice of Princess Celestia, Lady Eris

-Voice of Doctor Stable

HarmonyRocketEeveon :iconharmonyrocketeeveon:
-Voice of Nurse Redheart, Female Background Pony
-Deviantart: harmonyrocketeeveon.deviantart…

jkseraphim :iconjkseraphim:
(please note her OC is Writer Whisk, NOT Winter Whisk. Sorry about that!) 
-Voice of Marble Pie

GeekySonic :icongeekysonic:
-Voice of The Doctor, Big Macintosh

Celestial Rainstorm :iconcelestial-rainstorm: 
-Author/Artist of Heart of the Draconequus
-Deviantart: celestial-rainstorm.deviantart…
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Hi there! Name's Sierra/Celestial Rainstorm (or just Cel). Here's a little bit more about little old me.

-I'm in my 20s and live in Colorado.
-I'm working to create and build my own art studio: Riverside Studios: The Art of SiViCa.
-I've been drawing since I was very young, probably about 3 or 4. Its my dream to make it a full-time career.
-I work in all different kinds of mediums - mostly graphite and colored pencil, but I work in ink, sculpture, jewelry, and acrylic.
-I just recently had my first art faire!
-I have a deep adoration for animals. I currently have a old, grizzly cat and three betta.

I really love it on here, and can't wait to keep creating! Thanks so much for stopping by my profile, I hope you have an excellent rest of your day!

I DO TAKE COMMISSIONS. If you'd like to know more information, feel free to PM me. I'll be uploading a journal soon with more information.

Which pair of best friends do you want to explore first?! 

27 deviants said Athena, Dawn Star, and Ophelia Moon
8 deviants said Chrysanthemum, Confetti Cake, and Cherry Chimichanga
8 deviants said The P's!
7 deviants said Dawn Star and Jupiter Sky
6 deviants said Jetstream and Athena
4 deviants said Mellow Vibes, Jetstream, and Tourmaline Quartz
4 deviants said Juniper Berry and Azurite
3 deviants said Chrysanthemum and Iron Forge
1 deviant said Mellow Vibes and Ophelia Moon

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