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Random MLP Sketchdump
Tried to post yesterday, DA bugged out so here it is now. 

Craptacular dump from work. 

Will be returning shortly. Just trying to get my mental health back on a better track. 

Characters (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
Art (c) 2018 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:
9 - Grieving
2 sighed, dragging a hand across his face and turning the broken end of a pencil between his thin metal fingers. He straightened his back, aching joints protesting the action, and exhaled slowly. For the first time in quite awhile, 2 felt as if his soul was as tired and weary as his body. It seemed he was trapped in this perpetual state of fatigue, iron chains dragging him down. The elder stitchpunk knew if he'd been resting as he should, he wouldn't feel nearly as weak. However, sleep had evaded him these past few days. The inventor would lie down only to end up sitting of the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. That flickering flame within him, bright and happy, had been snuffed out for the time being.

2 shook his head in despair, bending over the desk he and 5 had cobbled together and closed his eyes. His poor, poor boy. His boy...

A soft rapping came from the other side of the door, asking permission to enter. 2 lifted his head and assumed a gentle expression, taking a deep breath before calling out softly, "come in, come in."

The door was pushed open and, to 2's slight surprise, his fellow elder quietly entered the room. 2 shakily stood, immediately on guard but reminding himself he no longer needed to be. 1 approached him slowly, wearing a tired frown. He had only donned his ruby red cape this morning, and his normally regal figure seemed wilted and worn.

"Are you alright, 1?" 2 asked mildly, tilting his head in concern. The pale stitchpunk waved a dismissive hand as he stood beside the desk.

"Fine, I'm fine. But 6 appears to be inconsolable. He's completely silent and will not leave the damned corner. I've tried to snap him out of it. Unsuccessfully. Where is 5? I know he can sort him out." 1 said gruffly, keeping his optics fixed on the desk beside them.

"He is tending to 7 at the moment," 2 replied gently. "I'll go see to 6, perhaps I can soothe him. And you - when was the last time you slept, 1?" As the inventor collected his cane, 1 turned his head away and did not answer. Instead, he began to mutter crossly, "they need to begin picking themselves up and stop this moping about..."

"Grief manifests itself in many different ways, my friend. You must give them time to adjust, to heal." 2 took a deep, steadying breath that 1 did not fail to notice. "What they need at this time is an understanding leader."

"Yes, but we must keep moving forward. We must look to rebuilding our lives, and we cannot forget that, despite the end of the war, the world we live in is still incredibly dangerous. We must begin to take proper precautions - "

"You cannot expect that of them right now," 2 said, looking icily at the other man as his tone became stern. "This is not the time to ask them to completely move forward, considering what has been left behind. "The elder stitchpunk steadied himself with another breath. "I will ask you extend kindness towards them. I understand you may not grieve as heavily as they, which is perfectly in your right. But I implore you to practice some empathy while they find their footing once again."

2 paused, dropping his eyes for a moment. "Especially with 7. This is going to take a great toll on her spirit."

1 dropped his own gaze for a moment, brows furrowing as he regarded 2's words. "I cannot say I understand what the rest of you feel. I was a hardhearted, cold man, and I will not deny such." His soft words were laced with regret, and 2 looked up. "This loss is going to affect us all for quite some time. But sitting around forlorn will do nothing to help us find our footing. You know that's not what 9 would have - " 1's gentle command was abruptly cut off as 2 whirled around, face twisted in anguish.

"What 9 would have wanted?! You don't know what he wanted! You never took the time to get to know him! To understand what he felt, to understand his struggle to forgive himself, to understand how he changed all of us." 2 trembled on the spot, chest heaving and lower lip trembling. His fierce tone dropped into one of deep sorrow. "I had so much I wanted to tell him, to show him. I was going to take him scouting, show him to best places to find supplies. I was going to teach him all that I knew about life. He...he was such a smart boy. A fiercely intelligent young man, and so eager to learn. He was going to live the life he deserved. He was going to be happy."

2 gripped the edge of the desk tightly, closing his eyes and giving a small shake of his head. "I loved that boy. I loved him as my own son. He was such a smart, wonderful lad, so kind, compassionate...and, damn it, I miss him so very much." He covered his eyes with a hand, falling silent but trembling deeply.

1 blinked, staring impassively at his fellow elder. The inventor had been a beacon of light in the storm, offering words of comfort and reassuring his despondent clan. He'd helped 5 heal the injured, unconscious 7, then held the mechanic as he sobbed in his arms. 2 had been trying his paramount best to keep some semblance of hope alive within the clan. And he'd been strong for everyone else when he missed 9 too.

Reaching up, 1 hesitantly laid his sharp, claw-like fingers upon 2's shoulder, giving a gentle clap. For one of the few times in his life, the leader of the stitchpunks was lost for words. 2 understood nonetheless and gratefully patted his fellow's hand, taking a deep, shuddering breath and straightening.

"I shall tend to 6. If you see 5, please let him know where I am." 2 said softly, once again taking his cane and hobbling out of the room. 1 gave a nod, looking after 2 as he disappeared around a corner. Silence fell upon 1, but instead of following the grieving man, he instead looked down the floor. He could nearly feel the grief left beside the desk, waiting for 2's return. Quite suddenly, the room felt much colder.  


Semi-quick, sloppy-ish work. Trying to get back into the groove of things, playing around with colors and the whatnots.

After 9's death in 9TSR, 2 takes on the role as the calm in the storm for his grieving family. His empathy and warm kindness is invaluable to those who have been deeply affected by the loss of their friend. I love working with 2 as a character with multiple faces and aspects to his personality.

I do wish his role in the film had been a little stronger - its obvious he takes an immediate liking to 9, and takes him under his wing fairly quickly. After he returns, 2 quickly grows more and more attached to 9 as he finally gets a chance to know the young man, already with so many burdens on his shoulders. And when that chance gets ripped away from him, 2 quite suddenly understands the pain of losing a son.

Nevertheless, a father must be strong for his family.

(semi-sequel to this fic here) 

(sorry bout the accidental upload lol DA bugged out)
Art (c) 2018 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:
9 and all characters (c) Shane Acker, Tim Burton, & Timur Bekmambetov
Something I've had on the back burner, dug up, here's a thing. 

So sorry for the wait you guys lol I'll be back to posting regularly soon. For now, enjoy a quick portrait of Captain Amelia [Smollet] from Disney's Treasure Planet. First off, Treasure Planet is utterly amazing and i dont understand the hate at all and if you don't think so fite me. Secondly, I've always found myself drawn to tough female characters, even since I was young (holy hell TP came out in 2002) 

Captain Amelia is an absolutely fantastic character and is wonderfully written. Of course, the soppy romantic in me adores the dynamic she has with Delbert. And whoever decided to make Doppler a Canid instead of a human went for a cheap joke and by god its fuckin' hilarious. 
Captain Amelia Icon 3 

sorry for ramble am tired. 

Characters (c) Disney
Art (c) 2018 :iconcelestial-rainstorm:
Hullo, everyone! I'm (mostly) back! 

So, I know I kind of dropped off the face of the Earth for a few weeks after my birthday (thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and gifts, every single one meant quite a lot to me). Basically, there's just been a lot of home stuff going on that's taken me away from my art. I had a booth at an art venue that I had to prepare for (did make some money, which was so cool!) and make art for. Then there's the getting the brother back on his feet and the taking care of a mother who's been a little sick for a couple of months. The recovery is rocky, and she had a bad fall in our parking lot this morning, but that tough cookie is recovering, slowly but surely. 

The main thing that's been throwing me in all kinds of different directions has been the job search. The job I have right now has descended into chaos. There is blatant favoritism throughout management, rewarding those who don't do their job, tyranny, and outright bullying. Not the mention the pay cut, the bedbugs, and the ever-abusive customers (real quick shou tout to all cell phone customers - please don't shout at representatives. It makes their day a lot harder). Oh! And don't forget the "period chair!" (A chair that's sat in the hallway for four months with no one throwing it away that some poor girl obviously had her cycle on). Sorry about the rant, but yeah, it was time to get the hell out. Luckily, I finally got a new job! Its far, far better than the one I have now, and I am so excited to start it. I have to wait until the class begins in August, so for right now, I'm stuck at the one I've got. Though, I am thankful just to have a job. 

Now, back onto DA. I'm getting to answering everyone's messages. As for art trades, I have them all drawn out, I just have to color them. My work with 9 will continue with short stories and pictures. As for MLP, I just introduced the Athenaverse: my next generation universe that every MLP artist is doing now a days. I was really hesitant to even start it, let alone post it at first. After all, I wasn't planning on making it as extensive and in-depth as artists like Lopoddity and kilalaaa have created. Why would anyone pay attention to what I was creating? And mine has so much happy, sappy stuff in it. Its not edgy like the cool universes. Then I figured why the hell not. I'm nursing my creative spirit back to health, and if this is what my creativity wants to do, I'll let it. 

Thanks everyone for being so patient with me. I really appreciate it, and you guys are all awesome.  
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Hi there! Name's Sierra/Celestial Rainstorm (or just Cel). Here's a little bit more about little old me.

-I'm in my 20s and live in Colorado.
-I'm working to create and build my own art studio: Riverside Studios: The Art of SiViCa.
-I've been drawing since I was very young, probably about 3 or 4. Its my dream to make it a full-time career.
-I work in all different kinds of mediums - mostly graphite and colored pencil, but I work in ink, sculpture, jewelry, and acrylic.
-I just recently had my first art faire!
-I have a deep adoration for animals. I currently have a old, grizzly cat and three betta.
-I am currently recovering from severe clinical depression. Don't wanna talk about it too much, but getting a lot better!

I really love it on here, and can't wait to keep creating! Thanks so much for stopping by my profile, I hope you have an excellent rest of your day!

I DO TAKE COMMISSIONS. If you'd like to know more information, feel free to PM me. I'll be uploading a journal soon with more information.

I've got two stories in the works - Apples to Ashes (Applejack's loveu story) and A Rare Kind of Happy (Rarity's love story). How do you guys wanna see these? 

25 deviants said Whichever! I want to see both these stories!
21 deviants said Alternate between one chapter of Apples to Ashes and A Rare Kind of Happy at a time (start with A Rare Kind of Happy)
11 deviants said Alternate between one chapter of Apples to Ashes and A Rare Kind of Happy at a time (start with Apples to Ashes)
10 deviants said I kinda don't care...
7 deviants said Post one chapter of Apples to Ashes at a time
3 deviants said Post one chapter of A Rare Kind of Happy at a time.

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